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3/23/2023 c20 5Dragon Master Naruto 003
Mewtwo with a foam hand and soda hat….. that image lol
3/22/2023 c20 DYnoJackal19
Great story. And a great ending. Glad Brock's pulling his act together. Good on you, Janine; be the best person you can. Hope Sabrina gets better.
3/22/2023 c20 shedges19
How about ash and nurses Joy now?
3/22/2023 c20 28Kairan1979
Nice ending of the story.
3/22/2023 c20 3LongNightDragon
Good story, hope you make some kind of sequel where Ash and Jane inspect the gyms in the other regions.

Also the love the fact that Delia has Mewtwo.
3/22/2023 c20 Crio Yaroi
For one reason or another, this makes me want to see an Ash x Hex pairing now.
3/22/2023 c20 2Vilkath
What always got me the most with the Silver Conference was how strong some of the last few people in the tournament were. Almost as if it was rigged to purposefully counter Ash... Especially if you consider as this fic pointed out how bad the Gym circuit was. Simply put if you didn't encounter Team rocket and other strange battles as much as Canon Ash your team would be insanely low as half the Gyms just gave out badges for free.
3/22/2023 c19 Crio Yaroi
I think they can accommodate him sharing a cell with them. I don't think they'll care if he throttles them for THAT kind of blunder. XD
3/22/2023 c20 1ABeaupain
Fun story, thanks for sharing!
3/22/2023 c20 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
3/22/2023 c20 UU TWO
And they lived happily ever after!

Are you going to do another Pokèmon story? (Not this one's sequel, one based on another plot)
3/22/2023 c20 2Dragonkeeper10
While I will miss this story, it was a good one. The ref was done and Gary got put in his place. Surge also getting annoyed at everything was also very in touch with the lightning lieutenant. Plus Jaine can redeem her family legacy and Brock got a shot at redemption, so good for him.

Mewtwo with the soda hat and foam finger is glorious and I adore it.
3/22/2023 c20 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
3/22/2023 c20 WearyCurmudgeon
The proposal sounds about right, considering how much Delia adores Jane, she'd be giving Ash an earful if he let her slip away.

MewTwo with soda hat, foam finger and being mothered by Delia is also amusing.

So yeah, enjoyed the ride.

And considering his circumstances, plus that they'd now be known as Gym Inspectors.. Yeah, settling down and becoming a Gym Leader makes sense. Least to me anyway.
3/22/2023 c20 97531
I agree that Referee was biased.
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