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for Early Beginnings

6/5/2021 c12 Deb
Amazing work on this story.
Thank you.
Hopefully there will be more stories from you.
3/7/2021 c12 8Kimber1983
Dam and wow
2/21/2021 c11 Kimber1983
Love the story
3/10/2020 c12 prassanapuvvala79
OMG It's Hot and cannot stop reading
4/28/2019 c12 NYElizabeth
Just the most perfect story ! So Hot ! I really hope you can write more
1/23/2019 c12 1aprilroberta
I'm so sorry I'm just reviewing this now but I reread it and I'm just so freaking happy they finally boned! And I loved how Henry made sure Elizabeth felt like she was in control and how they were both nervous. Adorable. Love it so much!
1/14/2019 c12 Guest
That was so hot! Really enjoying this, can’t wait to read more!
1/14/2019 c12 Guest
Hot and romantic.
1/14/2019 c12 13SALLYSAYSRELAX
Wow, this was so hot. Glad they've taken this step in their relationship. I'm really curious where you're going with this story from now on. Anyway, I'm sure you'll continue writing equally fantastic as you've done so far. Many many thanks!
1/14/2019 c12 15lilacmermaid33
Lovely chapter!
1/14/2019 c12 NYElizabeth
Wow ! So hot !
1/14/2019 c12 timsleoni
Is it hot in here or is it just me
1/14/2019 c12 7mccordeal11
truly magical and empowering. looking forward to the next chap
1/14/2019 c12 14lil'mousie323
That. Was. Hot!
1/14/2019 c12 2dalymccord
there‘s nothing to say other than I loved it so much! Great job with such an important chapter of the entire story.
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