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for A moment of clarity

6/19 c6 Vonta01
5/1 c6 4Greatazuredragon
Interesting story. Good work.
4/24 c6 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
4/14 c6 RKF22
4/13 c4 12Gold Testament
Betcha Gary's gonna call Grandpa Sam just to tell him about Ash's recent training and victory.
4/13 c5 1GUIPA
I kinda want Anabel to be paired with Ash and the other traveling companion… I have no idea
4/13 c6 Zalgen
I'm going to be honest, I don't like Lilie. Didn't like her in the games or the anime. But it's your story and you made your decision, I'm not going to drop this story because I don't like the main pairing. Love the rest of the story, so maybe your characterization of Lilie will change me into a fan. Who knows?
4/13 c6 okare8
Enjoying the story can't wait for more.
4/5 c5 SHAE H
I hope you let him catch a couple of Pokémon in Johto before coming back
3/30 c6 R3DR031N
Great chapter and plot so far, you've kept him developing and competent at a good pace along with making Gary much more interesting in his personality, big fan of your work. I wanted to ask if you had any plans to update Spot Inspection any time soon?
3/29 c6 Guest
Please update
3/26 c4 1AssiriosDM
Toxic? A spearow knows Toxic? What? How?
3/23 c6 lonetigar20
Awesome can't wait for more :)
3/20 c6 magdenfan311
Love the update!

Larvesta surprised me, I think this is only the second fic I've read where he gets one and in the other, he didn't get it until far into his journey. I like that he will get a Pokemon that takes so much time and effort to raise, as one of his firsts. It'll help teach him patience in a way that Caterpie probably gave him a false expectation of how successful he would get in raising a Pokemon with so little effort.

I love that you decided to have Molly be one of his companions, and since Janine will aslo be traveling with him, I think that it's a pretty good arrangement. Since Ash will feel responsible for Molly, he will lecture her on staying out of trouble, while Janine will more than likely point out how hypocritical he is being by running headfirst into danger himself. I would love that dynamic and how it would force Ash to mature even faster. And maybe... on the way out of Johto he... I don't know... catches a certain trouble making Teddiursa to make her happy. It can cause trouble at first, but as he trains it, it eventually becomes a powerhouse Ursaring that learns a lot of great moves from TM's and can be nearly as strong as a Snorlax, but less expensive to feed.

As for Gary, I don't really know who would be good for him to travel with, though I like the idea f him and Gladion. Maybe Iris? She'd annoy him enough for it to be entertaining, but less than Misty would. Especially if she does her 'Kid' thing on him. Maybe she would still do it to Ash when they meet up and Gary becomes torn with agreeing with her or thinking it's funny and defending Ash himself? Maybe, it'll be interesting, especially if you factor in that Gladion may have a problem with Ash dating his sister and it creates a certain chemistry between the two groups?

I guess we'll see.
3/20 c1 raf.athenaphone
so happy to have this story back from the dead, hope you have the time for more soon and thanx for the update !
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