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for Crumbling Foundations

Helen and Bob are my favorites on the show! I love the "romantic moments" they have. Very nice!
8/11/2018 c1 190JamesLuver
This was absolutely gorgeous. Like, seriously. So succinct and precise and painfully beautiful. You captured the turmoil of this evening so perfectly, and I'm jealous of how wonderful this is!

I loved the opening, with Helen thinking of all the ways that their life had improved since the conference-I especially loved the detail of him whistling as Dash graduated (that was a lovely contrast to his resistance to the idea during their argument), and the two of them making time for themselves. And of course there's bonus points for them not being able to get enough of each other!

But then there's the sucker punch of her realising that that all came after the conference, and oh, my heart. The image of the lone tear falling was so sad and really emphasised her sense of isolation, and her thoughts about Mirage's husky voice were great-the fact that she rang him at home after hours is one that I've never considered before but it's all the more devastating.

And their conversation in the bedroom...gah, all the angsty feels! You captured Helen's feelings of wanting-to-know-but-really-not-wanting-to-know so well, and I loved that little telling moment of her questioning his excitement over a conference cementing the fact that he was hiding something.

And the ending was gut-wrenchingly perfect. All of the details in that final part were absolutely perfect, like the intimacy of Bob's breath in Helen's ear. And my favourite line of all was: "she couldn't stop the thoughts that good night might be a goodbye". Wow, that was really, really powerful and summed up the theme of the whole fic so well.

This was truly, truly great. Thank you so much for writing it.
8/4/2018 c1 1CamFanfancam
Great title. I love that someone's covering this aspect of the movie.
I like your writing style.
7/31/2018 c1 15lemonout
Ohh man, this was devastating, in the best possible way. I felt for Helen here. Also cracked a smile at the Doozledorfs reference, because that is one of the funniest bits in the second movie if you ask me. Please update! :D
7/31/2018 c1 42Miss Pookamonga
Oh my goodness I loved this. I thought you captured Helen's emotional conflict perfectly - I liked that she wasn't simply just angry but more was wrestling with doubt over whether she had enough evidence and mentally flip-flopping between being repulsed and wanting to still be close to Bob. Far more realistic than a one-note reaction, I would think. I also loved the moment when Bob hesitated about why he was excited and basically gave himself away. Overall I could definitely feel Helen's frustration and pain over the whole situation, and that line "good night might be a good-bye" absolutely killed me. You really managed to sum up her fear of losing him (that we see later on in the movie with Edna) in a single phrase there.

Amazing job. I hope you write more for them!

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