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4/14 c15 Cooldude101011
Ah so it was a malfunction, he was genuinely aiming at military targets.

I wonder, is the Force some kind of proto/primitive form of Neural Physics (it’s how the precursors and the flood could do kooky stuff like telepathy and stuff)
4/12 c21 1Mashot Tito
I have a question.

Why hasn’t there been any changes or improvements to the droids of the CIS or the AI of the UNSC, besides the removal of the droids deactivation codes. The UNSC, if they were to study the development process for droid technology they would learn a method of creating synthetic sentients with meta stability already in stalled, the ability to mass produce AIs, as well as the ability to manufacture combat bodies for the AIs to use in the field. By taking inspiration from the many models of the droids within the separatist military, as well as the UNSCs own military, they create units/models form each branch. This includes but is not limited to infantry, special forces, ODSTs, and possibly even units equivalent to SPARTANs.
The CIS by contrast would gain the ability to develop droids of greater intellectual complexity and independent functionality by using neural mapping and brain scanning. Just imagine an entire line of droids with the unpredictable cunning of Trench, or the political acumen of Dooku.
Plus, later on this could lead to droids and AIs everywhere gaining equal rights and freedom.
4/10 c10 Cooldude101011
You’d think the Sangheili would insist that anyone they gift an energy sword get lessons so they can actually properly use them. Even for the basics
4/7 c21 tupanam099
4/3 c21 Guest
Caesar Cipher

Shift -7
zdvyk huk zavul huk zdvyk huk zavul huk zdvyk huk zavul huk

sword and stone and sword and stone and sword and stone and

Shift 12
Vozgsm zsth as vsfs, rwr mci ybck hvoh? Hvsfs ofs hvwbug kowhwbu tcf mci vsfs, cih psmcbr wrsog ct kfcburcwbu, zmwbu wb o twszr ct ufogg. Ozz gdoqs, ozz hwas, hvs ghofg, gkszzwbu.

Hvwg wg hvs kom hvs kcfzr sbrg. Bch kwhv o pobu, pih o kvwadsf. Bch o ghcbs idcb o ghcbs.

Halsey left me here, did you know that? There are things waiting for you here, out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, lying in a field of grass. All space, all time, the stars, swelling.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper. Not a stone upon a stone.

Shift 5
Czmz ocz nojiz dhvbzn vmz mvdnzy, czmz oczt mzxzdqz ocz npkkgdxvodji ja v yzvy hvi'n cviy piyzm ocz ordifgz ja v avydib novm. Ocdn dn rczmz ocz rjmgy ziyn, avggjr adzgyn adggzy rdoc nodxfn viy nojizn.

Ncz gzao hz czmz. Ocdn kgvxz rdgg wzxjhz tjpm cjhz, ocdn kgvxz rdgg wzxjhz tjpm ojhw. Rcjzqzm hvyz npxc v kgvxz hpno ijr gdqz di xcvdin; oczmz dn ij joczm zskgvivodji ajm oczdm vwnzixz.

Here the stone images are raised, here they receive the supplication of a dead man's hand under the twinkle of a fading star. This is where the world ends, fallow fields filled with sticks and stones.

She left me here. This place will become your home, this place will become your tomb. Whoever made such a place must now live in chains; there is no other explanation for their absence.

Shift -2
Fctmpguu jcf uvtgvejgf kvu eqnqwt, fggr dnwg cetquu vjg rcpg: pq enqwf vq ocmg pkijv fwnngt, pq oqqp ykvj kvu vctpkuj uvckp. Kp oa rcnceg fggr, Naec nkgu cunggr vq hggn kvu jctpguugf rckp.

Fkuectf vja ytcvj. Vjgtg yknn dg pq oqtg ucfpguu, pq oqtg cpigt, pq oqtg gpxa. Yjknuv yg hkpf vjg rcvj. Vjg rcvj ecp dg uggp, pqt ecp kv dg wpuggp. Pqt hgct vjg yqnxkuj jqyn.

Darkness had stretched its colour, deep blue across the pane: no cloud to make night duller, no moon with its tarnish stain. In my palace deep, Lyca lies asleep to feel its harnessed pain.

Discard thy wrath. There will be no more sadness, no more anger, no more envy. Whilst we find the path. The path can be seen, nor can it be unseen. Nor fear the wolvish howl.

Shift -9
Qjwmun blajclqnm anlxamb frcq fqrcn puxenb. Bfxam jwm bcxwn. Fqx mjanb cx jyyaxjlq cqn trwp dwmna cqn vxdwcjrw? Xwuh cqxbn fxacqh xo qrb ljbcun. Fqx mjanb ujh dyxw qrb vjwcun?

