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6/19 c26 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!

amazing cliffhanger, please dont stop!
6/10 c26 Eleesar
Please update! T_T
5/25 c26 26EternalKing
Honestly this is definitely worse than the inspiration it takes from. It’s so much more needlessly gritty and edgy and it’s interactions can’t even make up for it entirely. Maybe half of the interactions are actually interesting enough to warrant interest and it’s certainly not because Harry is a good protagonist in any sense.
5/24 c26 Darkness of Downunder
I have had some much fun re reading this after so long. I’m sad because it looks like this story will never be finished unless it’s on another website. I wish you the very best and hope this one day will be completed. Great story.
4/8 c2 Sid Lucas
The horicrux is in the scar and not in his soul so just cut around andnunder it
3/29 c20 bobel1990
when Draco Makes more Sense and Reason than Harry you KNOW something is Fucked up, like just kill the Fool after a Stunner out of nowhere and take the Diary or rape his Mind when he is Stunned . if he just wants to Kill Voldi why dont he Hunt down the Death wankers?! to get his Prisoner with a Mark so much shite left and right
3/26 c26 BG
This story has a really great concept and I feel you have developed Harry and friends really well. I hope you continue this story, as it is one of my favorites and I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for many years now.

The one complaint is that you have given Harry too much to deal with (Dark Goblins). I think if you just went back the central theme and continued the development of the characters, you would have a better story. Especially with Dumbledore being influenced by the diary.

I am guessing that Dumbles messed with Lily's mind to remove Harry. Waiting to see if that is the case in some shape.

Thanks again and I hope you continue.
3/28 c17 bobel1990
Its Disgusting how Ares Ignores Dumbles after the Stunt he Pulled... First thing in every universe Consequences be dammed woud be Killing him for the try to Stun him So Dumbles Basicly kills his Friends and Mother, Also for Touching Nova and Binding her Powers like WTF.
3/23 c9 Read Falcon
I really tried but I just can't. So much unnecessary shit to try and make it dark, gritty and realistic but just makes it uncomfortable to read. Adding all the blatant and rampant sexual assault hasn't really added anything to the story. Even then breifly mentioning how everyone was tortured and raped would of sufficed but the constant reminders and the descriptive nature (e.g. the bestial rape). If your gonna write about this stuff you need to do it well and have a good reason. It hasn't enhanced the storytelling or helped with any character building. It is just jarring and the way you normalise it and make it seem like only the MC cares is insane and insulting. Gritty and Cliche tropes don't mix.
3/23 c3 Read Falcon
Readers be prepared to read about his raging and explosive emotions, roaring and suffocating him constantly only suppressed by his skill in occulmancy, 4 chapters in and already in the double digits for these phrases
3/21 c26 yoganksri
absolutely loved the story and I hope that it is continued soon.
2/19 c26 batmansucks
why are you including the weasleys in the group considering how antaganistic they are towards anything in green and dumbasadoor... molly even in canon is a pain in the back side due to her hero worship and lack of critical thinking ... like hermonie she blindly follows whomever is in charge ... dumbasadoor is/was a very arrogant man who had all the highest positions for years and did a poor job at all of them and never sought out a replacement for those positions.
1/23 c3 Guest
uma merda de história
1/25 c3 fatandsquat
If i had a dollar for every time Harry sees-Harry sad-Harry uses Occlumency to keep his emotions in check, i would have enough to buy Ron a meal.
1/23 c26 Lord Mortensen
Cool! Please update it soon!
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