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8h c26 1The.Last.Prophet.123
why is flitwick getting off scot free wasnt him blabeering about the basilisk the thing that kick started it all in the first place!
and WHY IS HARRY such a frickin p**sy! no seriously everytime something happens he is like i have this long and convoluted plan which i am going to follow even tho the last 5000 similar plans i made didnt pan out at all!
no seriously great idea but it is executed so frickin poorly that it is UNBELIEVABLE. harry has SUPER powers but wont use them, is fing unstable as heck and lets windbags like umbridge who he knows just how dangerous she could be run roughshod all over him!
please pick a trai and stick with it, he cannot be both a fearles ultra magic warrior and a scared lillte boy scared to do anything.
not trying to be mea or anything but the story reads so frustratingly it boggles the mind.
your naruto story was much better to me BECAUSE you were willing to take risks and gave naruto a proper character. Here, one sec harry is one type next sec somehting else happens. same is cae with your story itself.
try giving it a readthru from begining, i think you will also find the same issues in your story
12/6 c11 The.Last.Prophet.123
one second you say harry is this ultra giga chad on dumbledore and voldemort's level next you have to create SO MANY plot contriavances to limit and nerf him
if you had to do all of that anyway why make him op?
if you cannot allow harry to go all out why allude to him having so much power!?
12/5 c29 Immaterium
Well I hope you will accomplish what you desire. And whether for 2 months or 2 years I will keep hope to see this story completed
12/1 c27 sadist34
Another break in continuity here is that you had Percy leave with the minister but he is now in the room with them.
12/1 c27 sadist34
I know that there was a large gap between the original posting of this chapter and the last, so I thought I would point out a break of continuity here: In the last chapter, Harry ordered Draco to incapacitate Lucius until he got back to deal with him, but here Lucius is apparently awake and patiently waiting in the room, which seems far from in character, either in Canon or how you have, albeit briefly, portrayed him in your story. Thought it was worth bringing up if you ever come back to this!
11/9 c29 Suffragius
Great storytelling! I enjoyed your different take in a Harry Potter from a different timeline not only going back in time, but also into an alternate universe where Harry is forced to grapple with his trauma while witnesses things that could have been.

I do like that you’re laying the foundations and fleshing out the polyamorous relationship. There’re so many fics that have that kind of element but the authors generally seem to force it or just pushes the narrative along to accommodate the pairing.

Another thing I like about your story is that you don’t shy away from hard topics. PTSD, physical and mental abuse, and sexual harassment. Deplorable as they are, they are good plot devices that help make your characters more fuller? They make your characters more emulatable, if I used that term correctly. Instead of making them be exactly as their source material depicts them, you expand on their personality and characteristics to make the story more entertaining and engaging.

Throughout the two weeks or so, I find myself reading your story while I’m at work (before shift starts, on breaks, and lunches), in bed during sleepless nights until I pass out, haha, and even upon The Throne of Porcelain (eww I know). ‘From Ruin’ was that interesting to me!

Although it saddens me to hear this story be placed on hiatus, I do wish you the best of luck in your writing profession. I eagerly await your next chapter installment whenever that may be. And may good fortunes be upon you and yours.
11/2 c29 Guest
like story
11/2 c29 tamagat
10/30 c16 A3g1s
He said someI have complete faith in the minister to make things worse." Bro, I'm dying! Hahaha!
10/30 c4 A3g1s
Umgubular Slashkilter, I read that in a different fanfic, it's what Luna called the MC.
10/30 c29 19orthankg1
Very nice.
10/29 c16 Grosvenor
Atendant not attending .
10/29 c27 orthankg1
Very nice
10/29 c29 Solstice07
Yoooooo you put the story on hiatus on the worst cliffhanger there is broo. The Lily confrontation has been building up since the story began, I was so invested in this. One more chapter couldn't have hurt, atleast it would give some sense of closure and the perfect middle point in the story. Right now, all I'm feeling is anger, this story was so good and the plot points were new and very interesting. Then you go and pull shit like this, I mean another 5k words couldn't take too long to write, and then you could have rightfully prioritised your financial condition. Okay that came out wrong. It's perfectly acceptable, hell I fully support your decision of putting this on hold to settle your life, but I mean 1 chapter was all it would've taken to leave your audience happy and satisfied at a perfect interval in the story. I hope you come back soon, and good luck!
10/17 c24 iiiiiioooooiiiii
plz what ever you do never write a story again so many problems in this story have extremely simple solutions that are even pointed out or referenced and yet you drag it out multiple times just for the sake of drama
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