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6h c58 Wing
Even with the power of a Gate Jaune doesnt stand a chance against End or Salem both of whom are on a completely different level then anyone on Remnant at the moment.
7h c58 Guest
I am really curious on how Lucy feels about this. Other then Leo all the other Zodiac spirits have sided with Salem. Hell Aquarius her first friend was the most in favor of it. In addition she clearly feels guilty over what happened with End and I wonder what she will do.

Also Jaune I don't see this possible double cross ending well. Salem is probably going to give him Aries the weakest of the Spirits and will still have the book. Also if you double cross End he will literally turn you into ashes.
12h c58 Greymon1000
Looking at how Jaune reflects on the fact that had Pyrrha died in this fanfic, he would've been 100% against Salem's plan even if she now has "good intentions", really makes me think that Weiss not joining Salem's side is pretty much confirmed and Salem (Along with Summer and, quite possibly, End) will have a nasty surprise as a result. Especially with Weiss trying to kill Summer on sight and regarding Salem with nothing short of fury and betrayal.

I'm really intrigued at the road this is taking, what with everyone's reactions and what side they will take. I'm mostly intrigued by Ruby.

One review mentioned how Yang joining Salem's side for the sake of being with Summer makes sense since Yang is the kind
of person that cares more about the people in her life than she does morality. Ruby, wanting to be a hero but also undeniably part of Fairy Tail, cares about both family and morality. So when she finds out about Summer being Esper, betrayal and broken pedestals will inevitably come first. Especially since she has little memories of Summer since she was too little to remember much of her and the Gate of the Maiden's first impression on her is Esper Rosenflos, the woman who absolutely destroyed Weiss' life and is Cinder's Teacher. I'm not saying it's impossible for her to join Salem's side, but boy is that a bad first impression. What will she do after? Join Salem or or remain in Ozpin's side?

Maybe she will try to find a third option, who knows?

Another thing I want to talk about is the character arc you're going for Yang, which is quite interesting. Yang's motive, for all her justifications, is ultimately selfish and a little unreasonable if you think about it. But it makes sense for someone like her, this is the girl whose biological mother abandoned her not once but twice, the second time in the face of the then enemy and her life has done nothing but take a nosedive ever since Beacon's fall. Of course she will jump at the opportunity to be with family again, even if it means sacrificing her principles. She just wants her family back.

It's interesting because I recall her talk with Taiyang over her powers and his fear that her Devil Slayer magic will do more harm than good and her talk with End over people starting to see her as a monster because of her powers. Those two times, Yang didn't have one ounce of concern of her powers turning her into a monster, she's only worried if people will abandon her because of it. Makes sense, since she believes in Natsu's words, perphaps a bit too much and I think that's the point.

Yang doesn't realize the full extent of abandoning your morality, but she will bear witness to it when she finds out about Summer's crimes against Weiss. After all, sacrificing your morality to protect family is bad enough, but what happens if the people you hurt... is ALSO family? What will you do then?

The root of Yang's character arc here is her abandonment issues that cause her to desperately cling to the people in her life, causing problems like her fear of being cast aside if she becomes a monster because of her powers and quite possibly in the future, the decision to join Salem's side. Considering the risks of Devil Slayer magic and how Yang is so willing to fall off the slippery slope for the people she loves, this does not bode well for Yang's psyche.

And it all leads to an interesting question: Will Yang overcome her own wrath and fear, question Salem and her motives and not let her powers consume her or fall down deeper into her powers and broken mind, blindingly follow others regardless of their actions and if her friends oppose her for her choice and/or Weiss attacks Summer, turn into the very monster she swore to protect her family from?

I don't wanna get poetic but Yang and the entirety of Salem's Faction (That aren't Tyrian and Watts at any point) can be best described by the saying "He who fights with monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you".

This is my opinion, but the way Salem talks about humanity like sheep and expecting them to follow her bidding (I'm not sure people will be completely willing to her fusion process) and only cares about her family and inner circle does remind you an awful lot of how the Gods do that too. Would you look at that?

Not that anyone in Ozpin's side isn't familiar with that, Gray and Blake already have their experiences and, if Blake's concerns are to be believed, Weiss might find herself in the same spot if she isn't careful. Speaking of...

Really emphasized with Happy's words to an unconscious Wendy, one of the main themes of this fanfic is "How far will you go to protect your friends or save the world? Are the risks and sacrifices really worth it?" and I love it. Explored into such a detail and I'm all for it. Really invokes strong feelings from me (Not gonna lie, as much I'm starting to enjoy Yang's character arc, as a person I really don't like her anymore ;). And since that was your goal, I salute to you sir, you did a tremendous job.

If I had to chose a side, I'd either pick Ozpin's or pray for a third option. I would've chosen Salem before, but after revelations in chapter 55, the implications of Mira fearing something in Salem, her keeping people like Tyrian, Watts and Cinder in her ranks and what I said earlier, I don't think the former Princess of the Stars is as good intentioned as she believes herself to be. I'm afraid her vendetta against the Gods seems to be more important to her than anything, to the point that she refuses to see other options that don't involve killing the Gods (Jerkasses as they may be, I'm still . And nothing is more dangerous than a person that refuses to see themseves to be in anything other than the right. Salem makes a terrifying antagonist.

