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2/4 c6 Arimamatsui90
So cute. ️
1/12 c6 17MewWinx96
Hi! I just wanted to say I enjoyed this story and thank you for writing it! :)
6/6/2021 c6 exactlymyidea
This is a fantastic story! Thank you!
2/6/2020 c6 arimamatsui
Cute. Nice Story
11/22/2019 c6 16SpiderFangWolverine123
Duuude this was so cute and in character and I felt so bad for Jack the whole time! I found this when I absolutely needed some really cute and wholesome Sam and Dean and Cas take care of Jack like their kid and it just hit the spot. So thank you!

I really liked that you focused a lot on the comfort and healing at the end. A lot of whump stories kind of rush through that and honestly it's my favorite part of it all. The way you wrote it was so perfect and wholesome and just gave me awesome vibes the whole time.

Amazing writing, amazing story. Everybody awesomely in character and the dialogue was great and I could picture it all like a real episode. Thank you so much for writing this I cannot praise it enough!
8/20/2018 c6 293Aini NuFire
That's the kind of Jack and Cas relationship I wish the show had given us. So thanks for writing it. And Lucifer ended up with Asmodeus after all. Interesting. Serves him right. At least Jack is back with his family and knows they love him. He's been through so much in this fic. *huggles poor cinnamon roll*
8/20/2018 c6 3mckydstarlight
Ack! My feelings! I love it!
8/20/2018 c6 VegasGranny
Love the healing, fluffy ending! :)
8/20/2018 c6 kitsune911
Hm... Leaving Lucifer with that creeper... Are we hinting at a sequel? I kid, but I loved this story. Poor Jack doesn't deserve any of that crap. Precious little man, he must be protected!
8/20/2018 c6 5229Pieces
Happy day! :D This was beautiful, thank you so much for the comfort chap! Aww, but then when he woke up and still had needles and stuff sticking out of him... of course poor nougat Jack was a little freaked, but I love that they were there waiting for him to wake up. Such a sweet kid, he didn't deserve any of that. For crying out loud, he's essentially an infant! :(

And ohhhh Asmodeus has Lucifer now... *fingertips tapping together with interest* So the question is, does this follow canon in that he also has Gabriel (who would either get a blessed time-out from the torture while he focuses on Lucifer instead, or will get it worse if this provokes Asmodeus into moving faster)? So intriguing, but for this fic I love the ending with family and healing and all the wonderful things that Jack richly deserves! Thanks for this wonderful fic!
8/19/2018 c5 293Aini NuFire
Wow, what a chapter. I'm glad the scientists are dead...but Lucifer went a little overboard there. 0_o Not that I'm surprised, though it made their deaths slightly unsatisfying. Grr. And Ketch gets to live, argh! But he took Lucifer away, and that's better, so...ugh, fine, I won't be bitter that he's not dead. At least he got to experience some retribution in the beginning with the threats and Cas punching him. And yay Jack is finally going home! Poor boy needs so much tlc. :(
8/18/2018 c5 DearHart
8/17/2018 c5 3mckydstarlight
My feelings!

An a happier note, Have you seen Hillywood’s Supernatural Parody 2?
8/17/2018 c5 VegasGranny
Never expected to see Ketch show up and save the day. That was a tad weird, but at least our boys are all safe, and i'm hoping Luci is in for a bad time. Poor Jack has some recovery to get busy with :)
Oh, and I just saw the new Hillywood Parody Supernatural 2 on u tube, most of the SPN family was on this one, including a cameo of Jack, which was just adorable! He's such a sweetie.
Can't wait for the next chapter here to see the healing and all the fluffs for Jack and the boys!
8/17/2018 c5 5229Pieces
Gaaah, Jack! :( *hugs the precious nougat* Yeah it's pretty telling when Lucifer's primary concern is Jack's grace, and not Jack himself. And he thinks he's father material, HAH! But damn it I didn't want to be glad Ketch was there! XD XD Of course, now Ketch has an archangel full up on nephilim grace, which isn't good for the supernatural community, but at least Jack is safe.

Poor kid though, he needs so much warmth and food and comfort from his family :( How anyone could hurt such a sweet boy is beyond me! I can't wait to see the comfort for this :)
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