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for When Donny Met David

8/7/2018 c1 764Kristen3
Nice story! The mention of Donny will always stir some memories, but we know everything ended as it should have. :) I'm glad even Donny seems to get that.
8/6/2018 c1 12Peaches and Strawberries
Not so much with Donny about Niles's insecurity. I feel if Clive returned it would flow better.
8/2/2018 c1 709iloveromance
This is a scenario I never imagined happening but you have done a great job and honestly now that I have read this, I can see it happening eventually. They're bound to run into each other at some point. Donny's reaction to seeing David for the first time and realizing that Daphne had a baby with Niles is perfect. He would feel awkward about it of course and you've captured that here.
I agree that one shots are hard to write, but I really like this and I"m glad you decided to write it! If you don't mind my saying so, your writing has really improved (that's a compliment, I promise and I don't want to imply that your writing was bad before because it wasn't at all) and it was nice to see a new story from you. )
8/1/2018 c1 1JennZofJC
I think you’re great at one-shots! I enjoyed this. Poor Niles has such a tough time with confidence, but I think Daphne knew just what to say. :)

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