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10/12 c38 Madara
Please upload the next chapter.
10/12 c37 Guest
Thank you.
10/12 c33 Guest
Please continue to making these amazing fanfiction.
10/13 c21 colewoodbury
love how you made Mewtwo sort of Ultron like
10/9 c20 Guest
Either way, please leave a review if you like the chapter.

I loved it.
10/9 c15 Guest
Hey man I've been reading this since last 10 days and this is one of the greatest fanfiction that is out there.
Thank you.

Sorry for my bad English .
10/6 c3 DaoGodPrimus
Hmm Paul's dialogues are same as those of Elijah Mikaelson from The Originals
9/22 c38 Guest
more chapters please. this story is really really good to abandon.
9/23 c38 Mawal189
Any updates? or is it no longer updated on FFN?
9/20 c38 yochan123
Plz plz continue this
9/20 c1 yochan123
This is really cool! First cuz im totally a huge dragon type fan and salamence is one of my favorite Pokémon and one that I used a lot in ORAS :)
8/30 c38 Planetary Maelstrom
This great story doesn't deserve to be abandoned. Please give this closure if life allows it. Hope you're both doing well.
8/27 c12 RueX12
This Ash is the biggest sore loser I've ever read lol
8/27 c8 RueX12
Its official this Ash is a hypocrite
8/19 c2 Yami no Hebi
pllllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee update
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