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for Lostbelt ?: Shrouded World of Death and Salvation -- Tartarus

3/17/2019 c3 Zennishi
Erm, the MC is certainly not what i expected, is there a reason why he's so, i dunno, arrogant? I imagine the best way to describe Minato's personality in canon would be as a quiet person with an apathetic expression, even if it doesn't always reflect his true emotional state. Also while it is true that Shadows cannot be defeated through mundane means, it doesn't change the fact that Mashu should still be capable of harming them since she still wields Galahad's NP shield.
3/9/2019 c3 3SkyLuong
I forgive you and I have high hope for this fic.
Good luck.
3/8/2019 c3 56ptl
Yusuke’s here so, do we have more Persona and Shin Megami Tensei characters here?
8/4/2018 c1 tantal32
i don't know about others, but i think the premise is really interesting. im hoping you continue to update.

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