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9/8/2020 c10 Gilgummy
This story is so good! Can't wait to see more of it if possible! You made them sound so cute in this story, and their innocent friendship turning into love is (/ω\)
12/26/2019 c10 10TheGameNguyener
I really hope Luigi's inappropriate actions knocked some sense into him that Daisy is trying to prove a point regarding Peach's love. To be fair, the characterization is fitting for an antagonist, even though it's Luigi.

Even with Mario as a fugitive, at least he and Sonic can finally get some peace and rest. But I still have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that something's going to turn around for the worse. Nonetheless, great to see you back again!

12/26/2019 c10 5SilverXephon
Yay! Glad that you're still alive XD Great chapter as always and no need to say sorry, life takes over sometimes, if not all the time. Can't wait for the next one :)
12/26/2019 c10 31GreenSwitch
Well, that was interesting. Good chapter.
8/22/2019 c9 50mariobroultimate
This has gotta be one of the darkest Mario and Sonic crossover fanfics I’ve read.
8/17/2019 c9 10TheGameNguyener
Aaaaaand... I'm late to this again. God, I'm so sorry.

Pauline and Rouge in this scene complements with Mario and Sonic as both pairs have something in common, even if their lives are on the line. And with Peach and Rosalina as another uncommon pair, it looks like they're taking a risk as big as what the others have.

And yes, Sonic. Rouge is totally talking about hugging. Nothing more than that...

The suspense is killing me. I may have said that Pauline and Rouge are well together, but the title chapter makes me think otherwise. Are they truly in love just like Mario and Sonic, or is this a secret set-up? My head's spinning from the possible outcomes. I'll see you next time.

8/5/2019 c9 31GreenSwitch
That... is interesting. Especially the whole 'more people on the run' thing. Can't wait to see more (even if it takes forever again)
2/18/2019 c8 11Infinite's Ruby
It's always great to see this story getting updated. Wow, Luigi's letting his hatred against the Anthros starting to overtake him.

I feel sorry for both Luigi and Daisy especially Daisy with her concern for Luigi.

I'm curious to see how Mario's and Sonic's plot is going to play out along with Pauline and Rouge making their debut. Speaking of Pauline's and Rouge's alliance is a plot point I'm looking forward to being expanded on.

This is a great chapter, Keep up the excellent work!
2/10/2019 c8 10TheGameNguyener
Sheesh, how late am I to this chapter? A week? My only excuse is that I'm back after being busy with my own work and studies, but it's great to see you with a new update as I presume you've been busy as well.

Luigi's really gone mad with this hatred towards the Anthros. It's very different than his general personality in the games. Daisy is more on the concerned side, so it feels like a major role reversal in this AU.

I still wonder how Mario and Sonic will fare as they continue to hide. Not going to lie, I thought the woman who was with Rouge was Topaz from Sonic X. I'm more surprised that it's Pauline. I don't know what this "talk" will be about, but I'm guessing it's not good at all.

2/4/2019 c8 31GreenSwitch
(Yea, no kidding.)

I'm pretty this is going to be answered, but why the hell is Rouge, technically an Anthros, and Pauline, who's apart of a race that has learned to hate Anthros, working together? You know, why am I asking, it'll probably be answered in the next chapter anyways.
Good chapter!

(Poor Luigi...)
12/2/2018 c7 11Infinite's Ruby
Sorry, I'm late again with my review, I've had a bit of a busy week since I got a chance to read this story.

The kiss between Peach and Rosalina is a short, and sweet since they're the only two people in the human kingdom I have sympathy for. Also, I'm worried about whatever plans Robotnik is going to come up with to ensure killing even more Anthros, makes me hate him even more.

Also, I love the way how you wrote up Sonic's and Mario's kiss, mostly due to it being a heartwarming moment before things will most likely go downhill again.

