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5/13 c80 Guest
To bigwavexs: To whom this may concern in the future, go on and reread the previous couple of goddamned chapters or just go on and read the whole story again because you are wrong about Summer Rose and Weiss Schnee. While it is true there was only one death that occurred at the peace talks at Salem's Castle, the actions of not only just Weiss, but also Gray, Nora, Pyrrha, Erza, and Carla caused the peace talks to heavily fail, but also may have caused the future to have more death and violence in it since it only caused Salem to take much more drastic measures to stop The Umbral Spirit King as well making sure the next time they all meet; Salem's forces will not be holding back like they did last time. Also, just because Ms. Schnee thinks Summer Rose was behind all the deaths that happened at Atlas and Mantle does not make it true, it was in fact Doctor Arthur Watts who was responsible for the deaths of Willow, Klein, Jacques, Pietro, General Ironwood, Elm, Harriet, and Vine. Hell, by that logic it was Salem who was truly responsible for those deaths since she is the one who sent those two over there, not only that, but one could say that Erza, Gray, Ruby, and Carla were just as responsible for the death of Summer Rose since they all prioritized the likes of Salem, Cinder Fall, End, and Summer Rose herself over the likes of Weiss Schnee and Doctor Arthur Watts which blew up greatly in their faces since Weiss without their approval and authorization went and attacked Summer which eventually caused her murder to happen.
5/12 c20 newbienoobie102
First its good then it became boring
5/10 c80 bigwavexs
I just reread this and like how is Weiss in the wrong, like Summer did the exact same thing to Weiss but worse, and they says Summer perfectly fine
5/4 c66 DBoblivion
Ozma and salem have clearly been on twitter whilst Ruby hasn't
5/3 c50 DBoblivion
I actually feel sorry for End if he really did feel EVERYTHING natsu felt then he would have felt nothing but tye utmost care for Lucy so for her to try and rewrite him out of existence and tear it to shreds whilst dismissing him must be worse than gut wrenching
4/25 c1 AngelFaux
So, there's a bit of a mess going on in FF regarding PMs not appearing. Hopefully this appears.

I've decided to send this via Review. Because whenever I send you a PM, it never appears in my outbox like the others.

I'd like to reccomend Traveler by The Straight Elf


Hands down one of the greatest Pokemon fics. It really starts to get great at chapter 3 and keeps on improving. It's been active for nearly a decade and it's got thousands of reviews, faves, and follows. All in the Top 3 in pokemon fanfics.

It's got it all, great world building, fantastic fights, it's over a million words and the awesome character development. Even the pokemon have distinct characters.
4/18 c80 Guest
Just for the record author, I think it will be an interesting idea to have an reading or watching challenge for this story of yours. I really think it would be a cool idea to have the many characters of rwby and fairy tail (both the canon and fanon versions) view the events of this story to prevent the future from becoming much more worse than it would have been.
3/26 c80 Guest
Have Wendy get Aquarius and Ezel
3/25 c80 Guest
Eighth, you are really starting to sound like those fans of team RWBY that love to give Ironwood and Ozpin crap and grief for their actions and mistakes when team RWBY have either done the same or worse in the last couple of seasons of the web show Tommy boy. Ninth, most of us could be considered nobody losers online when we use or review these fanfiction websites except for those who have published or printed novels, essays, reports, or articles. Tenth, you know you are defending someone who in the show's canon threatened her little brother at sword point when he opened the manor door, told him to go to his room when he asked what he could do to help, whined about his attitude when he had every right to be annoyed or angry with his sister, physically assaulted a drunk civilian who insulted her teammate when she could have ignored him, withheld important information from her big sister, and had the audacity to say she was fighting for her home when her actions helped cause the destruction of it. Also, before you say or mention that Yang, Ruby, and Blake are guilty of similar crimes or actions, trust me I know they are just as culpable as Weiss; possibly even more, it is just that the versions of these characters that appeared in this story are much more reasonable and sympathetic than they ever were in the show's canon.
3/25 c80 Guest
First off Tommy boy, I am not a loser who lives in a cramped apartment; I live in a house with my father.
Two, I am not a b.s. spewing troll, just a fan of this story telling off facts that you Weiss Schnee stan fans are conveniently ignoring to both hate and shit on Summer Rose and Yang Xiao-Long. Third you are acting no different from the Abby Anderson stan fans from the last of us part II who refuse to accept their favorite character is not likeable or sympathetic and was in the fact wrong at the end of the story and got away with her crimes. Fourth, if it does sound like I am hating; it is only because the author slash writer of this story failed to make me like or sympathize with one of the main characters in this story not unlike what Neil Druckmann tried to do in the Last Of Us Part II and failed miserably. Fifth, my complaints about Weiss Schnee are legitimate since she did choose to blame Summer Rose for the deaths of Klein and Willow instead of Doctor Arthur Watts the man who went behind her back and blew up the manor and felt no signs of guilt, regret, remorse, sorrow, shame, or pity for committing the deed. Sixth, Weiss did attack to kill Summer on a theory that had no proof or evidence backing it up and literally sounded like a psychotic sadistic killer bitch when she said: "I didn't came for a whisper, I came to hear you scream." Oh yeah, that totally sounds like what a likeable heroic character would say to someone (rolls his eyes extremely hard while double flipping the bird). Seventh, Yang did bring up a good point to Juvia, would she had defended Weiss as hard as she did if Gray and Erza had died because of Weiss's stupid and selfish actions like both End and Salem transforming and attacking the rest of Fairy Tail and Team RWBY at the same time and both of those characters dying while fighting them.
3/25 c80 Tom
Ignore what that b.s whining, Weiss hating troll has to say, he’s a nobody loser who probably lives alone in a cramped apartment.
3/25 c80 Matt
You alive dude?
3/20 c80 Guest
Wow, just because she cannot understand why Yang did not come back with their group made Ruby Rose give up on her. Furthermore, just because she did not agree with the choices she made allowed Ruby to turn against Summer in her fight with Weiss even though it was obvious Summer was the victim and Weiss was the instigator of both the battle and the situation. This really makes Ruby look as scummy and pathetic as she was in the web show's Canon considering she easily turn against both Ozpin and Ironwood just because she did not agree with the choices and decisions they made. Also, to Ruby: even though you have forgiven Weiss for the selfish and stupid decisions she made at Salem's castle it does not mean everyone else has forgiven or forgotten about her nor does it mean she will be forgiven in the afterlife when she passes on like you did or that Ozpin, Raven, Qrow, and Taiyang will do so in the future as well.
2/21 c80 Guest
Stupid me I forgot let in my earlier review. Also, I neglected to put in the word earlier in one of my previous reviews earlier today. I find it incredibly hypocritical that Weiss would be sympathetic or care for Adam Taurus since both the canon and fanon versions of him are shown to be just as bad if not worse to the other complete monsters of the RWBYverse like Cinder Fall, Doctor Arthur Watts, Doctor Merlot, Paul Parrot, and Jax Asturias. Hell in some of the fanfictions I read like Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger and Hunters of Justice he slashed out both of Weiss's eyes permanently blinding her and mutilated the body parts of various Faunus who did not agree or join up with him so for her to feel sorry for him when he would have gladly killed or mutilated her friends and families if given the chance comes across as a massive double standard since Summer Rose has never been shown to be as bad as him or Doctor Watts.
2/21 c80 Guest
I wonder if Dr. Watts will resurrect Summer's corpse and use her against team RWBY. I bet doing that will make Weiss realize that she should have most definitely gone after him earlier instead of Summer Rose for her revenge.
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