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11/11/2021 c25 3PascalDragon
Great first part. Nice to see them shaking up the British Wizarding World and hopefully leading towards a better one. Also the relationship between Daphne and Harry is progressing nicely. :)
Looking forward to part two
11/9/2021 c25 KEB
Well written, thanks! The intrigue seems like its ramping up.
11/11/2021 c25 iamjmph01
Thank You for this amazing story, it is one of the only reasons I come back to ffn now a days... Its amazingly well written. Honestly the only slight issue I had was the Nott stuff in the last two chapters, but it doesn't really take away from the story so... Thank You. I've added you my alerts so I can know when Part 2 starts.
11/11/2021 c25 scpotter
I love this story ! I think it’s really well written. I like the relationship between Daphne and Harry.
11/11/2021 c25 3grovepjp
11/11/2021 c25 draconin
This is a really wonderful story; great concept, expert writing style and just fun to read. Thank you for sharing and I'm looking forward to part II.
11/11/2021 c25 cameron1812
Just beautiful. Thank you. Have thoroughly enjoyed this story!
11/10/2021 c25 moodyboy66
Love the new chapters. One of the best stories I’ve read you do such a great job with making everything so realistic
11/10/2021 c25 Dragonstar125
wow, an update love this chapter and admit this is one of my fav stories for harry / daphne :) I'm glad to see the trail starting and all very well written and have recommended this story at the harry/ daphne discord server :)
11/10/2021 c25 11Nanchih
Thank you for allowing us to read your story over your shoulder. I will have a quick look at your Profile for the next part, but if you have not begun posting it please post a note here when you do.
11/10/2021 c25 csheila
Excellent catch up chapter.

But they need to sharpen their elbows and push back
11/10/2021 c25 remember-remember
Good stuff, thanks for your writing!
11/10/2021 c25 lord of the east
I'm eagerly waiting to read the part 2!
11/10/2021 c25 4OFARiolu
Oh good i thought you ended the story cant wait to see part two come out!
11/10/2021 c25 Marcus Kyle
And Daphne doesn't know the Devereaux family ? And neither Adrian ? Strange, especially since the "mother" is over 500.

Thanks for sharing.
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