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9/5/2018 c5 Axrael
This is one heck of a fanfic, love it
9/4/2018 c5 3alix33
Yum! for the sound of Iola Castle.
Hey there, Binky, Dinky, Finky, Hinky, Minky, Inky, Linky, Pinky, Rinky and Tinky. I’m very pleased to meet you.
Hey there, Ipsy and Kipsy. I’m very pleased to meet you.
Yum! at the mental pic I got as I read “the majority of the estate was a massive library, filled to the brim with books and tomes”.
Hey there, Irin, Kirin, Lirin and Mirin. I’m very pleased to meet you.
Finally, a library in wizarding Britain with a cataloguing system! As a librarian in a former life (I was a newspaper librarian/archivist from 1 August 1996 to 31 March 2003) I am elated and overjoyed, but also still pissed-off at the sucky attitude towards her patrons of Madam Pince, my fictional counterpart in the Potterverse for the above-mentioned time, we got in canon. I know of no RL muggle librarian (and my pensioner and Potterhead mom was one too when she still worked) with such a sucky attitude towards her/her/their patrons.
Hey there, Pip, Fern, Flo and Roz. I’m very pleased to meet you.
Yum! at the sound of that lunch.
Hey there, Merry, Terry, Sherry, Berry, Ferry, Gerry and Kerry. I’m very pleased to meet you.
I somehow knew Harry would discuss the late and always lamented (at least by me, since he was one of my two favourite Harry Potter characters) Dobby with the Potter elves (or mention him) and I think I’m probably as moved as Harry is, if not more.
That’s a sophisticated favourite cake to have, IMO. Mine that I have been celebrating each of my birthdays since I’ve entered my 40s with is “just anything chocolate”, so it’s been anything from chocolate mousse cake to a brownie, along with good filter coffee and vanilla ice cream each year.
9/3/2018 c4 alix33
Yum! for the breakfast Daphne is about to have.
Did you mean for Daphne to say “stimulate business” rather than “simulate business”?
Yum! for the Jacobethan style (which I had to Google Images) of Black Castle.
Hey there, Matty, Batty, Patty and Ratty. I’m pleased to meet you, as I’m sure Harry and Daphne are too.
Yum! for the library, its contents and those studies.
Yum! for the English Baroque style (which I had to Google Images) of Potter Hall.
Chateaux Black sounds a bit like Kensington Palace, with it being a complex and or collection of buildings.
Hey there, Annie, Minnie, Tinnie, Rinnie, Finnie and Kinnie. I’m pleased to meet you, as I’m sure Harry and Daphne are too.
Yum for the library, its contents and those studies in Potter Hall.
AW! At how ecstatic Annie is at moving Harry’s belongings to Potter Hall.
Hey there, Cinnie and Winnie. I’m pleased to meet you, as I’m sure Harry and Daphne are too.
Yum! for the lunch Minnie served Daphne and Harry.
I’m looking forward to that study session.
9/3/2018 c3 alix33
Yum! for the spaghetti napolitana that Maribeth got Daphne, Harry and Fleur for lunch. Did she get herself a portion too or does she bring a packed lunch with her from home (I read later on in the chapter that she said herself that she takes an early lunch, but an early lunch consisting of what?)?
9/3/2018 c2 alix33
I like it that Harry basically got a plan for the rest of his life figured out (to an extent) in the first chapter.
Cool haircut. Thanks, Kreacher!
AW! At Teddy having changed his hair colour first to match Harry and then to match the Weasleys.
Yay! for Andromeda, Teddy and Hermione all moving into Grimmauld Place.
I don’t envy Hermione that straightforward conversation she’s going to have to have with Ron soon.
Nor Harry the one he’s going to have to have with Ginny.
Yum! for the sound of that dinner Maribeth got Harry and Daphne from the Leaky Cauldron.
Cool name for the initiative, Harry.
9/1/2018 c5 1kyuubi ruler of all bijuu
9/1/2018 c5 25Sorceress of Magic
So good can’t wait to see what happens next
9/1/2018 c5 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Some very interesting property that Harry owns. Thanks for sharing!
9/1/2018 c4 ObsessedWithHPFanFic
It's interesting to read how well Draco is fitting into the new company and his interaction between the other persons. Thanks for sharing!
9/1/2018 c3 ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Lots of ambitious plans for the group. Thanks for sharing!
9/1/2018 c5 2Goodkat2010
Great story so far. I'm loving the characterization and interactions between characters. Really well written and can't wait to see the next chapter. Thanks to CaskettFan5 for the recommendation.
8/31/2018 c4 BillBrink
You have done a good job of reasoning why Daphne is such a great character to ship with Harry. We all know she isn't described in canon, so fanfics have made her into a beauty queen which is accepted now in thousands of stories. Canon Daphne was in Slytherin which implied her being raised a pureblood with the resultant education from her parents in addition to her being the oldest heir and being taught the business accume of her father. These are obviously the qualities which are lacking in Harry's background and which he will need in a post war recovery. The fact in which the hat wanted to sort him into Slytherin doesn't hurt the ship also. Fanfiction has made her bright, beautiful and talented, a perfect foil for Harry's weaknesses. She has become my favorite ship for him due to great stories such as yours. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. Thank you.
8/31/2018 c2 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
I like the power that Harry now has and how he is exercising it. Thanks for sharing!
8/31/2018 c1 ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Outstanding first chapter and with Daphne leading the way, Harry will be the best he can be for the revitalization of the Wizarding World. Thanks for sharing!
8/31/2018 c5 24tlyxor1
A very enjoyable story so far. Thank you for writing. Looking forward to more. -t.
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