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3/12/2020 c8 1baud001
How does Finn knows about the Aleksandr and CEADEUS when PAXTON doesn't?

Anyway the fights in the chapters are cool, just feeling a little one sided for those on the Raddus

On another note, I've seen the drawings you've done, they're cool. Just regarding the Y-Wing Advanced mk III: it looks good, but it doesn't feel a lot like Star Wars, more generic sci fi.
3/7/2020 c10 baud001
The script format was something I liked about this fic, that's too bad it didn't get the reception I feel it deserves.

I will follow the knights of Ren instead, thank you for the heads up.
3/6/2020 c5 baud001
That scene with the FIRWIRRUNG at the end is cool.
3/6/2020 c4 baud001
I have one minor issue with the chapter:

"adverts printed on the glowing surfaces, most of which were for entechment services, or entechment pods for the home.

The horror of it doesn't have time to sink in"

It seems weird that Theo was horrified by the entenchement process, since he lived during that period and know what Jedi are: the blood of Ren arrived after they were hidden on that planet, per the previous chapter and Theo had studied it; or the sample he studied wasn't the blood of Ren, but what gave them the entenchement process, in that case that piece of dialogue isn't clear.

But apart from that, it's really cool, even if I don't get what's happening in the dreams and what's the deal with the spider.
3/6/2020 c10 Dasgun
3/6/2020 c10 6SomeGuyOverHere
That's a shame. I admit that the script format was a little weird for me at first, but I thought that it added an interesting flair to the story.

I will of course continue to read whatever you put out.
3/5/2020 c2 1baud001
Hoo, spooky mysteries in a Star Wars story. It's pretty cool and well written.
3/5/2020 c3 baud001
That chapter was really good. The space ships fight was gripping, it slowed down a little then it ended in a blaze. Also I like how you're giving background information right alongside to the action.

The characters seem well balanced, though RAZOO comes around a little too easily, in my opinion.

Also the movie script format works very well for the story you're telling. Perhaps you could indicate the race of characters when they are introduced (for example I don't know for RAZOO and he seems to be a central character)
3/2/2020 c1 baud001
That battle was pretty cool
1/4/2020 c9 CMY187
(Part 2 of my review of Chapter 9)

“under some very deep sedation”
He’s got agents within the ship, doesn’t he? Hmph, of course he does.
“Both Luke and Thrawn begin to sigh”
They are more alike than Luke would ever want to admit. (pause) Huh. They really are, aren’t they? Interesting.
“with a Class ought five hyperdrive”
Luke was a pilot before he trained to become a Jedi under Yoda.
“purchase her from”
War is good for business. Honestly, I would rather be the slimeball who sells weapons to both sides than the brave, dashing warrior who inevitably sacrifices themselves for the greater good.
“Is that her up there?”
(sigh) This is why Thrawn ordered that the fleet be properly patrolled.
“a satisfied grin on his face”
Seriously, Razoo, you didn’t bother to CHECK THE SHIP YOU WERE STEALING?
“his own son killed him”
Word of that is going to spread, and Kylo is going to be seen as a kinslayer.
“after getting half-digested”
Wait, what?
“all variations on sick bird”
“Wow, really”
Razoo didn’t even know what he was stealing. I’m guessing he’s a better fighter than he is a thief.
“for you and your lady friend”
I love this scene.
“Rey [Confused]”
Never change, Rey. Never change.
“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone”
So how many people are going to assume that Razoo and Rey are lovers?
“Wandered into this ship, and that bunk looked nice”
Rey is simultaneously a very smart and very stupid person. I love it.
“Cuddles skitters out of the sleep bunk”
This is also your fault, Cuddles.
Razoo is seriously one of the best characters in this story.
I love that Razoo is exasperated at Rey’s lack of skill in the Force despite not being a bad fighter herself. I agree that Rey is more suited to wielding a saber-staff than a regular saber.
Satou Kazuma is an advocate of true gender equality.
“a single cluster on the equator: the planet’s capital”
So the entire planet has a capital city. Hm.
“except, of course, dreadnoughts”
I thought of the WW2 German tank commanders who argued against designing and building Tiger tanks in favor of simply making more Panzers.
“one such dreadnought: The Raddus”
Oh, wonderful. Thanks a lot, Razoo.
By the way, I thought of Kylo offering Rey in mid-duel to train her in the Force…while trying to kill her and also after cutting down Finn. There was no way that Rey was going to accept. Kylo really is losing it…I think the other Knights need to keep an eye on him.
“hundreds of other ships”
If a battle were to occur here…
“carrying Rey over his shoulder, bound and gagged in thermal tape”
Finn is a good friend to Rey and treats her well. Razoo…not so much. And they aren’t even friends. Not really.
I’m guessing that this is an emotion that Razoo’s going to be feeling a lot in this story.
“Domestic bliss”
Wait, has Razoo had to tie up and carry around past girlfriends/lovers?
Why are so many races attracted to them?
“Razoo dumps Rey onto the single seat couch”
I can tell that you enjoyed writing this chapter.
“Not missing a beat”
I say again; never change, Rey.
“clinking against the glass”
I love this relationship that Razoo has with the Jedi trainee and her…familiar?
“perfect skin and slender shape…I can find a buyer. She’s worth at least 3000 creds”
Y’know, Ignusdei, managing to make a slaver a likable and entertaining character is not an easy feat. (looks at Proximo in Gladiator) Huh.
“the slaver capital of the Outer Rim”
“Meh, that tape’s holding fast”
Ignusdei, stop making your readers like slavers.
Brad Jones: (referring to Black Mass (2015)) ‘I love movies like this because they make you root for the WORST people!...I have a feeling this movie feels the same way, because when it shows the (criminal) crew being captured, it’s playing SAD music!’
“nice little Graflex flashlight”
Wait, what?
“the green-bladed one”
I imagined Razoo meeting someone, seeing that the person has a red-bladed saber, and asking, ‘…where did you get that?’
“There’s always a master!”
Sounds like Mastiff is speaking from experience.
“We have to bring it all back”
I love this.
“…Okay, I think you need to start from the beginning”
I don’t think Razoo himself knows what the hell happened back in the previous story arc. He could barely wrap his mind around it.
“wonders if she’s trying to kill him with her brain”
I met and spoke with my Star Wars-big-time-fan cousin yesterday; it is because of him that I’m watching the Mandalorian. I said that I’ve watched up to S01E04, and when I commented that I like that the protagonist wouldn’t last ten seconds against a Sith, my cousin grinned, his eyes going wide and alight, and told me to keep watching the series.
“action figures”
Wait, what? Is there one of Vader?
“Luke’s your idol!”
What about Thrawn?
“Jedi kill crooks”
If that’s true, Luke would have killed Han.
“an outbreak of Sion’s Phage”
I thought of the Great Spring Sickness in A Song of Ice and Fire.
“sees a feast arrayed before her”
I love that Mastiff is doing this because he is scared and hopeful for an ally.
“She seems bored by all this”
I like her already. If this were real-life, she’d be Tweeting.
“Reverse shot of Rey”
Someone PLEASE buy this story from Ignusdei to adapt for movie or TV.
Dammit, why is a freaking slaver becoming one of my favorite characters?! IGNUSDEI!
“promptly scurries into the forest of bowls to eat…Cuddles comes back”
“Fifty platinum”
Mastiff is buttering her up. He’s really, really hoping to gain Rey as an ally. What is he after? He’s no saint, that’s for sure. I like how ambiguous his motivations and actions are.
“never cold, hard cash”
Welcome to the mercenary world, Rey! Huh, that makes me wonder how Bronn would raise Tyrion Stokeworth.
“doesn’t know what the man is planning”
“named a dreadnought after a pop idol”
Paxton. I wonder how his son would react to that. Also, Razoo knows about pop idols. (looks at the Jedi) I imagined Mace Windu listening to a playlist of pop songs. Sorry.
“Whatever, not important”
I love Mastiff already.
“Every single one they make is unique”
“Nar Kanji needs that advantage”
I don’t know about this, Mastiff…are you really sure you want to use those things?
“the ship is alive, it has a mind of its own”
Sometimes I hate my brain, because I imagined Geralt of Rivia challenging a freaking ship to a game of Gwent.
“solar-powered supercapacitor”
I thought of the Zerg blocking out the suns of the planets they invade.
“allowing her to see”
Rey is going to see a lot of wonderful and horrific things in this story. Heck, she already has.
“don’t bother looking up. Business as usual in Socorro”