The only ones that seem to keep a good head on their shoulders are Happy, Summer, Hazel and Sienna. Their methods may be extreme, but unlike Salem you CAN tell that they do care for the world they're trying to save and the family they want to protect. Hell, I can even see the logic Summer uses, ruthless as it may be.

As much as I support Jaune in his decision, I'm also afraid for him. He doesn't know about the Books tied to the Gates, so if he turns into a Gate and tries to leave Salem's side, they'll have the Book of his demon to keep him in line.

Anyway, this has gone on longer than it needed to be but I had a lot in my mind, I'm sorry. I love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter! See ya!
1/16 c58 Redrangerlegacy
You know what would make everything Salem’s doing even more tragic and unnecessary than it already it is if this ends the way I think it does, and Ruby is one of the survivors? Ruby discovering a simpler and easier method that would have allowed them to deal with the Umbral spirit king and maybe even the brother gods without going through with what Salem was doing, and it was Salem’s shortsightedness on looking for alternate plans that caused her to overlook said method in the first place.
1/13 c58 4jgkitarel
You know, if what Wendy is thinking will work, I don't think it will work on End. Mostly because End IS Natsu, just one who has had everything torn away and had both sides merged. What will likely happen is End and Natsu merging, after the two of them have one hell of a fight.

On the other hand, the fact that everyone is seriously considering the possibility that they will have to work with Salem considering what is coming...
1/12 c58 1Mastermind4892
What a chapter! I really hope Jaune knows what he's doing, even while making life-changing decisions on the fly. He's always felt like the weakest link of the group, barely managing to squeak his way into a circle of heroes and champions. But he also feels he can make a difference here. Not just with the immense power of a Gate, but to have eyes, ears, and even a voice in Salem's court. And he most certainly will push; he hasn't lost hope like Summer had, and he also watched Cinder (Summer's prized pupil) try to kill Pyrra. He won't forget that.

I just pray that the scarab doesn't have a certain kind of unknown side-effects, because after carefully reviewing the 'logic' behind certain actions of Summer and other members of Salem's cabal, I've arrived at the possibility that Sitara is unknowingly infecting others with the subconscious inclination to go for more destructive options...

And Pyrrha. I feel so sorry for her. For years, she was believed to be the greatest warrior of the next generation. Praise and titles that she never wanted. But now, the first time she sought to use it, her might as the Invincible Girl was found wanting. She couldn't even protect the man she loved. But you are not alone, Pyrrha. You never were.

Ozpin's curse could not be described as anything else. The charge to 'fix humanity', spend eternity fighting the mother of his children, and for his immeasurable sorrow and burdens to be thrust upon a long line of innocent young men. While it would mean giving up the fight, it speaks volumes that Ozpin is happy to release so many from his curse. The old man has earned his rest a thousand times over.

And now, after a long and sleepless night for many of them, we finally found a ray of hope. A chance. Already I feel able to breathe easier, a tension that I've been feeling for several months sloughing off like dipping into a hot spring. Natsu/END is vital; without him on Salem's side, everything changes in more ways than one. We are far from finished, and we will find a way. But this is also another reason I'm afraid Jaune might be mistaking a mistake because we already have a hidden ally in Salem's court.
1/12 c58 franco1234
Good cap.
I just need to know is that if in the end if they invoke the gods, the effect that invoking them would cause, would affect the arrival of the threshold spiritual king.
1/11 c58 W8W
Great chapter like always.

Jaune is smart, nothing new but he really shine here. He nicely analyzed Summer story and figure things out on his own. I find it funny that three daughters are such mess that even End don't want to be near.
Jaune thoughts about what he would do in case of Pyrrha death nicely show that Salem will not gather people on her side like she wanted. I really like analogy of blowback.

What End is complaining about Zeref is dead like he wanted. It show that women don't understand his creator at all.

Jaune accepted proposition of ascension, I wonder what combination he will get. In a way End received taste of his own medicine, everything Arc said was true but he didn't say all truth. Not his fault that End misunderstood it. I wonder how he will react when he learn that Jaune is pursuing goal he stated but it mean that he fight against Salem. I also wonder very much how Pyrrha will react to this.

I am not sure if I understood it right there is one more fairy sphere?

Let's sum up hints that to side with Salem is bad idea.

End call saving people from Grimm (huntsman style) pointless. It definitely isn't pointless for people that life was saved and they loved ones.

Excuse that Cinder wasn't supposed to unleash such massacre and letting her go with slap on the wrist.

"no method of learning about umbra spirits king" Relic of Knowledge? It may not be very effective but they don't even acknowledge this possibility.

Let me get this straight? Cornerstone of this plan is enchantment developed from very powerful and complicated enchantment that did something completely different by person that don’t have any practical experience with enchantments. What's more it wasn't tested and there is no way to do it before critical moment. What's more data it was destined one aren't necessary correct. Why I have feeling that when Irene will see this she will react like we would to pail of scrap roughly shaped in plane shape with chewing gum and duct tape?

