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4/28 c10 slowdownV2
victim is the puppy of nazarick
4/28 c1 slowdownV2
i love how he's a sin of sloth/sloth demon and has "exceeds limits" in agility, when he has to do stuff he does it as fast as possible
4/15 c1 Guest
please do more, read this story last year and still waiting for more because this is a well made fanfic i haven’t seen in a while so it would make my day if you could add more even if it’s a single chapter.
4/10 c1 1BlueDraken
It would have been funny if as a prank Ains made it so that albedo love Adalbert and to see the consequences of that
2/5 c6 danielgomes34136
Why don't you post this on the webnovel this kind of fanfic seems to be very popular there?
1/28 c5 1realfan16
eh if you were trying to immitate the style of the original you succeeded...a little too much i dare say. it's going so slowly the only thing keeping me going is the possiblity of future plots being interesting. Continuous Pov of the Mc all along a chapter really becomes repetitive after a while. TT_TT and why is their sibling relationship so suggestive? it's rated T, so they're not even fucking TT_TT just some concerns. *shrug* oh well next chapter here i come
1/24 c1 realfan16
Quite the intriguing begins you got here
1/23 c2 StoneTheLoner
This reads like more of a middle schooler's wet dream than usual... If it also came a healthy dose of Tumblr fic writing. Is the latter even a thing anymore? Whatever. I hope you get what I mean anyway. You're writing with a heavy focus on the "features" you've tacked on. What's his sexual preference? What does he look like? Sound like? How edgy is he? Is he emotionless? An assassin? Are his schlera black?... Etc. None of that stuff is going to make this a better story, and it can even make it worse if you focus on them too much or too often. At best it's always going to be filler to the actual story.

And the otouto and ni stuff is making your character harder to like, rather than making them seem cooler or more realistic or whatever you were going for. There's a sliding scale from a one-off thing everyone hopes doesn't happen again, to an eyesore that most people just have to choose to ignore, to just plain creepy for anyone doing stuff in English :/

I want to like this, but the packaging is making it hard to get into.
1/22 c14 GunBlade2022
Hi there

Nice to see what happened before Nazarick came to the new place.

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
1/21 c13 BulanFebruari
Hello! Glad to see you back! I've been a big fan of your fic and seeing you updating has made my day! Thank you for that. Hope you're fine there! And this chapter is also great too. I love it
1/21 c14 birbperson45
plz do more, rlly want more of this fanfic. ill give you pictures of my cat 10/10
1/21 c14 1Balather
Me gustó mucho, gran trabajo, realmente lo disfruté
1/20 c14 jh7920
I live for their interactions!
Love it!
1/20 c3 Vansmoke
Well, though it's not slash category, it's pretty close one. And I'm sorry for it is not what I prefer to read.
1/20 c14 Lyfus
It's always fun to read the npc's pov!
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