“does nothing”
How many of the Knights and First Order are disgusted by having to work with slavers?
“Rey’s face contorts in anger”
She’s a compassionate person. (looks at Jaime Lannister) I don’t see him as evil; I peg him as Lawful Neutral, like Anomen in Baldur’s Gate. He wants to be a hero but lacks the true conviction and selflessness that is required to be one. Jaime never does a single selfless thing in either the books or the TV series.
“Rey, don’t listen to him”
You don’t survive long in this galaxy by throwing yourself into peril for the sake of others.
“Baron of the Empire”
Paxton is famous and notorious. If I were the Resistance, I’d hire an elite assassin or two instead of sending a squad or army against him.
“another pressure point”
Mastiff is manipulative.
“hiring freelancers for”
Wait, what?
“the rescue of his son Malek”
I wonder if Malek is going through either a horrifying or semi-comedic story arc of his own.
“All I’ve got is cargo”
“the image of the Ren Herself”
Leia’s right, they really are a cult.
“it goes from gold to platinum”
I still suspect that Ceadeus and his comrades have no idea of what they have done to themselves and all others who have drank the blood of Ren.
“Blood of Kings”
I thought of Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.
“Huh, nice trick”
I love that Paxton is so non-chalant about Ceadeus’ abilities.
“I can’t let this go”
(sigh) Paxton may not necessarily be a good person, but he isn’t a monster.
“we had laws”
I thought of the Tevinter Imperium.
“Ah, look, I’m flattered”
Wait, how often has this happened to Paxton?
“grasp the chitin needle inches from Paxton’s neck”
Considering he put Paxton into danger in the first place, I doubt Ceadeus deserves any thanks for that.
“their ancient tormentor”
“depend on our point of view”
I like this story.
“simple, free of nuance”
“not knowing nor caring who she is”
1/4/2020 c9 1CMY187
“whichever side in a war is good or evil depends largely on one’s point of view”
Ser Brynden Tully aka the Blackfish: ‘Was there ever a war where only one side bled?’
“Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master”
Dooku’s Padawan, Kenobi’s Master, and one of the most infamous and notorious Master-ranked Jedi in the Order due to his repeated incidents of defiance and even insubordination toward the Council. His preferred form – Ataru – is notably very different from that of Master Yoda (I like the writing that no two Jedi ever use the same form in the exact same way)
“a village”
I wonder what it is like for village-dwellers considering that the galaxy is now in the space stage.
“wielding tools of medieval sophistication”
Hmm. Technology hasn’t advanced very far for the Nediji.
“looks suspiciously like a Z-95 Headhunter starfighter”
Luke Skywalker grew up on a farm, but had always dreamed of exploring the galaxy, meeting all kinds of people and flying all kinds of starcraft. He grew up in the infant years of the Empire as well as the dying embers of the Jedi Order.
“imagines himself a dashing fighter pilot”
(looks at Poe) He’s shellshocked, has lost many friends in this bitter war that only seems to be getting even worse, and (seemingly) uses humor and wit as a defense mechanism. He’s also crazy, managing to defeat a better and more skilled pilot through audacity and resourcefulness. And due to disobeying a direct order from General Organa, he has been demoted.
Man this story isn’t kind to him.
“those that forced his people”
It never ends, does it? History is a circle.
“his race’s long range vision”
Hmm. I wonder if there are any Nediji mercenaries.
“still fresh from the battle at Charon’s Belt”
The Resistance are kinda like Liu Bei; they re beaten and forced to retreat a lot, but they always seem to survive and come back.
“Damned saboteur”
There are traitors and spies in both/all sides of this war.
“Elson looks relieved. His ship may be doomed, but at least it won’t kill hundreds of innocent people”
I’m guessing Elson wouldn’t like Thrawn very much.
“successfully complete a very risky close-range hyperspace jump”
The Resistance are able to fight and hold their own against bigger, stronger opponents by being more daring and, well, crazy. Of course, it doesn’t always work.
“serves her people as both chieftain and shaman…The gods! The gods have returned”
Lady, it’s just a spaceship.
“implores the gods and the spirits”
Ewoks worshipping a droid as a golden god. Hmph, shows what they know, Dennis Reynolds is the one and only Golden God.
“thrown off their chairs”
“He focuses on the ship’s motto”
Oh, wonderful. Elson’s a bloody fanatic. Sheesh, Leia really DOES need all the allies she can get. What’s next, freaking Thrawn?
“nothing can stop what’s coming”
I love that the Knights of Ren, as incredibly skilled and powerful as they are, absolutely refuse to ever take on Luke in a fair fight. That means they are smart, not over-confident, and are willing to fight dirty.
“Igaluk feels something”
…huh. Hmm. Being Force-sensitive doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be a skilled Force-user, and vice versa.
“meditates, multiplying his reach with the Force”
Apparently, Luke could divert enemy fire/projectiles with the Force alone, and Kylo Ren did something similar at the start of The Force Awakens.
“his mind goes too deep into his trance”
I wonder how many Jedi had ‘lost’ themselves to the Force.
“feelings of anger and sorrow”
One of the fundamentals of Sith training is to weaponize one’s own emotions. Also, Mace Windu is the only known master of Vaapad.
“burning temple of the New Jedi Order”
I wonder what a Baldur’s Gate fanfic written by you would be like.
“Mara Jade’s eyeless, bloodied face appears for a split second”
I wonder if whoever killed and/or mutilated her body intended for Luke to find it.
“Luke sighs wearily”
(looks at Count Dooku) Hmm. At age 83, he could still EASILY fight Kenobi and Anakin simultaneously. The Dark Side of the Force is seductive indeed. How many people – including those of the Resistance – wish that they could become Sith?
Boromir of Gondor: ‘Give Gondor the weapon of the enemy! Let us use it against him!’
“The city-ship”
Luke and Rey have acquired a treasure and asset beyond price.
“She hopes to catch a glimpse of Finn”
I still love their first meeting in The Force Awakens. I need to rewatch that movie.
“more (living) people”

