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for A Second Chance

1/9 c1 Rodan1920
So. did Eren do the Rumbling or not?
12/24/2021 c26 georgelee5786
I love this story. The beginning, ending, everything was beautiful. I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed the actual manga, but the...uh... "Crack ending" was...something else
12/12/2021 c26 Dawning Finally
I really liked your crack ending. I've thought for a long time that Armin was a massive whiny bitch and a hypocrite.
12/2/2021 c1 L
11/24/2021 c26 rdogiscoolest
What...the fuck
11/11/2021 c1 1NovaDeer
Wait I already looked at this story I completely forgot that Nov 4 review XD
11/11/2021 c26 NovaDeer
I thought this was rated t lmao. I usually jump to the end to see if a story is worth my time but I wasn't expecting that XD
11/4/2021 c4 NovaDeer
When everything is going great then your least favourite ship rears it's ugly head and you can no longer enjoy the story that is really goddamn amazing ;-;
10/19/2021 c4 1SinisterStalker420
he is not eager to die jean, he is yeager to die
10/19/2021 c1 SinisterStalker420
*me who is a elephant* what did i do?
10/10/2021 c26 szlekane
it was going well... but chapter 25-26 was obviously rushed out...

I feel it could have so much potential... what a waste, non the less it was a good read and I quite enjoyed it and for that I am thankful for the author.
10/2/2021 c14 Jaaziah
I hate you
10/2/2021 c9 Guest
Man don’t kill them three pls
9/12/2021 c26 BigE
I hope you make more time travel fanfic like eren travel back in time but has the nine titan powers in him.
8/21/2021 c26 Guest
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