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for The Adventures of the Blue Morpho

10/13/2021 c1 MiaMorn
Great read
9/17/2020 c10 Guest
this should be updated to gain more fans. with the batman the adventures continue comic out and the fact the venture bros have been cancelled right now we need it more than ever
9/4/2020 c10 3Wolfang21
Love this work can't wait to see more and the Gary/Kitten fluff just feels perfect and can't wait to see how they get together
7/18/2020 c10 Grocamol
This was a good story l, I do hope you come back to it
5/6/2020 c10 Guest
there's a new comic out, batman the adventure continues, that introduces jason todd to the dcau
1/27/2020 c10 Guest
you should watch harley quinn the show has something similar to the guild of calamitous intent
7/6/2019 c10 Guest
oh noticed this now it is Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, not Kent, unless you want to use Mr. and Mrs. Kent Nelson
7/6/2019 c10 Guest
Thank god for an update, love the interaction. still have a bit to go for spelling and grammar but it is not as bad as the beginning. since you did that movie any chance of a cameo later on from justice league vs fatal five since it is same feel different universe
7/7/2019 c10 17duskrider
Good to see some reactions to their home universe and I wonder how things will move foward.
7/5/2019 c10 nightmaster000
Now this is a awesome treat! I'm so happy you've decided to try to continue this story, and the new update was wonderful. :) Also I know it's a day late but I hope you had a Happy July 4th. :)

It greats to see Kitten and Drury now know about Gary's past, and I quite liked the touch of them watching the Venture Bros. I think now that all the cards are on the tables this information might very well bring them closer together.

Dr. Killinger isn't wasting anytime getting stuff done to say the least, much to the misfortune of the now former board of Dircectors.

I loved that little surprise at the end with Dr. Fate also known as Kent Nelson and his wife showing up to the Walker home like that for Dinner and going over business. I quite like the agreement Nabu and Killinger have reach with each other.
6/12/2019 c9 Guest
I hope this isnt abandoned, it is very rare to get a good venture bros crossover story. still take your time if you need it
4/7/2019 c2 2Naosj
It hurts my brain to fix those missing word typos and weird syntax sentences.
Gah, it gets worse at the chapter goes on. And from the sounds of the other reviewers, the grammar stays constant throughout all 90,000 words.

Yet the tone and plot seems solid for a Venture Bros fic (so far) even if it does feel like I am slogging through a machine translated light novel.
11/24/2018 c9 Guest
awesome surprise
11/24/2018 c9 nightmaster000
All around another brilliant chapter. OH and I know it's a bit late but I do hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

I really enjoyed seeing more flashback into Gary and Drury's past, this time how they met in the first place.

The emotional turmoil Killer Moth dealt with during this chapter was a great touch in my opinion. But it's good to see this turmoil didn't lead to Killer Moth showing mercy on Stromwell, One down only two to go before Killer Moth finally complete's revenge.

If Batman didn't have a grudge against KM and BM before he sure does now. A very touch with them leaving him alive but cacconed like that. I wonder what will go through Bruce's mind when he realizes that the two could have easily killed him. I could certainly see him wondering why they didn't kill him or at least take him prisoner.

I do wonder if the two will have to deal with any trouble or hazing from the criminal world for leaving Batman alive like that.

Another epic dream for Gary in having to deal with everyone from his past who he's killed. I really loved how Gary shined and came on top of his demons in that nightmare.

But my favorite part this chapter is the long awaited arrival of Dr. Henry Killinger to the DC Universe! :) I'm really been looking forward to this and can't wait to see how he guilds the DC villains.

I also loved how his entire introduction went at the end of the chapter, including Drury and Kitten's first meeting with him.
11/4/2018 c8 Guest
interestingly the mutant gang also appeared in the btas episode legends of the dark night
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