“than she had ever seen in her life”
Rey not knowing/understanding things due to living on a desert planet as a scavenger is one of my favorite running gags of this story.
“people were tending to the wounded”
How many have been maimed, bloodied and crippled from this war? Christ…
“missing an arm and a leg”
I thought of Camp Forlorn Hope in Fallout: New Vegas.
“The girl feels overwhelmed, by both the swarm of people around her…their suffering”
Luke at least got to grow up in Tatooine – a planet controlled by the Hutts - and had been to Mos Eisley as well as dealt with Jawas.
“Out of the way!”
They haven’t had a very good day, Rey…
“rapid battlefield surgery and not enough anesthesia”
I remember a scene in We Were Soldiers (2002) in which Colonel Moore and Sergeant-Major Plumley speak to each other over the screams of the wounded. Officers and NCOs need to stay focused and to not be distracted by things like that.
“You brought us a damned dreadnought”
I doubt the First Order hasn’t noticed that. And if they haven’t, their spies and/or scouts would soon be reporting it.
“THE Baron of the Empire, their top pilot”
There are warriors and widows, widowers and orphans on all sides of this war. There likely are civilians who hate both the First Order and the Resistance due to one of the latter two’s battles causing civilian casualties and collateral damage.
“nobody goes toe-to-toe with Seether and lives”
This made me smile. I’m guessing that Paxton is going to be thinking that Poe has the luck of the Devil.
“struck silent at the sight of him and can only stare”
Luke is a legendary figure, not just in the Resistance but the whole galaxy to a point where many believe him to be a myth. I wonder how many people know the exact details of what happened aboard the second Death Star. Luke flew out of the station before its destruction and later cremated Vader in Endor.
“Nobody knows what to make of Luke”
I thought of the arrogance of Tywin, Jaime and Cersei Lannister. Arrogance is a very, very common fatal flaw of countless people both real and fictional, and the Lannisters are no exception.
“if they hadn’t suffered such a terrible defeat”
It would have been far worse if he hadn’t showed up. The bottom line is that Rey, Chewbacca and R2 (and Razoo) succeeded; Luke is back now, which makes things a lot more problematic for the First Order.
“what good can they do now?”
I wonder why Lucas decided to write that Grievous chooses to duel Kenobi one-on-one when the book writes instead that Kenobi – in one of the best scenes of the novel – displays his mastery of Soresu by not only easily blocking and parrying all of the Jedi-slayer Grievous’s blows but also deflecting all blaster fire from the entire Separatist force surrounding him. It seems that the best tactic against Soresu-specialists is Force attacks. Whenever he had to fight them simultaneously, Dooku usually focuses on Anakin while counter-attacking whenever Kenobi tried to attack him.
“not a healer, and there’s only so much he can do”
The Jedi Order is gone, and even the temple built by Luke is a burnt ruin. If the Jedi are to survive and not die out, they must not repeat the mistakes of the previous generations. (looks at Rey and Finn) Hmm. (looks at Ventress) She’s a strange person and one of the more interesting characters of the Clone Wars animated series. And what’s with her obvious physical attraction toward Kenobi of all people? She kept addressing him by his first name. She doesn’t (usually) try to use seduction on anybody else.
“so that the next generation – THIS generation – would never know the horrors of war”
He really didn’t have much to work with, and the odds were heavily stacked against him. He tried, and he failed. But he’s still standing and there’s still a war to be fought.
“his old companion”
3-P0 is always at his most useful and least annoying when he’s with R2. Without R2, he’s more likely to be blasted to pieces.
“Our losses alone”
There are many cases in history in which a faction suffers a major defeat in a decisive battle that they would never recover from. The Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Hattin, etc.
“Gladiators…shields on their arms and swords in their sheaths”
I wonder if the Resistance have their own units (or allies) who specialize in melee or CQC.
“quiet anger”
I’m guessing that Thrawn has no personal grievances or enmity with the First Order one way or another.
“send out a telepathic message to Luke”
Leia IS a skilled Force-user. I’d advise the First Order to guard her carefully.
“Just get on with the torture”
She’s been tortured before, by Vader himself. Leia’s a tough one. But everybody breaks sooner or later. (looks at S01E04 of Altered Carbon) Huh.
“our beloved Grand Kiltias”
“the reverence and respect Ceadeus had for the man”
Could be a weakness there that his enemies can exploit.
I wonder…would Luke turn to the Dark Side in this story? If this becomes Sith vs Sith…Luke is already incredibly powerful as a Jedi. How many people fear/hope that he would grow just as strong or stronger than his father? Luke has already Choked people in Return of the Jedi.
“Mandalorian scum reaved and ravished their way across Bur-Omisace”
Yeeaahh…let’s just say I’m not a fan of the Ironborn, or of Vikings for that matter. Everybody does terrible things to everybody, but to UPHOLD robbery, rape and pillage as virtues rather than atrocities…
“Leia shakes her head, the expression disdainful”
She has been hardened by the years of war and death. It hasn’t even been that long since Han was killed by Kylo. Seriously, that scene…the last thing Han ever did was to FORGIVE the guy. That’s going to stay in Kylo’s mind FOREVER.
…I think Kylo is going to go insane. Just like Anakin did after he severed Windu’s arm. Anakin only truly became evil AFTER the events of Revenge of the Sith; him slaughtering the Jedi in the Temple and duelling Kenobi on Mustafar was him being consumed by madness.
“They were good people!”
Ignusdei, I am fascinated by what it would be like for Thrawn to be interrogated. The guy strikes me as approaching war (and its horrors) like it is nothing more than business.
“during the dark days of the Thrawn campaign”
… (grins) You are a cruel one, Ignusdei.
“Answer me! WHY?!”
I can just SEE Thrawn rolling his eyes at both Ceadeus and Leia. Oh my God, he’s going to steal every scene he is in, isn’t he?
“Clever girl”
She WANTS him to kill her. Ceadeus is a lot smarter than he looks. He’s not just mere muscle.
“Revenge for my son”
As of The Winds of Winter, there are only two characters in the whole ASOIAF series whose lives have improved since Book 1; Lord Petyr Baelish of the Fingers, and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. Both are Neutral Evil. And honestly, Ignusdei, I wouldn’t mind if GRRM writes that Baelish wins in the end. However, Baelish has one glaring weakness; his obsession with Catelyn Stark (nee Tully), which subsequently bled over to her daughter Sansa.
