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5/6/2023 c25 Incantations7
A nice change from the normal, non canon, post war HP story. I look forward to seeing where you go next.
5/5/2023 c22 Incantations7
I remember reading a story where Harry had a different owl, named Hermes, and he was a particular type that did things in a habit. The only time he didn’t was when his owl sensed that his cousin Dudley needed to post a message to Harry, and that was because his daughter had received her letter to Hogwarts… if I can find it, I’ll post the story name and author…
5/3/2023 c5 Incantations7
I wonder if you got one of the names from the Japanese beer?
3/25/2023 c25 suziq968
This has been a wonderful read. I'm looking forward to more but see only 2 chapters so far. I hope your muse inspires more chapters and I'm really grateful for what's already here. I really enjoyed your world building and the progression through the WW recovery.
3/1/2023 c6 ThunderSphinx
Dumbledore was a half-blood.
3/1/2023 c1 ThunderSphinx
Ahy would the Weasleys get the Black Lordship? Teddy Lupin would make a good choice. Andy can be the Steward and Proxy in the meantime.
2/23/2023 c25 3DiagonAli
nice story. well written and flowed well. I don't usually read Harry and Daphne together, but I like it.

I did find the characters pretty unrealistic if you consider their ages. they are 17 and 18nyears old, just spent 2 years fighting in a war, and suddenly they all have top skills in business and legal matters? it's a pretty big stretch of the imagination. however, setting aside realism, you wrote them well, fleshed out their skill sets and put together a great story. thanks for sharing with us
2/18/2023 c25 johnny99
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, thank you for writing. Pacing, plot, dialogue, and character development all well done.

And I loved Harry’s thought about rejecting the mediocre life that JKR apparently gave him in canon!
2/14/2023 c25 JuliusCorvinus
thank you for writing Novocaine
1/28/2023 c25 jurmaev
Considering that this is the first story by this author, I'm really impressed by it. I loved the development of the Wizarding World after war, as well as Harry's relationship with Daphne and other characters. Looking forward to sequel.
1/9/2023 c8 CarolWim
Masterfully written, very well done. This is a great work one of the classics.
1/4/2023 c25 geenakmom
Really enjoyed reading your story!
1/4/2023 c25 Leefa
Couldn't put it down! Amazing story. Loved the second part too.
1/3/2023 c1 2Chesterton
Yeah I definitely binged this entire story. Well done.
12/30/2022 c1 Big.Daddy.Dudders
I hear there’s a sequel and I never got to finish this matter piece. It’s on my re read list but I’ll save it for after all the dark depressing stories to lift my mood again.
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