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11/5 c12 GymNatty321
wow this man is willing to bitch slap his friend but when sunshine was becoming a beacon to scps by screeching like a banshee he doesn't bitch slap her?
11/5 c8 GymNatty321
wouldn't he be planning revenge? imagine having a job and disagreeing with the boss and the boss decides to enslave you and take away your memories.

the first plan to any person would be revenge, but since billy the beta boy is MC he's ready to go back to his master's hand at a moment's notice.
11/5 c5 GymNatty321
Your either a feminist or a incel, idk which but how can someone create such a retarded female character without being involved in one of those 2 retarded beliefs?
11/5 c8 GymNatty321
Holy shit, I don't believe in alpha males or beta males. but if they where real, then this MC would be biggest of the beta boys.
11/5 c4 GymNatty321
This man is perhaps the biggest cuck I've read in my life.

if he wants to masturbate to irrelevant heroic acts, than why doesn't he just go to a African village and feed the Children there?

no but instead focuses on saving a girl that wants to die like a cliche character and isn't willing to bitch slap her when she puts everyone at risk of death.
8/10 c9 4Flametusk
I actually found this story after I finished the recent chapter of Coeur's story "Arc Corp", so... Seeing that name here, makes me think things have come full circle! I'm loving this story so far, and look forward to reading the end!
6/17 c14 EveryManAKing
Holy shit I came here looking for gold and found diamonds and emeralds, This is a beautiful story, I love the ending, You did everything here perfectly.
6/12 c14 4Vulviingah
I got a serious wound once. To me, it's embarrassing asf, but... I got it from crash a bike into trash cans at the age of 8-12. My knee had been sliced open to the point where you could see the cartilage that covers the bone. I then had to suffer 4 fucking hours to get to the nearest hospital (which was the only one in the region), which by then i was suffering from major blood lost only to discover the ER was full and had to wait several LONG hours. By then it became... cloudy, all i remember is shouting and vaguely receiving stiches and that's all, but i did remember hearing something about blood something. The scar i got today from it is pretty small and i sometimes hear/feel creaking coming from my kneecap while moving my leg.
5/1 c1 RandomGuest
Man this is awesome. Ever thought of putting this on the SCP Wiki? It'd get so much more attention there.
3/14 c2 I got it
His name is Billy because
Sc p upside down is b,
1 upside down is I
7 upside down is backwards L
And 3 is e in number form
Pronounce Billy
I'm a genius
6/20/2021 c14 dino2000
it was amazing man, hope to see new content from you soon, this fanfict made me go on a, adventure of my own :D, you're my fren now
4/28/2021 c14 Grasscutter0722
A wonderful story
3/17/2021 c14 Guest
Damn what happened to the "You know too much to let them get you. You're coming with us" ending? Great fix anyways
2/11/2021 c3 idk
holy shit my man jimmy is unlucky af, he just gets a omni card but then dies
1/29/2021 c1 ChumpBuster2025
Fun fact; did you know that the Security Guard that was escorting that Personel out, the one from SCP-173 after the Containment Breach started, was actually Agent Ulgrin escorting Security Chief Frankin? And Franklin was in the intro sequence, behind the window.
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