“knowing of no other way to show respect to a Knight of Ren”
“what happens to those who deliver bad news”
Vader was a BASTARD. By the way, Captain – later Admiral – Piett is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. He honestly doesn’t seem to be bad at his job, but he’s clearly terrified of Vader. In my opinion, he’s perfect; not too smart and not too dumb. More scared of Vader than any other enemy or ally of the Empire.
“Supreme Leader Snoke”
I’m curious about Snoke. Who IS he? What’s his real name? What did he do before the fall of the Empire?
“let that truth haunt your dreams”
Frank Castle, aka the Punisher: (to a criminal who attempted to psychologically attack him by making him believe that one of his more troublesome victims had come back from the dead to haunt him) ‘What makes you think they haunt me? I send them to Hell. I sleep just fine.’ (pause) ‘Go.’ (Frank shoots the criminal)
“trying to get the ship’s stubborn systems to stop stalling”
I love that the Falcon is SUCH an outdated piece of junk that keeps malfunctioning and falling apart yet can somehow still fly. It’s like the Falcon itself is a character.
“politeness and etiquette compelling him to do so”
“expressions of mingled awe and fear”
I love the contrast between this and the reception for Luke, and that Ceadeus is the one who fears and refuses to fight Luke directly.
“in a pool of blood, darker than wine”
I don’t think any of the Knights have any idea what they have truly gotten themselves into.
“hope for a peaceful future”
Sidious said that the same thing when he ordered Anakin to destroy the Jedi. And yet Sidious’ last act – in the event of his death – was to ensure that the galaxy would be plunged into chaos and destruction.
“beautiful as a dawn…but Ceadeus pays it no heed”
Garrus asking questions about how human females feed their infants.
“it falls on the prosecution”
I thought of the ‘trial’ of Beria in The Death of Stalin.
“an item of finely wrought, silvery tin and glass”
I don’t know how much thought and detail go into stories like this. And there are so many prats and twits who still say that writing is easy and isn’t a ‘real job’.
“pushes the drink away, and Kaine pouts”
Heroes, villains…they are all just PEOPLE. Even Vader. Heck, especially Vader.
“She’ll talk her way into reasonable doubt”
I love Leia.
“She will deny everything”
Captain Blackadder: ‘Deny everything, Baldrick.’
“If our so-called ‘General’ Hux hadn’t glassed the entire planet”
I love Hux. He’s the Cersei Lannister of this story for me, aka the comic relief. Seriously, every POV chapter of Cersei, whether in the ASOIAF novels or in fanfiction, is freaking hilarious. She is SO stupid. And as of The Winds of Winter, she had grown, fat, alcoholic and promiscuous, just like her late husband Robert. I wonder how much GRRM has laughed or cackled while writing her POV chapters.
“with Luke nipping at our heels”
It’s not just Luke now…the Knights and the First Order have no idea that Thrawn is now in the picture, and I suspect that Thrawn is already aware that the enemy spies may be attempting to report that to their superiors.
“another crate of High Potions”
Gotta cut off the Knights’ supply lines, Resistance. It’s what the humans did to the Turians in Shanxi.
“Empty ones. Snoke saw to that”
Goddammit, who IS Snoke? Where did he come from? Did he know or work for/with Palpatine?
“What if Luke finds us?”
He’d kill you. Slowly. You’d die screaming. (looks at Ceadeus) …he might let that one live.
I’ll say it again; I am terrified of the possibility that Luke may succumb to the Dark Side and become a Sith. Considering this story and ME:HR…
Darth Maul: ‘Mercy…have mercy! PLEASE!’
Darth Sidious: ‘There is no mercy…don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you. I have other uses for you…’
“We have this”
Here’s hoping Thrawn’s predicted that the Knights would sooner or later come up with a counter-measure or strategy to get rid of or bring Luke down. Probably would do it by asking himself, ‘What would I do if I were them?’
“This could rob him of his power?”
I wonder if it works on Sith. (pause) …oh no.
“The act makes Kaine blush”
She is in love with or at least attracted to him. Weakness. Knowing your enemy is the key to victory.
“You are stronger than you think you are”
Ceadeus is a very dangerous enemy. He is a charismatic and capable leader. (looks at Cersei – I mean Hux) HA!
“The book of Ren Herself has judged you worthy”
…wait. That thing is ALIVE?! Ceadeus, what have you done?! Why am I thinking of the One Ring and the Cyrinishad?
“She hugs the book”
Ignusdei, I love this writing so much. This juxtaposition of the characters on both sides of the war…man, I love it.
It makes me think of the confrontation between Brienne and Sandor in Season 4 of Game of Thrones (in my opinion the last truly great season of the TV series).
“Priestess of Ren…Can she hear me through this thing?”
Wow, they’re really not all that dissimilar to Rey.
“her long robe flowing behind her”
Edna in The Incredibles: ‘NO CAPES.’
“taken to better days”
Luke is convinced that Tristan/Ceadeus raped, tortured and murdered Mara. I’m guessing that Ceadeus has a different version of that story. (looks at Rhaegar Targaryen abducting Lyanna Stark) In my opinion, regardless of whether Lyanna went willingly or not (and I seriously doubt she did), I am certain of one thing; Rhaegar is just as crazy as his father Aerys II aka the Mad King. Only difference is that he is better at hiding it, from others and from himself.
This is the woman whom Luke grew to love, and whose memory still clings to and haunts him many years later. He has never remarried nor taken another lover since her death.
“Not a single ship stops to inspect it, or hail it as it lands”
So how long had you been planning to bring Thrawn into this story?
“just another alien in Leia’s diverse army”
…Goddamn you, Thrawn. You’re not a good person, and you’ve killed so many people with little to no remorse, but DAMMIT WHY AM I SMILING. (looks at Cao Cao) …I hate that trolling Mengde so much.
“carrying a SUITCASE”
(sigh) Of course he’d be carrying one of those.
“having done his homework on”
I’d be surprised if he hadn’t.
“Thrawn’s SHADES”
… (looks at Ignusdei) Really? Well, fine, they DO look cool and classy…
“This will allow you to reach the captains. Relay these orders”
…Thrawn is essentially taking over the entire Resistance Fleet. God damn it. Hmm, come to think of it, how many of the Rebel/Resistance/New Republic wished during the Thrawn campaign that the man was on their side? Well, he is now. I think. Probably. Hopefully.
