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12/4/2021 c25 calcifiedful.ako
Love it
12/2/2021 c25 ffgandalf
Absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to the next part. For people complaining about it being slow especially Harry and Daphne’s relationship (which judging by the Author Notes are numerous) have you done the math on how much time actually passes? Both in total time and after breaking up,with Ginny? It isn’t around 5 months total with like 1/2 of that post Ginny
11/24/2021 c25 Sebine
11/24/2021 c25 11Alex The Rogue
OMG This is so good, and extremely well fleshed out! Excellent world building!
11/23/2021 c25 Fireandy
Truly excellent, excited for part2!
11/22/2021 c12 Sebine
"The pace is slow"
well yeah they're both idiots
11/20/2021 c25 Chris
What a great fan fic, do continue writing - you're particularly gifted at it. Thanks for providing some joy and relaxation amidst a very busy time :)
11/22/2021 c25 gh01
I can't wait to see what happens next
11/22/2021 c25 rookie802
Unbelievable. Cannot wait for next part of story!
11/21/2021 c25 bluenilote
I can't wait for part 2! What is Nott planning? And the Blackwoods? I can't wait to see where this goes.
11/21/2021 c25 Lusamine
Your handling of the Truth Potion part was rather disappointing, in my opinion.
Not only did you fall into the trope of it being used as the sole proof during a trial, ignoring all other types of evidence, when it is so incredibly unreliable. A simple memory charm would already be enough to completely negate any effectiveness of Veritaserum and it seems like some can even overcome it with willpower alone, which is why it's not used in court in canon. The same could also be used to frame someone who is honestly innocent.
Them asking the accused of 'What happened' is also far too vague a question, there were multiple ways he could have bend the truth.

One interesting way to salvage this would be to have one of the Death Eaters that everyone/Harry and co KNOW is guilty, overcome the serum and proclaim innocence during their trial, forcing them to actually rethink the approach and provide actual evidence.
11/19/2021 c25 Blume
Thank you for the fantastic story.
i am exited for part two.
11/20/2021 c14 WeisseHex
11/20/2021 c12 WeisseHex
Yeah, my hair is turning grey from WAITING for these two to get their heads out of their ARSES! (and you)
11/20/2021 c10 WeisseHex
When? For heaven's sake, when will they get together?
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