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9/9/2018 c6 2bored peasant
Good chapter.

I am guessing that as you have decided this will be Harry/Daphne, it is going to be a slow burn?
9/9/2018 c6 1kyuubi ruler of all bijuu
9/9/2018 c6 6Jayan phoenix
I thoroughly enjoyed this, keep it up!
9/8/2018 c6 NataS666
Really nice story
9/7/2018 c6 1The-Untempered-Schism666
nice long chapter with progress in the story, excited to read what comes next
9/7/2018 c6 FF-loverHP1
interesting fic mate. So far starting to love it.
9/7/2018 c6 girlwhoslept
9/7/2018 c6 Guest
well i can tell from last two scenes that it'll be a looooooonnnnnnngggggg story!

update soon!
9/7/2018 c6 JediRaptor
Really am very much enjoying this story.
9/7/2018 c6 31529
A pretty good chapter... two things that I had while reading it, though.

First, the view on the neutrals was a little too kind, I thought. If it has simply been the two sides fighting each other then yes, a large gap where the neutrals had nothing to fight for would have existed... but when you take into account the holocaust-like activities of Voldemort's supporters... the area to excuse neutrality disappears completely. While the true neutrals are not as bad as those who actively participated, those who stood by and watched or buried their heads in the sand are not good people and should not be simply forgiven for their unwillingness to act. Yes, circumstances could force people to stand by (their families being threatened, etc), but that is not the case in the thoughts put forward in this chapter... Hitler would rule Europe (and maybe the world) if enough people had had these views during WWII.

Second, the final comments by Harry to Ginny seem to indicate that fate or something similar is primarily responsible for the success or failure of a relationship. Any relationship takes effort to make it work and that scene seems to say that the success or failure is more related to a roll of the dice.

Overall, a good story so far, thanks for writing.
9/7/2018 c6 Guest
9/7/2018 c6 Guest
Good ch ! Dump Ginny hehehe
9/6/2018 c6 trispectrum
Great to see a new chapter. Will be interesting to see what you have in store for Harry and Ginny relationship wise. Really enjoyed the study session and various interactions that occurred. Will also be interesting to see how you craft the meetings about the orphans and Harry and Daphne's plans to address this. Looking forward to the next chapter. Well done with the story so far.
9/6/2018 c5 trispectrum
Good to see some more of the interesting dynamic occurring in the Malfoy family currently. The upcoming study session should be interesting.
9/6/2018 c4 trispectrum
I really enjoyed the glimpses of some of the other characters including Astoria and Draco and especially how you had Draco brought into the fold. Will be interested to see other people's reactions to Harry's wealth as his plans evolve. Interesting that the "Potter" elves are calling Daphne mistress. Will be interested to see if this has an particular meaning.
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