“despite herself, Kaydel patches into”
“Hey…HEY! Everyone SHUT UP!”
I do not envy Kaydel her job.
“if you bail on us”
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater: ‘No sellsword has ever run from the losing side.’
“Years of conditioning at boot camp”
“Yes sir! Right away, sir!”
I suppose it helps Rekson to busy himself with work to distract himself from his shellshock.
“seemingly not caring one bit”
I hate/love him already.
“He passes Chewbacca of all people”
Let me guess; Thrawn recognized him immediately but simply didn’t care.
“making him regret not aiming for the heart back on Starkiller”
He was enraged, which threw off his aim.
“Nothing good ever came out of Jedi leading an army”
The Jedi Order led the Republic to so many victories in the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, by fighting the war AT ALL, they had already lost.
“So much so”
Thrawn has pretty much already taken over the fleet.
“Thrawn ignores Snap”
…he’s already stealing every scene he’s in. It’s not even a case of author bias; Thrawn is just that awesome. Goddammit.
“the few battles the New Republic had won”
I grinned toothily.
“Snap begins to tremble with rage”
He probably realized it moments before Thrawn took off his sunglasses.
“six green bolts of energy”
This is going to be happening to Thrawn a lot, isn’t it?
Come to think of it, how many people are going to suspect that Thrawn had been in cahoots with Luke all along?
“suspended in Luke’s Force Stasis”
I wonder how that works.
“right into the bolt”
I hate him so much.
“those that could be pulled away from their ships”
If the First Order think that they could hit the enemy fleet(s) while Luke is distracted elsewhere, that would be a moot point if Thrawn were to be commanding said enemy fleet.
“the chamber that had once served as”
“who marvels at the Dagonnian architecture”
I love that he appreciates art.
“a perfect image of the Galaxy”
Where does Thrawn get his gadgets and equipment?
“under some very deep sedation”
He’s got agents within th
10/15/2019 c9 Zakeraz
Such engaging reading as always. Loving the complexity of each faction in this conflict so far. Shame about the Rebels crew. Having popular characters killed off-screen in ignoble ways never sits well with me. It’s happened a few times in the Halo series and always felt so lazy. I didn’t watch much of Rebels but feel this won’t sit well with readers who did.
10/10/2019 c9 Dasgun
0 0
9/28/2019 c8 CMY187
“to make him do what you want him to do”
I see why Thrawn is one of the most brilliant military strategists that the galaxy has ever seen. But he is not invincible or immortal; he has his flaws and weaknesses. He is NOT undefeated. Would his enemies exploit that in this story? It doesn’t help that Thrawn is currently working with a faction of whom many people hate him to the core. Memories of his past actions are still fresh in their minds.
“mass-infused photon bursts”
Force the enemy to waste ammunition, and also to reveal some of their firepower and capabilities to you. Deception is a huge part of warfare.
“A wormhole”
How much does it cost or expend to open one? I doubt the First Order or Knights of Ren could do this all the time.
What the hell is this thing? What have the Knights of Ren gotten themselves into?
“a living ship”
The Knights of Ren are terrifying. And yet most of them fear Luke Skywalker. Currently, Rey is unintentionally separated from him and is travelling with Razoo again.
“Readings are all over the place”
The Resistance needs better technology. But where and how would they get it? Could Thrawn help them with that? They cannot rely on Luke for everything, after all.
“The Aleksandr’s mysterious shields absorb those, as well”
If they could get a spy or two aboard that ship, they may be able to gain valuable intel on it.
“Stop firing”
If they cannot find a way to bypass the Aleksandr’s shields, the only way may be to disable them from the inside.
“bend, bypassing the Paragon’s reinforced forward shield and hitting the bare flanks”
This is like watching ancient-era soldiers fighting modern-era ones. Or infantry trying to shoot back at an air force with small arms. It’s not a question of skill, the Resistance just has no answer to the technology of the Knights of Ren. If they wanted to, they could have wiped out the whole fleet then and there. Instead, they chose to board, capture and take over the Raddus. Leia is currently being held captive with Caedeus hoping to force her to confess to her atrocities and crimes.
“struggles to contain her grief”
Christ, no wonder Leia was driven to do terrible things.
“Someone bypassed the safety protocols”
There are traitors aboard the Raddus. Are there any within the First Order?
“melatonin receptor agonists are flushed out of his brain by neurochemical boosters”
I thought of cyro-sleep in the Starcraft series.
“The Aleksandr’s their flagship!”
In my opinion, Finn may be in even more danger than Rey. A Force-sensitive former soldier of the First Order? I’d see him as a threat too.
“We outnumber him a thousand to one”
Caedeus chose to fled the moment he learned that Luke had shown up. I love it; even the villains have to think on their feet rather than just engage directly.
“Good luck!”
…what if Chani is a traitor?
“Star destroyers ran live fire exercises against that thing”
If Thrawn intends to carry out an infiltration mission to rescue Leia and/or retake the Raddus, it may be a good idea to bring Finn along.
“What about that one?!”
I laughed at this.
“a high-performance starfighter worthy of his skills”
The idea of Poe being forced to make do with terrible ships that thus allow his enemies to fight him more evenly is hilarious to me. Poe and Finn screaming at each other as Finn tries to fix the ship’s numerous engineering flaws while Poe is doing all he can to prevent them from being shot down.
“The only thing that’s new are those rear guns”
I thought of the British Firefly tank.
“everything looks intuitive enough for a beginner to use”
I wonder if there are living weapons like in the first Prey video game.
“horrified at the scale of the disaster”
I’m guessing Thrawn would not be distracted by such a sight.
“Seismic charges. Had to be…Standard boarding maneuver”
Finn is my favorite character of both this story and of The Force Awakens. I like that he probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as Rey, Chewbacca, Razoo and R2-D2 did in the mission to find and retrieve Luke.
“superheated slugs of metal that bypass the X-wings and A-wing’s energy shields completely”
This attack ended in victory for the Knights of Ren and the First Order, but in doing so, they have revealed much of their capabilities and technology. Shortly afterward, Thrawn appears to and offers his assistance to the Resistance.
