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for A Second Chance

11/22 c26 3Fyr RedNight
This was a very entertaining and absolutely endearing story.

I really liked your take on the characters, I think they were very well thought out, and despite your many doubts I found the plot to be brilliantly written.

Thank you oh so very much for sharing this with us!
11/18 c8 2Fanfictioner8
To be fair though, you did still make Erwin tell Historia to gain the Colossal in your other story. The only thing I don’t like about DBD, is the fact that the Titan powers remain. It would make more sense to if A) Ymir appeared before Eren and gave him the choice to get rid of the Titan Powers, while telling him that she intervened during the battle of Shiganshina which resulted in both Armin and Erwin surviving, or B) At the very LEAST offer to get rid of the curse, since she has interfered in MANY of your what if’s as well as your two main stories ASC and DBD.

The Titan powers remaining just feels…off. Also, in Jaws of Defeat, I get the feeling that Eren can use this power to spy on Marley through Eldian’s eyes, and if and whenever him and Dina want, they can simply take the Marelyian Titans and leave Marley vulnerable to the enemies of the corrupted nation, thus FORCING them to leave Paradis alone. You could also make Eren manipulate Willy into revealing the truth about the island and what the Warriors did to the island.

As for the Eldians on the continent, I think the thoughts you gave Krueger were right; they’ve been brainwashed beyond salvation, and honestly, the only choice they have, is to either listen to Eren Yeager (through the Coordinate) or simply continue to think less of themselves, which is really depressing.
11/12 c8 Guest
There’s also the fact that Eren isn’t planning to get rid of the titans by setting Ymir free. He doesn’t know that that’s an option because Ymir is ALREADY free and is simply messing with the time line. Furthermore, Eren hasn’t entered the paths realm in the story, so he doesn’t know about Ymir. Only that there is no foreseeable end to the titan powers.
11/7 c26 Guest
Wow, I didn’t think you’d be capable of adding the word “cock”, to one of your works, even as a joke.
10/23 c25 takibikaen
Wasn’t expecting things to end so abruptly but I like Ymir carrying out the Rumbling better than Eren. She’s absolutely done with everything and embodies the desperation of the Eldian race, not having any love for the outside world. Still a horrifying event to happen.
10/22 c22 takibikaen
Eren: Hey bro, you’re invited to me and Mikasa’s wedding! : )

Zeke: Eren’s a brainwashed child who will bring back the Eldian Empire and be corrupted by the power of the Titans. I’ll bring the downfall of Paradis, aid Marley to serve my own goals and decide the fate of a whole race.

Eren: You’re not invited anymore….

For real, I think Zeke might be even more twisted in here than in canon, he’s going to betray Eren like he did with Grisha. I can see some of his reasoning like Paradis repeating the breeding to keep the power of the Titans and stuff but his plan is still horrifying.
10/22 c20 takibikaen
Levi x Dina…..that’s a strange idea, imagine being Zeke and your step dad is fucking Levi lmao

Probably the best AOT time-travel story that has a chance for a happy ending.
7/27 c3 Guest
Bro said yeah I’ll spill my secrets to someone who hats going to betray up and push my best friend to talk with his love interest that also happens to be the enemy
7/27 c2 Guest
Bro pulled the talk no jutsu on her
5/22 c21 1Dangernoodle208
that's one hell of a birth control lol
1/16 c4 Guest
Stopped reading cuz of the eremika would have prob been more interesting if eren broke up with mikasa so she gets over him faster then original and jean could finally get with her also I just dont think eremika fits or is a very interesting romance and I like drama lol
11/7/2022 c1 Guest
Fun fact do you know mikasa and Eren in the manga are different from the anime version of them


















10/19/2022 c8 Guest
could he not use dina's titan?
7/7/2022 c20 33adelalovesmadara
Eyyy someone gotta penetrate that Wall Historia hahahahahahahaha
7/7/2022 c2 adelalovesmadara
Oh my, Eren's a 'little' philosopher here
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