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1/28 c25 jurmaev
Considering that this is the first story by this author, I'm really impressed by it. I loved the development of the Wizarding World after war, as well as Harry's relationship with Daphne and other characters. Looking forward to sequel.
1/9 c8 CarolWim
Masterfully written, very well done. This is a great work one of the classics.
1/4 c25 geenakmom
Really enjoyed reading your story!
1/4 c25 Leefa
Couldn't put it down! Amazing story. Loved the second part too.
1/3 c1 2Chesterton
Yeah I definitely binged this entire story. Well done.
12/30/2022 c1 Big.Daddy.Dudders
I hear there’s a sequel and I never got to finish this matter piece. It’s on my re read list but I’ll save it for after all the dark depressing stories to lift my mood again.
12/20/2022 c25 Guest
Itsa shame the second story isn't finished . Don't care why .
12/15/2022 c25 kase519
Well written and interesting
12/15/2022 c23 kase519
This story makes me smile
12/15/2022 c22 kase519
12/15/2022 c20 kase519
12/15/2022 c15 kase519
You have to be careful with those shades of gray
12/14/2022 c14 kase519
Good pacing
12/14/2022 c13 kase519
12/14/2022 c12 kase519
I think the pace is a good one
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