“Are you sure this is even going to work?!”
The Knights of Ren are fanatical, and thus it may be very, very difficult to turn any of them. The First Order on the other hand…
“Only one man in the fleet is that good a shot”
I wonder how Paxton’s son would fare as a mercenary. Where is he right now? Paxton doesn’t seem all that worried for him, which may mean…Jesus, how tough is that guy?
Also, who trained Poe? He is an AMAZING pilot.
“This is Commander Wexley to all X-wings!”
Experienced pilots are like gold in the galaxy.
“Where were those guys”
Good question. I’ll bet the First Order are asking it as well.
“cybernetically enhanced reflex arc”
Oh my God, this is too much. I love this. Hm, are there any Star Wars/Deux Ex crossovers?
“I got an idea!”
Oh no.
Paxton vs Poe. This story is too epic. I wonder how Saren would fare in a Wanzer or fighter-ship. In real life, there are a surprising number of special forces operatives who are literally real-life Mary Sues in that they can do everything; pilot gunships, drive and fire shells from tanks, snipe, machine-gun, medic, etc. In the Second World War, it is a common policy of the German military to have every soldier in German tank units know how to operate every aspect of the tank, from driving to machine-gunning to main-gunning to the radio, and for every soldier in an infantry unit to know how to operate the unit’s machine gun.
“an old-school pilot like Paxton Fell”
I thought of David Anderson.
“Paxton doesn’t bother looking behind him”
Ceadeus respects and is interested in Paxton, and for good reason.
“Alien geometries and code appear all over the navigation console”
What the hell has Ceadeus done to himself? Does he even know? In my opinion, it isn’t the Resistance that would destroy the Knights of Ren or the First Order; the latter two are their own worst enemies. Kylo Ren could have easily killed both Rey AND Finn more than once in The Force Awakens. If either of them are to face him again in the future, I hope Finn or Rey would be ready.
“It’s Fell!”
So Paxton has a reputation that has spread to the Resistance.
“He’s trying Han’s trick!”
Oh Goddammit, it figures that Han’s enemies would have learnt from him!
“turning them into red smears on the metal floor”
I feel sick. This is not the PG movies nor any of the animated series. We don’t get to only see droids be ripped apart.
“We’re fighting the damned Sith”
Count Dooku was able to walk unhindered through the blaster fire of dozens of Clone troopers. He had far more trouble and tired more quickly while fighting Kenobi and Anakin.
“not out of fear, but out of rage for her fallen comrades”
This chapter is absolutely and unrelentingly brutal. So many lives have been lost – and wasted – in this Godforsaken war. The New Republic thought they had won when Palpatine was killed, only to fail to maintain any kind of peace or stability. Now, barely recovered from their last war, they are locked in a new and even more bitter and vicious one against the First Order and Knights of Ren.
Quoting The Wire:
Cutty: ‘The game done changed.’
Slim Charles: ‘The game the same. Just got more fierce.’
“I’m a pilot, not a marine”
Infantry work is not Tallie’s specialty.
“Pile them up waist high!”
Anakin stated while aboard the First Death Star that the ability to destroy a planet cannot even compare to the power of the Force.
“slow and meaningful steps resounding in the ears of all present”
Ceadeus does not want to just kill the enemy. He wants to break them. He has the same goal in mind for Leia.
“uncaring about the incoming barrage of blaster fire”
I wonder if there are people who had consumed the Blood of Ren but chose not to join the Knights. Is that even possible?
“that’s when things turn bloody”
Instead of sending an entire company or even battalion of Resistance Marines, it may be better to send a small team of specialized, elite units, essentially professional hitmen. Then again, what if the Resistance decide to investigate the source of the Knights of Ren’s power and technology?
“doesn’t finish her off…casually drinking from a mug of coffee”
Irvine is arrogant and sadistic.
“I don’t kill the pretty ones. It’d be a waste”
Irvine is a disgusting person. Still, this may have revealed to Zay a weakness that she may be able to share with others and/or exploit.
“Helmsman Pressly is sweating profusely”
I love that the subordinates of the First Order are under so much stress. They don’t get paid enough for this.
“three hundred Knights of Ren – Ceadeus’s Gladiators”
Ceadeus almost seems to be something like Julius Caesar in that his men are more loyal to him personally than to any faction or doctrine.
“the loss of the Eclipse and its quarter of a million crew, even if they have to do it with their bare hands”
I wonder if there are people who are trading and dealing with all sides of this conflict while everybody else are killing each other.
“Irvine’s Archers”
No bond is unbreakable. What would it take to drive the Knights of Ren apart? (looks at Kylo) …in his last moments, his father Han forgave him. That image and memory would stay in Kylo’s mind forever. Kylo clearly holds Darth Vader in some sort of reverence, but is he aware of what Vader did to Palpatine? Luke was there; he saw it happen.
“Let the cowards live with shame”
I’m guessing that despite his considerable combat skills, Razoo would rather shoot his enemies in the back if he can.
“but his honor wins out”
I thought of Eddard Stark. (looks at the Battle of Shanxi in ME:HR) Hmm.
“ensuring that the Resistance cannot simply eject them into space”
This was a planned and coordinated assault. This battle was over before it even began.
“an army of Sith”
Darth Bane imposed the Rule of Two for a reason.
“he simply couldn’t adjust his tactics”
He has been fighting imperial ships for far too long.
Benjamin Martin in The Patriot: ‘That Gates is a damn fool. He spent too many years in the British army. Going muzzle-to-muzzle with Redcoats in open field…it’s madness. This battle was over before it began.’
“stumbles as he feels the Aleksandr’s pain”
Hmm. He has a personal connection to the ship.
“As long as even one ship survives It will keep the Resistance alive”
This is why Leia was captured. If they truly wish to put down the Resistance, they have to break its spirit. The Resistance are a tenacious and resilient enemy.
“It takes a Jedi to down a Dark Lord”
I wonder if someone in the First Order would carry out the equivalent of an Order 66 on the Knights of Ren.
“You’re our most important asset”
Wait, what?
“You need not perish for the False Princess’ crimes”
Discrediting and besmirching Leia. Propaganda is a powerful tool, and Ceadeus knows it. While he displays compassion to his men, Leia was forced to demote one of her most popular ace pilots.
