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6/29 c8 Guest
I really hope you will continue this fanfic. I’ve read a lot of fanfics and I’ve gotta say this one might be up in my favorites! It’s written so well and I love the dynamic between Ash and Jane. At first I just clicked this story to see what it was gonna be, but I immediately became interested with how much more realistic it was, and how Ash is smarter and stronger off the bat and just the right amount of op without being too op. Also, his personality is fitting and I loved how he’s not the cliche rash, stupid, and dense, cuz when people make him like that it pisses me off. It’s supposed to be FANFICTION so people should feel more free to make him different from the actual 10 year old Ash without any complaints. Sorry for the mini rant lol, but this fic is way too good to be abandoned.
6/17 c1 The1Myth
Let's see

Lt Surge: Raichu with too much power but no speed...otherwise don't see anything wrong with his gym unless "another victim for the emergency room" is a violation.

Sabrina: Psychotic psychic, definite violation

Erica: Forbiddening a trainer to battle due to not liking their side business...violation

Koga: His gym is a death trap, shut down

Blaine: Gym hidden and volcanic arena, stylish but extreme safety hazard, shut down

Giovanni aka Team Rocket: Need I say more? Shut down
5/21 c8 4Verdauga
All fair points.
5/18 c8 shedges19
love this story
5/16 c1 solitare
I love this concept. The Kanto Gym Leaders were a bunch of crazies that shouldn't be allowed to be Gym Leaders.

I do notice that you're ignoring the plot of the Pokemon 4Ever movie. Thanks to time travel Young Oak meets Ash and learns that his starter is a Pikachu. That's why Oak doesn't give Ash the standard starter and instead gives him a Pikachu. He's just trying to close the time loop. Granted, this was the last Johto movie and came out way after the start of the series. It would be interesting if Oak was released because he wasn't being malicious, but instead trying to prevent a paradox or something.
5/13 c1 magdenfan311
Due to a few people correcting me, I feel the need to apologize for wrongly stating that it was Erika that banned Ash from her Gym, and instead it was her assistants that turned him away. Also, another kind person informed me that, in the game, Erika is actually narcoleptic, not 'sleeping on the job'. No I have not watched this episode in a long time due to it not being a favorite, so I once again apologize for my misinformation.

Though I will say, that if it happens again, Jane should tell Erika that she needs to get rid of her assistants, because that is blatant interference with Gym Leader duties.
5/12 c1 Guest
Yep I always thought Oak was full of shit, he let's his grandson roam around, no supervision, and gives out money and top quality stuff to Gary.

While he told Ash, "here's a feral pikachu I caught eating my generators".

It doesn't matter if he overslept or not, they knew how many starters and who's coming to pick then up.

I know it was for the plot but they could've easily done it better than that.

It even shows throughout the whole show that it kind of looks like he's trying to get into Deila's pants.

At best he gave Ash mediocre support and never beleiv3d in him
5/12 c1 9sd74
You don't necessarily need to make an adventure for other leagues, however, you could possibly make snippets of their time if they were to travel outside the region.
5/10 c8 Guest
You know, crap like this makes me wonder if it's not just the gym leaders that are messed up in Kanto, but Kanto itself. Gym leaders providing pretty damn poor examples of behavior isn't helping out though.

I mean, in canon had Gary driving a CAR. Before he reached puberty. It actually wouldn't surprise me if something like that ends up coming up in Oak's trial here.
5/10 c6 Guest
Well, it's a good thing Jane isn't a gym leader, given that for favors she's giving away that badge. :V

(Yeah, yeah, I know it's more joke-y considering Ash already 'earned' the badge due to the inspection stuff.)

Ash is going to end up having an entire set without actually fighting a single gym leader, at this rate.

Though speaking of sets, I wonder what Gary's 'more than eight' badges will end up being in this fics verse. I mean, there's already hints that there's non-main gyms, just not at all named. And that doesn't preclude Gary from ending up getting fake badges...
5/10 c4 Guest
Yeah... Brock's... Brockness really shouldn't have been Gym Leader at that point, with his issues causing problems. Not to mention that his father could still be working AS Gym Leader. Especially with that being the case in canon for him to go on the journey with Ash.

It's not like it's unheard of, to have multiple trainers working in a gym, after all.
5/9 c8 To Magdenfan311
Why does everyone always lump Erika in with her jerk assistants? Does nobody remember the episode?!
5/9 c8 To Magdenfan311
Erika in the anime didn’t ban Ash from her Gym, just her perfume store, her workers banned him from the gym. As soon as Ash was able to get into the gym and officially challenge her, she accepted his challenge. Heck, she’s the one who stated the fact that Gym Leaders can’t refuse a trainers challenge.
4/25 c8 Darkshot99
Good story so far, very interested to see where it goes from here.
4/25 c8 guestinator
At this point every policeman should be looked at as incompetent, every gym leader, every other trainer and so on.

Remember that this has been happening for years yet no police knew? No trainer? No reports at all?

Either there is some conspiracy, it is an author hand wave or the police as well are all stupid and need replacing. That is the issue making everyone look illegal or stupid, it means those that should notice are also either stupid and or illegal to.
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