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8/2/2018 c6 Guest 2
Teddy Bear! lmao! Of all things, he named him Teddy Bear! XD Love Kaneki's sense of humour! XD Aw, such a gentleman! Kaneki sure knows how to treat a woman right! Aw, Amon, so used to having a quinque he totally forgot he doesn't have one right now! XD And they forgot to pay before leaving! lmao! Touka will have both of their hides! XD
Thank you for updating!
7/31/2018 c5 Guest 2
It's official, Amon is Kaneki's now xD Poor him got a bit of a shock to be surrounded by ghouls but Kaneki protects him. Reporter, huh? Good idea! Nice how Amon came prepared!
Thank you for updating!
7/30/2018 c4 Guest 2
Well that went rather good. I look foreward to their next meeting!
Thank you for updating!
7/29/2018 c3 Guest 2
Oh, I like the idea and the story so far! I hope you will keep updating! Love how Kaneki corrects Eagle like a proper literature student! xD And wow Amon sure trusts Kaneki for him to lay down his quinque.
Thank you for publishing and updating!
7/28/2018 c2 Darkstream
I saw your profile :D
If you would accept, can you do a fanfiction that is Kaneki in Kakuja form x CCG investigator please :DD
7/28/2018 c2 Darkstream
Ooohhhh I wonder what happened XD
Please update the story!
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
This chapter is quite short, but I like it! XDDDDD
7/28/2018 c1 Star
Please continue the story!
7/28/2018 c1 9Tempest Novastorm
HiI'm sorry it says 'Complete', it's not completed yet, I couldn't find a way to change it to incomplete.
If anyone could tell me that'll be great thanks :D
7/28/2018 c1 11PurpleFlyingBird
The only real complaint I have about this fic is why it isn't any longer? I really wanted to see them talk and you just had to leave it with an open ending.
I love that you've written a Kaneki and Amon fic! I love reading those too and there's never enough of them. :)

Don't worry too much about the mistakes since this is your first fic, right? It helps you improve and next time you'll write an even more awesome story. Just keep it up and you'll be fine. :D
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