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for A moment of clarity

4/3 c4 1Ice Emperor
I love the Bro-Ship of this Chapter with Gary and Ash as this rivalship is the type that is awesome where they can play off each other but challenge the other too.
3/31 c4 61Dragonsrule18
I love this story! It's amazing!
3/3 c4 29TheDeadGirlRisen
Oooh! Very nice, I look forward to seeing what else you have planned!
2/23 c4 lonetigar20
Awesome can't wait for more :)
2/23 c4 Svenion
zubat and sandshrew? of all the Kanto pokemon, he wants a zubat and a sandshrew
2/23 c4 RedDemonEye
Nice I loving this story and how your having ash do research to become smarter but still being ash and is going hard to make himself and his team the best they can be. Considered what happened it makes sense for him to be more serious and get a better understanding of what his getting himself into also I love what your doing with misty I never liked her as a character because of all the abuse she did to ash. so I'm very happy she's digging her own grave and becoming a running gag in this story it's not bashing if it's her own fault anyway keep up the good work and have a nice day. P.s For travelling party how about leaf she can be a good friend to him and help him become become stronger and a better strategies. Now for pairing I think sabrina would be a good one I can see this more serious and smarter ash helping her after seeing the state she is in and beating her then getting her the help she needs. I can see her wanting to spend more time with him for what he did for her helping her when no one else did she can them also become his second party member. Pokemon nickname Tempest for sparrow would be good.
2/22 c1 Guest
I like this story. Ash should have been working like this in canon
2/22 c4 Reader
Good story
Keep Misty away
2/22 c4 Just a NPC
Wow great story can't wait for an update!
2/21 c4 Jostanos
omake?: "This is Matsuo Silver with PNN Cerulean City Misty "The Crazy Bike Lady" Waterflower, the youngest sister of the Fabulous Waterflower Watershow Sisters, has been areested today for harassing way too many trainers and travelers alike with her screaming rants about a boy named "Ketchum" that "owes her a new bike". Ladies and gentlemen, it pains me to inform you that not only was she recently detained by the local police force, but she has also been sent to an asylum for therapy in Hoenn."

"She's out of our hair now, right buddy?" "PIKACHU!"
2/21 c4 Logical-Tadkins
Love this chapter. Gives us a glimpse of Ash and Gary's relationship while also establishing them as respected rivals. Loving the way the battles are and can't wait to see how the team progresses.
2/21 c4 Wishfull-star
Lol that was awesome I loved the chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
2/21 c4 UltimateCCC
For once, a girl is chasing Ash.
2/21 c4 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome update
Love it
2/21 c4 14thunderofdeath97
hm would the bug type you're referring to, be a heracross, or scizor? those are the only two i can think of in johto, that are worth a damn, anyways, lol
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