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5/4/2023 c2 4Twilight-Lloyd
A monster Slakoth and Pikachu… it’s a good thing this is a crack-fic.
5/4/2023 c1 Twilight-Lloyd
That Slakoth is going to be absolutely terrifying. Slaking already has stats higher than some Legendaries, remove Truant and it becomes a ridiculous hitter already. Giving it Huge Power?

That’s just mean.
4/19/2023 c20 The-Iron-Knight
Nice story and good points on the league.

My dumb question has to do with jigglypuff, James parents, the movie group along with Meowth ex home “Hollywood?”.

Are there gonna be like a side story probably?
If not then understandable.
4/16/2023 c20 7Slayer76
Now I have to bookmark this fic so I can remember to comeback and read this again someday
4/13/2023 c4 Hollydoor
Damn I was reaaaaly hoping we could have character development for Brock he was one if my favorite. Did he always thurst after the younh girls as well as the older girls? I can't remember him going for the younger ones but always the older ones
4/8/2023 c20 RuneFather
3/31/2023 c20 midnightscar17
Whyd you end it so soon
3/28/2023 c20 mermizle
Just found this and read it in one sitting. This story was great! The ending was perfect although part of me was hoping he would go to another region and be another Jennie’s problem.
3/28/2023 c20 Guest
This was good, kinda a shame that you’ve chosen to end it there rather than continue with other leagues, you also never really explained the physic angle from Ash at all
3/27/2023 c20 Jostanos
A satisfying ending to a wonderful story, Silver Boar. Thank you for not only posting it, but for also providing us with where Mewtwo ended up after Giovani's defeat and arrest.

Being Professor Ketchum's Assistant is a wonderful idea, and Delia/Ash's Mom is the perfect mother figure for Mewtwo. :)
3/26/2023 c20 3Nightshadegirl
interesting, so delia is now the regional professor and mewtwo her pokemon, that's good. very nice ending for the story.
3/26/2023 c20 4Julie Delon
I remove my comment about their age: didn't see the author not about them being 18 in the story. great story!
3/25/2023 c20 Julie Delon
very good story, with an interesting point of view. only negative point is that they're supposed to be 10-11. too young for relationship, sex and mariage.
3/24/2023 c20 UltimateCCC
Here's an idea: Ash goes on more adventures aftermath.
3/23/2023 c20 HA4e
Oh, yeah. That jerk referee from the Ritchie fight, screw that guy. The sleep powder and Charizard lazing about were the most bs reasons to make Ash lose that battle.
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