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for Dragon Age Origins: Dovahkiin

7/21 c1 Guest
Who is the father ?
7/9 c44 OrkinEX78
Duuuuuuude! This arc is shaping up to be a good one! Can't wait for more. :)
7/9 c44 2Narudevilfan
It's such a treat when this updates. I'm only sad i don't recognize more of the elder scrolls lore. I played Skyrim and that was it, so things like the summer queen or god of war escape me.
7/8 c44 17The Dark Warden
OoooOooo, shivery! Very nice cliffhanger! Perfectly cut off suspension and intrigue on what in all the Hells is happening to Gin, why Meridia decided right then was the best time to take Dawnbreaker, and how team Warden is going to reunite. Excellently done and I can't wait for the next Chapter!
7/8 c44 4Silvanium
Welp, things went suitably pear shaped.. as they tend to do in the Deeproads.
7/8 c44 Blaze1992
That's not a good start to this part of the journey.
7/8 c44 Clagann
Wow thats a cool cliff hanger at the end there
Side note would really appreciate some translations when people say stuff in another language
7/8 c44 4Monster King
Fantastic job please continue the story your doing great
6/27 c43 Guest
I like Nora and Oryn relationship hope you have them make up. yeah as much as I like Wynn she can be a little naggy. as for baylen I don’t like how he tries to become king but honestly he has no choice the traditionalists have been holding the dwarves back for centuries and his father was one plus his eldest brother was a moron who believed himself a god on earth who wouldn’t service a year as king honestly I don’t think baylen liked how he had to sacrifice his middle sibling to make his plan work but he did it to save the future of the dwarves plus at the end of the game baylen makes his sibling or the cast dwarf depending paragons plus the commoner sister marries baylen and have a son so in the end I think baylen does care for his sibling and his new step sibling. Harrowmont I’ll admit was my first choice but when I see the ending epilogue he was actually the worst choice so now I always choose baylen he may be a douchbag but he’s a successful douchbag. I know things are going to get crazy but I’m hoping not only do Nora and oryn make up but I’m hoping there’s some reconciliation between baylen and his sister plus like in the game baylen doesn’t screw you over and if you play the darkspawn dlc baylen actually comes to the wardens aid and fights during the battle for denarim so not only does he keep his word he actually comes to fight along side you unlike Harrowmont. Can’t wait for the next chapter also are we ever going to find out who miria children father is there’s another story that’s like this out there with him being a high elf so I’m hoping your husband for mirira is like him.
6/26 c42 rollynolly
They could gone to Harrowmont for help in case Bhelen gonna be useless for their quest getting the Dwarf army plus the Princess will be the justice for the Murder she didn’t comment.
6/25 c43 Blaze1992
Wouldn't keeping those papers for themselves been better just in case this douche was to go back on his word.
6/22 c38 17The Dark Warden
Love this story, but the links to the images don't work at all.
6/20 c29 The Dark Warden
... Wait a second... Are you making Hawke a Child of Kyne? Cause I feel like you're making Hawke a Child of Kyne...
6/13 c43 OrkinEX78
Love the new chapter dude. Good to see Neira finally stand up for herself, though a bit sad it came at the cost of her and Oryns relationship taking a hit. Hopefully they come back from this.
6/13 c43 4Monster King
Another fantastic job please continue the story
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