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8/16/2018 c1 Shgon Dunstan
"Valyrian empire gets transported to Wot universe just before canon"
And... Right there, rocks fall. Everyone dies. The end. It doesn't even really matter WHAT they do. Their mere presence disrupts things that NEED to happen in order for the universe not to come to a crashing halt.

It wouldn't be as bad if you put them in some far off corner of the world in the later books... But they'd be very lucky to even survive by that point, and they'd best make every effort not to piss anyone off.
"His dragon"
Is... Not very useful in the WoT setting. It's armored hide wont mean much of anything Vs weaves of the One Power. They'd simply pass right through it like it wasn't even there, and make the things brain explode inside of it's skull, or what have you. Meanwhile it's size does little but make it harder to miss.

The first time Taevor gets on the wrong side of a channeler with even so so combat training... The thing is just going to die. And rather quickly at that.
"Taevor and Elayne fall in love"
And... Back to the rocks falling, and everyone dying bit.

In a setting where someone going down the wrong street at the wrong time and get everyone killed... One thing that you DON'T wont to mess with is Rand's love life. What with Rand being the Fisher King, and effectively Avatar to the entire Pattern, and love being Rand's entire reason for wanting existence to keep on existing... Rand stops wanting life to go on, and EVERYTHING ends right then and there.

There is a REASON the Wheel saw fit to having fall for three women. It's called "insurance".
"The Amyrlin doesn't promptly put a huge freaking dragon under the Tower's control, and instead just sends it off flying hoping that it can get to a battle on time. When she doesn't even know how fast the thing can fly, or what it is even capable of doing."
Uh... Yeah, that bit is massively out of character... It is also kinda just ignoring the whole "it's a freaking dragon" issue. The first time Taevor even refers to himself as "Dragon King" to someone from WoT, all they are even going to HEAR is a man declaring himself a False Dragon... Which isn't going to end well for him. Like at all.
"Vaellar tortures Liandrin"
... Huh? How the hell is he supposed to "torture" an unshielded channeler? The Whitecloaks have literally been trying to hang a live channeler for a thousand years... They never have... Because it's a stupid thing to even TRY to do.

If she isn't shielded, and is awake enough to even answer his questions... He's a dead man. It wouldn't even take any real effort on her part.
"Valyrian army"
Is pretty much just chicken feed next to most forces running around in WoT. ASoIaF armies aren't really up to WoT standards. Too poorly trained, outfitted, and just not that good at tactics. Hell, the bulk of them are just conscripted peasant. Where as WoT are all trained as soldiers.

And THAT isn't even touching on the fact that ASoIaF is medieval, while WoT is 16th-17th level tech without the guns... The Valyrian army wouldn't amount to all that much outside of the dragon. Which itself is just a flying target.

Also... With WHAT siege equipment exactly? Even the dragon isn't going to be doing much against the Stone itself.
"months of torture"
He... Has been the "guest" of Black Ajah and a Forsaken for months... "Torture"? Sure, but that was just for the fun of it. More then THAT they'd of simply put him under compulsion, and gotten everything they could of possibly wanted out of him. He could very well still BE under compulsion should they of decided that they want control over the dragon.

Mind, there isn't really anything Moraine can "do" about compulsion. Healing that kinda thing is more of a late book Nynaeva level of healing, and even then isn't foolproof.
Honestly, covering the rest would just be a lot of repeating issues I've already gone over... Though I DO note you left out the part where a Forsaken takes note of this powerful(and completely unprotected by channelers) supporter of Rand's, and simply Gates right on over to him to either kill or subvert him... There is a rather good reason most of the WoT heroes kept hidden and on the move until they were built up enough to at least be SOMEWHAT safe from such a thing happening. You're wanting Taevor to just set down roots in Tear right off the bat.

Basically... You can't have it both ways. Either the dragon is enough of an asset to basically carry Taevor through victory after victory... Or it's not(and oh BOY is it not). If it IS an asset... Then that makes him a target. One that is unlikely to simply be ignored.

... Also, enough Balefire is stated to be able to kill the Dark One(and destroy the Pattern while doing it, but that is beside the point). "Not being part of the Pattern" wouldn't stop it from killing a dragon. Hell, Balefire itself is in part outside of the Pattern.

... Also also, I would NOT want to be the dragon, or anyone else on the field for that matter, if they are only learning this at Merrilor. That sa'angreal Demandred is using is powerful enough to destroy an entire city with one attack. All the balefire Demandred was shooting out was just him dicking around with the army. His attempt to encourage Rand to show up, while still holding back to bulk of his power in order top save it for when Rand DID show up...

... Exactly what do you think would happen if you suddenly put an army and a big fire breathing dragon all immune to balefire in front of him? If the forces of the Light were VERY lucky, he'd just swat the thing right down on top of the Valyrian army with a giant flyswatter made of Air, and then just go back to the balefire once they were all dead.

Giving them the immunity is completely pointless.

Honestly... If you really wanted to do a WoT/ASoIaF crossover, it would be far more workable in the other direction. Some forces from WoT getting transported to the ASoIaF world. That way you could control how over powered they are by adjusting their numbers, and how much-if any-channeling ability they have on hand.

A decently strong channeler with some combat training could do a rather good job of taking over Westeros all on their lonesome. A handful of them wouldn't even find it all that hard, and if they happen to know Traveling... Westeros might as well just surrender and save themselves the trouble.

ASoIaF REALLY just isn't up to fighting WoT... And mere 20,000 strong army? That is next to nothing against the numbers WoT throws around. Hell, late book a 100,000 is considered an "assassination attempt" against Rand. Just throw away like it was nothing(and all dead within minutes at that).

They'd have a hard time taking the Two Rivers once it has been fortified. They'd basically just end up trying their best to just stand there and look pretty while they pray that their dragon wins them every fight, as... Otherwise, they'd be rather screwed.

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