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for Teddy's Excellent Adventure

2/10 c1 7Luthien'sLight
I just read this story through and while at certain points it does get rather, well, cheesy, this is overwhelmed by the overall amazingness of the story as a whole. Well done!
2/3 c7 15Nyumun
Esta bastante buena
2/3 c7 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
This was cute and amazing!
Thank you for this story.
1/25 c7 4VulcanRavenClaw
This was a delightful little story to distract me from workthanks for sharing it!
1/15 c7 HoneyBear84
Loved it
12/24/2020 c6 3A Trash Mob
How convenient lol poor remus.
12/24/2020 c3 A Trash Mob
That was close! Lmao
12/24/2020 c2 A Trash Mob
Hes a clever, cheeky little bugger. I wonder if he wholly understands what would happen to him?
12/9/2020 c7 Panther-Strife
I say this to all Remus Lupin haters, you should just walk through the veil of death and never come out of it again.
11/10/2020 c7 kalipendragon
Soooo... Harry may have actually had a happy future with Ginny? lol kinda funny that Teddy may have messed that up, still, overall better future considering Tonks is alive now. I liked it, pretty good fic
11/8/2020 c7 Mari Wollsch
super xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/2/2020 c7 wandamarie
11/2/2020 c6 wandamarie
loving it thank you
11/2/2020 c5 wandamarie
wow thank you
11/2/2020 c4 wandamarie
keep up the good work
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