“dogs of the First Order”
It had have crossed some of the Knights’ minds; why should they have to work with the First Order when they could take over and order THEM around instead?
“attempts to go out in a blaze of glory”
Many Rebel ships engaged enemy Star Destroyers at point-blank range during the Battle of Endor. This may be one of the fiercest conflicts in galactic history.
“shooting Ceadeus was an exercise in futility…in a swordfight, however, was an exercise in suicide”
How would Ceadeus fare in a fighter-ship?
“manage to nick Ceadeus’ armour here and there”
In the Clone Wars animated series, despite being ambushed in his sleep and drugged, Dooku manages to fight off his would-be assassins.
“Follow me to victory!”
Ceadeus’ death or capture would be a heavy blow to the Knights of Ren, and he knows it. He has practically built a cult of personality around himself. I wonder if the Resistance would attempt to spin the tale of this battle by stating that Ceadeus fled like a lowly beast with its tail between its legs the instant he sensed Luke Skywalker’s presence. Currently, the Knights of Ren are planning to deal with Luke specifically, which I say is wise of them. Perhaps they should try to arrange matters so that Luke would come to them rather than the other way around. For all his power, he is NOT invincible; he was mind-controlled, manipulated and imprisoned before Rey, Chewbacca, R2 and Razoo rescued him.
“Lovestruck Magnaguard”
“Random Wookiee”
I now want moments where a random Wookiee just shows up and runs screaming through the background, no matter how inexplicable.
“something he hasn’t felt in a long time”
There are no heroes in this story. The truly good and selfless ones are the first ones to die. Finn chose to join the Resistance after witnessing Kylo Ren committing atrocities. Now I’m thinking of Cao Cao vs Liu Bei.
“all those times Luke Skywalker had appeared, snapped his fingers, and just grabbed victory for the Rebellion”
The Knights of Ren probably hoped that Luke would be kept imprisoned long enough for them to destroy the Resistance. If so, they clearly did not account for Rey. Perhaps the one person who stands the best chance of defeating her could be Kylo…but he’s hardly in any condition to return to the war at present. Honestly, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Kylo were to one day snap and turn on everyone while remaining an enemy of the Resistance. He’s…in a very bad place right now. He could have just knocked out and captured his father. Instead, he chose to kill him. Chewbacca is not likely to ever forget what Kylo had done. Heck, he may be dreaming every time he sleeps of putting his hands around Kylo’s throat. Wookiees do not forget their friends.
“The Jedi! Again!”
Luke has now joined forces with Thrawn. I don’t envy the Knights nor the First Order’s chances now.
“unaccustomed to pretty women”
Jesus Christ, how does the First Order raise its stormtroopers?
“The two champions square off”
Razoo would probably have commented that it would have been better to just try to poison or drug Ceadeus in his sleep.
“an uglier aspect to his personality”
It is not in Poe’s nature to run away. Meanwhile, Razoo just wants to steal a ship and make a profit. I don’t blame him. Why should he get killed in this war? He only helped to rescue Luke out of a personal debt. I love that he was the one who shot down the Millennium Falcon.
“raining blow after blow against the gunshield”
Mahraccor goes for raw strength and power. I wonder what Luke’s preferred fighting style(s) is like.
“he makes the mistake of redirecting the last one to the ground”
Ceadeus may be immensely powerful, but what if you take away his weapons and armor away from him and leave him with not but a lightsaber?
“The pain! Glorious!”
I thought of the Templars in ME:HR.
“Envious…God’s gift is upon you”
These people are crazy. Yeah, let’s have these guys ruling the galaxy and writing laws and policies for galactic society.
“telekinetically manipulating”
Leia may not be a swordsman, but she has clearly put a lot of effort and time into training and studying in the Force.
“these scumbags”
The reason that the Eastern Front of the Second World War is the most brutal, bloody and vicious is due to the seething mutual hatred between the two powers.
“lands near Ceadeus”
Leia did that on purpose. Maybe Thrawn would use a similar tactic on a wider skill; take First Order soldiers or civilians supportive of the First Order hostage and threaten to execute them if the First Order does not comply with his demands.
“A duel is sacred to him”
What is with these Knights and their notions of honor? They engaged their enemy with far superior firepower and technology instead of on even footing.
“he sees nothing. Nothing…except her”
Mara is dead, but her ghost haunts Ceadeus. It gives him strength and rage.
“I have to make them pay!”
The only thing that increases from this war is the hate between both sides. It will escalate, and so will their atrocities.
“Following his training”
“Red Force Lightning”
…yeah. Said it before, will say it again; Leia in this story is more interesting than Luke. I’m starting to wonder if she even needs to be rescued. Palpatine did not need to wield a lightsaber in Return of the Jedi…
“I offered God’s mercy”
Oh, go kriff yourself, Ceadeus. These people and their holier-than-thou complexes…
“There is a tense moment”
Paxton does not agree with all of the actions of the First Order or of the Knights of Ren.
“Finn and Poe crash into Hangar Bay 4, and are quickly taken prisoner”
Oh, no. Let me guess; Finn is going to be tortured.
“the Resistance faces its darkest hour”
No wonder Thrawn chose that moment to show up. I’m guessing Leia wouldn’t be happy to see him.
“looks at the holographic image of his family”
Does he have any surviving family or relatives? Why did he join the Rebellion in the first place?
“half of the First Order capital ships are obliterated in an instant”
Jesus CHRIST. Oh my God, Luke is TERRIFYING. The First Order and (seemingly) the Knights of Ren don’t have any answer to him in direct battle.
“Every second he can deny the First Order”
In the end, his sacrifice was for naught. But so are many others in this damn war. This story is brutal.
“defiant cries”
I wonder what the First Order troops think of their enemy.
“a presence they haven’t felt in seven years”
Run. Run for your lives. He’d cut you all down in seconds.
“keeping his anger in check”
He is not Anakin. If anything, he is stronger than his father ever was.
It would be hilarious if Luke were to state that far from being an evil villain, Ceadeus is ultimately just a disappointment and should have stayed on the farm.
“hundreds of dead bodies”