Jaune concerns at the end are good point. How Salem plan to recruit this army and her perception was warped. Honestly she's like canon Ironwood. I assume that this was design long before volume 7 so it is rather impressive prediction.

NPR interaction was really good. In the cruel way you could say that Pyrrha should be careful what she wish for. She is no longer invisible girl whose biggest problem is lack of social interactions because everybody see her as too high bar. I Love Nora furry and Ren empathy. You are right that Nikos blame herself to much like her father (at least she didn't do what he did "Tower of Heaven").

Interactions between Oscar and Wendy were great. They are able of better understanding because of unique situation and it is funny. It is really heartwarming how Oscar and Ozpin are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. Fortunately there is alternative solution.

So if everything will go smoothly for heroes they soon can have 3 more players on their side. (I doubt this) One thing I wonder about is Irene look. She may regain her original look but she was rather happy about look of Wendy body when she was possessing it so she may want to do some modifications.
1/11 c58 thetrueprinceofdarkness
I must say this whole story you got going on, its amazing! I think it has the potential to be become an a really good anime. its' well written and has a lot of drama and emotion in it, and, I cant wait to see how it all ends.
1/10 c58 Matt
Cinder’s backstory was very sad. I love the Hound, it’s my favorite Grimm.
1/10 c58 12ahsoei
Looking forward to see what kind of demon Jaune would become, as well as the reunited Xiao Long-Rose family.
1/10 c58 2EvanderAdvent
I love how the big lynchpin for all the moral quandaries is the Umbral Spirit King. End himself said taking care of the gods is the easy part. The USK won’t stay in his pit forever and when he gets out, when not if, then EVERYONE dies. It becomes the simple but really not question of “What are you willing to do prevent the extinction of the human race?”
1/10 c58 2dsgundam00
Very good chapter... happy to hear from you... it has been a while... keep up the good work... I am so looking forward to what happen’s next chapter... I really want to see what was on the note and who is in the sixth sphere...
1/10 c58 FanfictionLover76
The Cabal's reasoning for going after the brothers is making even more sense now. They can control where the gods appear, as well as they can make use of anti-god magic more easily than anti-spirit magic. Then with the brother's deaths, the spirits not fused within someone will disappear, taking out the Grimm and Umbral King, if I am understanding that right. Salem's side is appearing more and more like the right choice. So we are clearly missing something, something the lamp and Salem didn't reveal. Some form of forced control over the human/spirit hybrids possibly? Not really sure what it could be, but if that is the case then Jaune is really shooting himself it foot here.

Speaking of Jaune, looks like he intends to become a Gate as a means to give him and his friends an advantage no matter what they choose. Lets see how that works out for him. It does make me wonder how many positions are left however. The last of the gold spirits are Aquarius, Ares, Cancer, and Leo. That is four, and I believe the last four spots were reserved for Team RWBY. So not really sure what you have planned her unless Salem already gave up on that.

Another point I want to talk about is End's comment about the destruction of the CCT tower not being intentional. In canon, it was a clear target considering Salem had to divide the academies and kingdoms for her plans to work. She is aware a united front could have drove her off. In this story, it seemed as equally as necessary for the taking of Atlas and Haven. Sure at this point now that she controls them and aims to reunite the world, the Cabal making use of Amity makes sense but saying they never intended the tower to be destroyed seems odd. Did they only mean to take it out of commission for a while? I am not sure but there is one problem I have is that they are claiming that Cinder's action were not necessary according to their plans. They needed Ironwood's robot to turn on Vale, causing the world to distrust Atlas, causing Ironwood to put Atlas on lockdown, allowing them to over throw him and appear as the heroes. They also need panic worldwide to allow Lionheart to empty Haven of all huntsmen to avoid another fight. That was going to require a lot of death in Vale and Mistral. Just want parts of Cinder's action where her orders and what was just her bloodlust? I get the point is that Salem's team is willing to do horrible things to active her goals, but I can't really tell where that line of morality is supposed to be for them. Or is End just making use of Cinder's cinder-ness to cover their own intentions?

I like Team NPR's little talk. Pyrrha clearly understands where she went wrong, while Nora and Ren confirm they still love her despite of it and that she can't put all that blame on herself. She needs to keep moving forward, for her, Jaune's, and everyone's sake. Nora's anger here is understandable, as well and shows a contrast how they spoke to Jaune in Vol 6. Considering they weren't in front of a statue of their deceased friend, it makes sense. Ren's semblance evolved at some point if the past dozen chapters or so, I wonder if you have anything planned for it.

Then there is the last scene with Oscar and Wendy. I had a feeling Wendy was going to come out of this the best. She got her team back and in turn got the see the rest of Fairy Tail one last time. She got more than she could of hoped for considering how she has been the past few weeks. I am interested what Happy's note says. Can't wait for more!
1/10 c58 11D.N.Works
Looks like Jaune's gonna be a mole. That should be...interesting. But not as interesting when 'sisters' Cinder and Yang meet. Yikes! That's be awkward.
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