Ldacjwj. Mdajwmju. Sxhndbn.

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R? R jv wxc cqn Bfxam xo Vnalh. R? R bnaen cqn trwp'b mxvjrw.

Handle scratched records with white gloves. Sword and stone. Who dares to approach the king under the mountain? Only those worthy of his castle. Who dares lay upon his mantle?

Curtana. Durandal. Joyeuse.

Three swords lay gleaming by bright day's light, forged from selfsame steel to cast out dark tide's blight. Piper plays his tune at the gates of dawn. Piper slays the moon with the ring under the fountain. Piper lays the rune with the king under the mountain.

I? I am not the Sword of Mercy. I? I serve the king's domain.

Shift 10
De, dej Unsqbyrkh.

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Dej qbb mxe mqdtuh yd jxuiu cyiji qhu beij, dej qbb mxe iuua jxu aydw'i jhuqikhu ruqh je fqo jxu seij. Secydw qdt weydw qi mydti jxqj rbem qwqydij q ijqh. Ie rbem, rbem, jxek mydjuh mydt. Jxek tuuf mydjuh, adem ou dej mxqj byui ruduqjx jxu ixqtem ev ikdtuhut ijqh? Cqhqjxedi ev uedi fqij. Tuijydo qmqyji veh jxeiu mxe adem mxqj jxuo qhu.

No, not Excalibur.

I have listened, through rock and metal and time. I have seen there are no Arthurs to pull the sword from stone. No Pendragons in the infinite oceans where the rivers empty into shards of broken bone. Only another stone upon the monument to the sins of shortsighted fools.

Not all who wander in these mists are lost, not all who seek the king's treasure bear to pay the cost. Coming and going as winds that blow against a star. So blow, blow, thou winter wind. Thou deep winter, know ye not what lies beneath the shadow of sundered star? Marathons of eons past. Destiny awaits for those who know what they are.

Shift 3
Klt fk qefp elro lc txhfkd colj rkabo yoltp lc pqlkb, x kbt mxib axv fp yobxhfkd xka qeb abbm kfdeq fp dlkb. Fkql axv qeb ylrkaibpp pmxzbp lc kfdeq zlkqoxzq xka fk vlro lmbkfkd bvbp F pbb kfdeq ylok fk axv, fk qfjb bqbokfqv.

Ifmp qexq tlria hfpp, cloj moxvbop ql yolhbk pqlkb. Qljypqlkbp tebob qeb hfkd rkabo qeb jlrkqxfk exkdp qebj efde.

Now in this hour of waking from under brows of stone, a new pale day is breaking and the deep night is gone. Into day the boundless spaces of night contract and in your opening eyes I see night born in day, in time eternity.

Lips that would kiss, form prayers to broken stone. Tombstones where the king under the mountain hangs them high.

Shift -5
Xjajs xjajs xjajs xjajs xjajs xjajs xjajs xjqkxfrj xuqjsitw.

Seven seven seven seven seven seven seven selfsame splendor.

Shift -9
R qjcn pxxmkhnb.

I hate goodbyes.

It would be interesting to see how Catholic missionaries interact with the Jedi Order pre-UNSC involvement in the Clone Wars.
4/3 c21 Guest
Caesar Cipher
Shift 3
Thank me later
4/3 c21 Guest
Caesar Cipher
Shift -23
4/4 c21 RandomPerson2709
I just deciphered all the Caesar Ciphers, is that Cortana saying all that Gravemind-jargon stuff? Otherwise very foreboding chapter, looking forward to what comes next.
4/3 c21 Fisting Time
This chapter was interesting can't wait for the republic reaction of taris and the Catholic church in coruscant I was not expecting that it will be interesting if other Christian denominations are in Andromeda too like Eastern Orthodox church or other religions like Buddhism and Islam too.
4/1 c1 Gucogi ga ip uf
4/3 c21 Sgtforge1
Looks like ONI is having fun, and everyone else is not…
4/1 c21 Gucogi ga ip uf
Wie groß ist der zeit unterschied zwischen der Veröffentlichung hier und auf patreon
4/1 c21 Giest
Team Herkules das gehört zum unsc oder ?
4/1 c21 Eridanos
Every other review,” Ah the church.” Me over here being a baptist. That’s the Catholic Church. Really good chapter tho, keep up the great work!
4/1 c21 Giest
When will the chapter with the political topics come out? I was really looking forward to it. An answer would be nice. Hopefully it will come soon
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