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3/14/2023 c19 3LongNightDragon
Lmao! Yeah... the "Rocket Trio" really are a bunch of friggin idiots who apparently can't be bothered to read the damn memos.

Ahh Giovanni, you made sure everything went smoothly only for it to go off the rails and end up in jail. Kinda wonder how the Elite Four will go.
3/14/2023 c19 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Welp, at least Ash got a good challenge and badge before Giovanni failed the Inspection due to his minions bad timing.
3/14/2023 c19 Regtech
I kinda hope Ash gets Mewtwo or something. I also kinda hoped Giovanni would get away with this and get captured later, but i guess i knew from the start how this would end. Oh well, but paper work for big sis Jenny i guess haha
3/14/2023 c19 GA Pokemon Fan
i love it
3/11/2023 c18 3Triforce Guardian
I'm not going to lie, from what I still remember of early days of Pokémon, a lot of the other regions were kind of weird too. Seriously, how did all these people not get arrested for reckless endangerment? Then again, we're talking about a world where it's socially acceptable for ten to eleven year-olds to complete a rite of passage by becoming wandering vagrants who tame wild animals and make them fight each other. And yet, as kids, we all looked at this with starry eyes and thought, "I wish I could do this!"

Ah, those were the days...
3/11/2023 c18 2Cyber dragonarmy
Love it
3/10/2023 c18 5yama-sama
I just think you skipped a chapter
3/7/2023 c18 lonetigar20
Awesome can't wait for more :)
3/7/2023 c18 reptoholic
She is catching everything good ! At least have ash get something awesome. Enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work
3/7/2023 c17 reptoholic
3/7/2023 c16 reptoholic
Wow the league is screwed
3/7/2023 c15 reptoholic
3/7/2023 c14 reptoholic
Hero boy
3/7/2023 c13 reptoholic
3/7/2023 c18 Crio Yaroi
There was a LOT of inane BS going on in the first season, if not more, that we really didn't pay attention to. -_-
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