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6/8 c9 2Vilkath
Interesting so far, the pacing is a bit fast though. Ash seems to catch/get one Pokemon after another with little time for the readers to get to know or care about them. This story does a lit to avoid canon cliche and the follow the events of the anime no matter what so many other stories get hung up on. It just seems like there is a rush to get Ash to twelve Pokemon.
5/27 c9 41Atomsk the Pirate King
This story is going great. Love the big twists that keeps coming. Pikachu evil and Ash gets new starter Pokémon.

Not to mention that Giovanni is there, acting like a good guy as Ash’s dad arrives.

Then there’s the Ash and Mallow thing hehe.

Hope you keep making more of this.
5/26 c7 CM
It’s probably just me, but I view both Vulpix and Jolteon as female? Eh, I’ll get used to it.

This is very interesting!
5/25 c9 61Dragonsrule18
Amazing chapter! I'm glad Ash caught a pseudo-legendary, and Giovanni was awesome! I'm worried the baby and mother will miss each other though.
5/25 c9 david2299
this Pokemon fanfiction is definitely a rarity and a breath of fresh air. This fic was truly entertaining and enjoyable to read.
5/24 c9 Jostanos
"EPIC!" (""What is it?" "EPIC!"" ~ Epic by Faith No More)That's what not only this story is, but also Giovani and Ash.

Please continue when you may. :)
5/24 c9 sgt.strickland
I would like to see you this story is going hope you continue
5/24 c9 Wishfull-star
Lol that was a wonderful chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
5/24 c9 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
5/24 c1 Vonta01
I don’t like the whole chosen one route in Pokémon FanFic but I like your story so I will continue to read it
5/24 c9 UltimateCCC
Larvitar is going to Screech it's way in our hearts.
5/24 c9 charmand81
I really like this fanfic so far, and also I have not seen many people who update anymore, keep up the good work!
5/24 c9 4597boss
Yeah, it does.
5/1 c3 2Noitaerc
I think Oak is panicking internally and will try to contact any Legendary linked to time. I mean, he gave Pikachu to Ash because Pikachu was with Ash when they met in that time travel incident with Celebi (th Voice of the Forest movie). Now he must be so worried. That could have been a scene.

Oak ask Ash to leave them as he has to talk with Giovanni of restricted information and that he would like to use the call to do that anyway. When Ash leaves with Mallow, Oak explains the incident with Celebi and how he met Ash and his friends, decades before he was born.

He explains about Ash's best friend and quite strong Pikachu and that it was why he had given Ash one: they are rare and so the odds of a relatively new trainer finding one and having such a bond is rather low. So when Oak found that Pikachu shortly before the day Ash was set to leave on his journey, he thought that it as that Pikachu.

But now he is worried he made a horrifying mistake and a time paradox or something has happened. And he doesn't know what to do. Oak knows they have some time because Ash has not met his younger self yet. But he doesn't know what will happen then. Giovanni and Delia are understanding of Oak's mistake, but also very worried.

Cue Giovanni setting the entire Team Rocket to find Celebi or Dialga to salvage what appears to be a very dangerous situation. "We have a potential Time Paradox on our hands. I have no idea what could this do, but I refuse to take chances. I call in a Code Cosmic. All members to prepare for imminent reassignment. All projects that can be suspended, will be suspended in favour of finding Celebi or Dialga and talking to them about the issue. All assistance shall be rendered to them. All available funding is redirected toward this task." "What about project Mewtwo?" "On hold until this crisis is resolved."

Giovanni also warns the Champions and alert them that he has leaked the information about the situation to Team Rocket via a low-level grunt he is aware of. So more ressources are put to advert the time paradox that nobody knows how much time they have before it happens.
5/1 c1 Noitaerc
Ho-oh to the Spearows when he appeared: "Surprise, motherfuckers!"
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