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for Dragon Age Origins: Dovahkiin

3/11 c39 naruto
great chapter keep it up
3/6 c39 1Chaos-Wolfy
Is this the birth of Miara's cult?

Also... Alas, Poor Tamlen...
3/5 c39 Weasselk
Next stop, the dwarf city))) (i hope)
Nice chapter.
3/5 c39 Dasgun
3/5 c39 OrkinEX78 have you not written your own book yet? The way you write scenes, whether fight scenes or just normal dialogue, makes the reader WANT to read more. It makes me eager to read the next chapter, and I'm happy to wait if each chapter is the same quality as this. :)
3/5 c39 4Monster King
Awesome work
2/20 c38 damienfoxy
so, when are you gonna break Brianna down and teach her some manners? cause by the looks of it, they're gonna need to put her down cause of power hunger.
2/8 c38 Weasselk
Yeh, another good chapter, and lots happening. Loving it. Hope they wil deal with the city things and lords fast, cant wait for them to get to the dwarven city at last. And yes, just want Miara get onto hang out with dwarven smith masters.

And sweet to see you getting more fanart, this story deserves way more arts. Too bad the site doesnt have options to add images (at least In not aware if its possible or not).
2/7 c38 Vampirenick
Great story man can't get the links to work sadly would love the link to discord though. Also to the person below me fuck off!
2/7 c1 THOTSLAYER9000
Gay? Please die
2/6 c38 naruto
great chapter keep it up
2/5 c38 Dasgun
2/5 c38 2Gianfranco Cembran
Nice chapter
2/4 c38 Rios
Story is still looking great
Tried to copy and paste links, it doesn't work
2/4 c38 OrkinEX78
BELLOW! Good to see you're still writing! Can't wait for more of this story! :)
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