I'm looking forward to what you've got in store for this story.,
11/28/2018 c7 Mystical Luna Melody
I'm very happy that you updated. /

There needs to be more SonicxMario fanfics.
11/26/2018 c7 MoustachedVillain
Dude..What the BRO!?
11/26/2018 c7 31GreenSwitch
So wait, it went from Peach and Rosalina, to a flashback about Sonic and Mario kissing and not liking it, then to real time where they kiss again but like it? Wha...
11/25/2018 c7 18lovemet123
OK, I deserved that one. Again, my apologies for the spam.

I was just thinking of it from the perspective that you could still feel bad for them even if they are antagonists because Mario is leaving everything behind, which would be a big life change in not just them but everyone else that Mario has connected with. I think a good example of what I mean is the "Blue Neighbourhood" short film/music video trilogy by Troye Sivan, in which the father of Troye's lover was the antagonist in the story, but it still showed that he did still love his son. So, when the father dies, despite being the reason Troye and his friend couldn't be together, it is still a sad experience, not just for the characters, but also the audience.

You say he changed his clothes, but that would count a change in appearance that could also be explored. What kind of clothes did he have on aside from the jacket? How many places have they traveled? What kind of jobs did he work and how well did he perform those jobs? If he was doing a good job, would be spread out about Mario's talents that would reach the ear of Ivo that would help give away their location? These questions we just some subjects that I thought about when I was wondering what happened to them in the 8-year time span, which I do hope light gets shed over in the coming chapters.

The reason I got on Luigi is not just that he had become an infuriating character, antagonist or not, but rather the logic he had behind his own wording in his conversation with Mario. I am not saying that brainwashing couldn't happen, but the fact that he first believed that they were vile creatures that had no sense of humanity and then thinks that they somehow brainwashed his brother, spoken word or otherwise, made me wonder if he had ever taken a second to really process what he was told. And what did he think they would be able to say to Mario in order to brainwash him if they have not had any social connection with people who would show them how to do it? That was what my thought process was for that.

Mario is a protagonist, but when it comes to a story like this, it feels that the role is shared equally between him and Sonic, especially since he witnessed traumatizing events at the age he was at. One isn't overpowering the other. It was just difficult for me to feel as bad for Sonic losing his friend as I did about Mario leaving behind everything he had ever known and having to watch someone he loves suffer the pain of loss. Death is a really dark concept and it should feel like you are being stabbed in the heart, though truthfully it may be because I am more about the detail of the situations because I do want to feel the pain of the characters and know what they are going through.

Now that all that is out of the way, here are my thoughts on this chapter.

I do want to start out by saying I am a bit confused about the beginning. This is King Toadstool and Ivo talking about finding a way to retrieve Mario and Sonic. Is it just the two of them or are the citizens also there? Is the setting in a dark room with a slight light casting under the king and Ivo to make them seem more menacing or are they out in the open throne room to look more approachable? Is the air stiff due to the pressure of failure? Just some things I was wondering about here.

I like how this part between Peach and Rosalina was written. It goes from formal to almost steamy in a couple of seconds with the added fact that they have been together this way for a while, so it feels a little more natural for them to interact this way. I also dig Peach's candidness about their relationship, even though it is supposed to stay a secret. Her annoyance on the search for Mario, as well as the anger she felt about the sacrificial burning felt right with her character as he is portrayed to be on the correct side of the battle. Awesome Job.

The flashback to Mario and Sonic having their first kiss, though at that the time it didn't mean anything between the two was very cute and sweet, even more so with Mario teaching Sonic on how to kiss. I like it.

I don't have much to say on this flashforward to when they are kissing for real other then I like it. Short, sweet, and simple.

Hopefully, this review is better organized to your liking. This is how I am trying to do my reviews because I do want the writers to know that I did read all of the stories and did my best to write a review based on all the things I had in my mind. With that being said, I know for a fact that I won't be able to think of everything at that moment in time and there will be things that I miss. Regardless of that, I do enjoy what you have here, and I look forward to reading more of it.
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