“He should feel happy, instead”
They are just like you, Paxton. Something to think about.
“Paxton glares at him, angrily”
Ceadeus keeps only the best company.
“The Silver Book”
“His duty as a Jedi must always come first”
I am so looking forward to Luke’s dynamic with Thrawn in this story. Please take your time with it, Ignusdei.
“he’s more morally complicated than initially assumed, particularly by Luke”
Ceadeus strikes me as less evil and more insane. Something is very, very wrong with him.
“get ready for some Ivalice levels of political intrigue”
Yay! For me, the best scenes of Game of Thrones and Three Kingdoms (2010) are not the battles.
“who hasn’t got the full picture”
Nobody does. Everyone accepts their own narrative. What gets to me most is the sheer level of mutual hatred between the First Order, Knights of Ren and the Resistance.
“Kylo’s foil…would be Luke”
I grinned. Honestly, in my opinion Rey would be in less danger fighting Ceadeus than she would be against Kylo.
9/22/2019 c7 CMY187
(Part 2 of my review of Chapter 7)

…yeah, Rey really was lucky that she got roped into joining the Resistance.
“I could defeat a Sith Lord, young or old”
You’re getting cocky, Rey. You have never fought a true Sith Lord. Kylo doesn’t really count. If he were a full Sith, neither Finn nor Rey would have lasted fifteen seconds against him. To be fair, Rey had never encountered a true Sith yet.
“had it not been for Chewbacca, or Razoo, or Artoo, or Theo”
I like the writing in Shanghai Knights that the heroes could not defeat the villains single-handedly and even had to fight dirty. Also, the final duel ended very well in my opinion; Chon was hopelessly outmatched by Rathbone and finally decided that the only way to bring him down was to do something that would kill them both.
“It’s like I’m constantly being tripped up”
I don’t know if Rey’s power could even allow her to become a true Jedi.
“a sense of inner peace”
Luke in my opinion is NOT at peace. His power may become compromised in this story.
“Finn. Just Finn”
Finn worked in waste disposal, and he threatened to throw a First Order officer into a garbage compactor. Like Rey, I don’t know if he could become like the Jedi of the old order. Perhaps it may be time to compromise the teachings of the old ways. Currently, the Resistance are being aided by a commander who is arguably even more ruthless than the First Order.
“Go to sleep, and dream in peace”
It probably isn’t even all that uncommon for Padawans to develop paternal attachments to their Masters. (looks at the Sith policy of becoming a Master by killing their Master) Dammit.
“the constant hiss of a rebreather”
Finn is shellshocked. He was already a mess even before he defected to the Resistance. He chose to do so after being horrified by the massacre of civilians. If he were to witness Resistance units doing the same…
“thinking himself a prisoner”
Finn may rather die than fall into the hands of the First Order again.
“biomechanics expert”
Oh God I love this. Why am I getting David Sarif-vibes?
“an artificial spine”
When fighting Grievous for the final time as well as Anakin in Mustafar, Obi-Wan used the force to manipulate their mechanical/cybernetic body parts…
“bought and paid for by Leia Organa”
Finn really went above and beyond to aid the Resistance. He may be seen as an example of a very great threat to the First Order. There is a reason that the Germans used gas chambers during the Second World War; ordering their own soldiers to personally execute civilians adversely affected troop morale.
“born to have cyberware grafted into him”
Oh my God, he IS Jensen in this story! I love it! Now all we need are stupid sunglasses!
“flat tone and seeming lack of empathy”
Adasca probably works for the Resistance because the First Order wouldn’t hire or doesn’t appreciate his work.
“raze his home city…kill every adult they can find”
I guess that’s one way to force people to join your cause; take away everything else that matters to them.
“over and over again”
It must have been terrifying for him to duel Kylo in that snowy forest. He had seen what the man is capable of. Even wounded and driven mad by his own patricide, Kylo defeated and nearly killed him.
“Don’t let them take me away!”
I REALLY hope that the Resistance wouldn’t use Finn as propaganda to sway people to their side.
“Doesn’t…feel like we won”
They probably lost more people than the First Order did. It was a victory that may cost the Resistance the war.
“Who would put white blood bioware in me? I mean, I’m not important”
…I’m worried now. Maybe Rey isn’t the only person who sensed traces of the Force in Finn.
“Abnormal brain activity characterized by high Gamma and Theta waves”
I wonder – if he were in this universe – if Edgar Hein were to state that the Force and the use of it is simply another form of science. Even choking people and lifting heavy objects from a distance and shooting lightning bolts? Yes, even those.
“you’re going to be a Jedi! Congratulations, buddy!”
The training is gonna be hell.
“I can picture it already”
Poe is a romantic at heart, isn’t he?
“while Rey looks up at you with awe and admiration and maybe just a tiny bit of lust”
Poe writes fanfiction, doesn’t he? Who does he ship who with aside from Rey and Finn?
“isn’t the only one with a bone to pick with First Order”
Does the First Order honestly believe that they could take on the whole galaxy and win? They are making more and more enemies with every campaign.
“Fear, horror and terror”
Finn is my favorite character of The Force Awakens.
“A Jedi…?”
If so, Finn’s struggles are only just beginning.
“they’d just be nightmares”
I’m guessing that Thrawn sleeps just fine.
“the pilot eyes Poe through the thick transparisteel”
Poe’s got a stalker now, apparently.
“Corpses float among the debris”
How many casualties has this war incurred?
“keep their eyes peeled and report any danger”
The Resistance fleet had only recently come out of a major battle. Many of them are wounded and exhausted. The Knights of Ren struck at the right time and in the right place.
“nothing on the scopes”
This is bad. The Knights of Ren either have better tech or are able to disrupt that of the Resistance or both. Thrawn really chose the perfect time to reveal his presence and make his offer. The Resistance could not have been any more desperate.
“what First Order Mercy looks like”
Caedeus took many prisoners and spared many lives. He is a dangerous opponent who needs to be dealt with as quickly and decisively as possible. Unfortunately, he is part of a tight-knit unit, so infiltration and turn-coating may not be an option.
“They put one in every asteroid”
They already knew the location and that the Resistance fleet would be hiding there. They had all the time in the galaxy to prepare their attack.
“over two seismic charges detonating”
That explosion was probably detected or spotted from a very long distance away by anyone who might have been nearby.
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