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8/9 c2 1blcoachmac
Very little of Ginny so far, so one can see that Harry has matured past her. She will still bitch and moan, scream and shout but Harry will still move on!
8/9 c1 blcoachmac
Great writing! Sounds like a whole new story. It is full of what could be!
8/9 c10 Vanthiyethevan
thats not how a relationship works. just because one person cannot drop everything and do exactly what the other wants is not a reason to break up.
worst case, they both hire a butler to do the party work- which is how most politicians work.
harry is not trying to become the president of the usa- with ginny as the first lady. that was the one thing i dont like about the story- just because you wanted a daphne/harry story, you had the break up go in this way.
8/8 c5 2hughfj08
If i have to get introduced to any more house elves by name I will lose my shit
7/21 c13 OryxGreen
and don't get me started on Ron. Sure, he is acting like a child, but honestly, no one told him anything, and they expect him to d what exactly? They are the ones keeping him in the dark. It is of course surprising Harry is friends with their previous enemy so excuse Ron for having questions. No one tells him anything and it is not fair. And cutting him off? Harry would never do that. They are best friends so cutting him off like that is wrong.
7/21 c13 OryxGreen
I am not OK with Draco being friends with Harry. I have mentioned it in a previous comment, but I am not done. I am not just faulting you for deciding what you did with Draco, but J.K as well. Draco committed many crimes, and it is beyond me why he wasn't held accountable for his actions. He might not have gotten a harsh sentence, because of the pressure he was under I suppose, but he still did commit those crimes and definitely should have been punished. So, I don't understand your or J.K.'s decision (and I suppose many fic writers who do the same thing) to not punish him. He attempted the murder of Dumbledore (doesn't matter whether Dumbrloder knew and planned it. Draco didn't know) and in the process cursed Katie and poisoned Ron. He let Death Eaters enter Hogwarts and used Unforgivibles on Katie and Rosmeta and tried to use the Cruciatus curse on Harry. No matter how much he repents, he still committed those crimes, so I have no idea why he was never punished. And making Harry forgive him and also so fast, is very out of character. I was bothered by this from the start, but after Harry started screaming at Ron when he was right about Draco, it started bothering me even more, and honestly, it is ruining the story for me. Maybe Harry should think about improving the justice system? After all, he wants to improve the Wizarding World. The justice system needs it for sure.
7/21 c12 OryxGreen
Ron is acting like a child. Hermoine is definitely right, but honestly, I am not getting an argument for Draco. Other Slyterhings of course, but Draco? You argue that he is changed, but that can be said about any Death Eater. Does that mean we mustn't punish them for their crimes? NO! So, I really don't get being friends with Draco right now, when honestly, he should be in Azkaban for many crimes he had committed. They might not be as bad as other Death Eater crimes and he mostly committed them because he was scared, but still he should be held accountable. So, your support of Draco is not reasonable. It doesn't really make sense. Wasn't he conspiring murdering Dumbldore and in the process cursed a student? Didn't he use Unforgivibles? He should be in Azkaban, not friends with Harry! He can regret all he wants, but justice is justice! But of course, justice system sucks in Wizarding World and Harry apparently forgives everyone? Very stupid.
Although I am ignoring what you've done with Draco (which is injustice to me for the reasons mentioned above) because this story is too good and main focus is Haphne. But I felt that anger towards Ron is uncalled for. I mean, yeah, he was wrong about everyone else, but not Draco!
7/21 c10 OryxGreen
IT is so funny that Harry's realisation would come when Daphen is crying. That was lovely. I loved it.
7/21 c8 OryxGreen
I feel really sorry for Ginny. I usually would support Ginny, but I do think Daphne and Harry are great and I don't like this Ginny very much. But regardless, I really felt sorry for her in this chapter.
7/20 c6 OryxGreen
I can't wait for Harry to develop feelings for Daphne.
7/20 c5 OryxGreen
What is the ministry doing? Shouldn't they be doing all these renovations?
and I don't think I like how Daphne is referring to Harry's every decision as 'us' instead of 'you'.
7/20 c3 OryxGreen
Harry entertaining Teddy with bubbles. Just like James did...:sobs:
7/20 c2 OryxGreen
I am not surprised that Harry falls in love with Daphne. She inspires and motivates him.
7/20 c1 OryxGreen
Wow, I loved the first chapter. I am soooo looking forward to reading this story.
7/16 c6 1BohemianVoldemort
I guess it would be less awkward if you didn't pair them straight off. I feel like some of Ginny's character is being sacrificed here.
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