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8/28 c15 Guest007
Finally a good fanfic where Luke is the main character.
8/19 c15 Halo
I love how accurate the characters are and how well you know about them, i realized why Rory has a bad experience with mind control and connected Luke with the god of light, because of her origins and how the religion with the god of light and order worked. The weapon made from that god was made to control mortals, which is why she disliked what Luke did and thought it was mind control.
8/17 c15 Halo
Nah that last part was too idealistic... although I can imagine him asking how the heck does Rory Not become evil?
8/10 c15 Halo
I hope we will one day get to see more of Leilei’s perspective and thoughts of Luke and the force and the knowledge she got in the holopad.
And even see Rory’s perspective and thoughts of Luke.

Maybe Luke could potentially become a grey Jedi, a user of both light and dark, Rory could help him learn to control his emotions properly. Not like the Jedi where they suppress it, or the Sith where they become evil. He’s the son of the chosen one who has to bring balance to the force, that doesn’t mean purely light, he should learn to control and use the dark as well.
7/30 c3 Endorfinator
The Resistance is weird. It had only four ships but was somehow able to oppose the First Order which was capable of occupying an entire galaxy full of people? And somehow they don't even own the equivalent of a car or motorcycle and have to rely on donated antiques?
7/18 c15 E
Long update time, but it was a good chapter.
I await more as always.
7/17 c15 1Roasted Rowel
I'm saddened to know that the next chapter will probably take a while, but I understand.

I'm interested to see the Rose Order's interaction with The Skywalker himself.
7/16 c15 Guest
Beautiful chapter, just plainly beautiful. Dont worry, I will be waiting for when you are ready. Dont get discouraged *wink*

P.S. Any plans on adding the the Knights of Ren into the story? Seems like the logical antagonist from the star wars universe to make an appearance to the story.
7/16 c15 6Blazblade
As much as I like Luke trying to find a peaceful solution and freeing the slaves without causing a war, we all know that a certain bastard of a prince will no doubt call for war on Luke and the New Republic all because his arrogance rivals people like Vegeta and Gilgamesh (except those two have the power to back it up whereas he doesn't). So in the end it will come down to Luke possibly convincing Molt to take care of Zorzal's forces and disown and execute him, or that Luke will have to kill him. There really isn't many options with that prick and scaring him isn't going to work.

Though I will be interested in how he'll help Tyuule and get her to move on from her anger and help her restore her connections with her people.
7/16 c15 starscreamer11
Mmmm bath scene. *RERO RERO RERO RERO*
7/16 c15 1keybladelight
I did not see any error i like it and i hope to see more and see luke skywalker green lightsaber and that he his not someone to fight he his a Jedi the last Jedi but i hope to see lelei first Jedi training and i hope some of the gate characters are with Luke when he begin to tell the history galaxy and the story of the force and the history of both Jedi and Sith.

Still hope to see lelei constructed her first lightsaber and hope it's cyan blade color it's match her hair and hope that her sister Leia begin her Jedi training for the star wars sequel.

I hope you respond may the force be with you.
7/15 c14 1Roasted Rowel
I must admit I read this fic long before I made my account and was incredibly happy to see it still active.
7/15 c14 Guest
Glad to have you back! You have not idea how long I awaited for this to be updated. You have a great talent to explain stuff without making the paragraph feel very long, and make the interation between characters feel natural. Have you try to write a book, that would be interesting to see.
Anyway, I await what more you have for us, dont get over exhausted.
7/14 c13 starscreamer11
Glad this is back. I dont mind the long wait too much as long as this fanfic isnt dropped I'm all good. Keep up the good work!
7/14 c14 Seigogerman
I honestly don't know why this fix doesn't get more attention than 72 comments. It would deserve more.
I really like your style, the story is more than unic and the characters so well written.

I'm eagerly waiting for more, friend!
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