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11/11/2003 c5 Kathy
OH! Please don't stop! I read the fifth book too and i still love this fic! I'm so interested in finding out what happens, you can't stop now! And this is nothing like the plot in the 5th book so it doesnt matter that the fifth book came out!
10/25/2003 c5 Hezza
No... Don't stop now,i read the 5th book before i read this, and i loved it. Please dont stop :(
7/15/2003 c4 pat
pls get tha next chap in soon!

cant wait for it!
5/26/2003 c4 KathyGirrl
This is a really good story! You must write more! Please!
5/26/2003 c4 3hpforever1
I definitely don't think that that last chapter was to long. Actually it was way to short. I really think that you have a great start! It's going on my favorite stories list! Just one thing, you said that Kevin Entwhistle was the Ravenclaw seeker, but you made it seem like Cho was too. In the books its Cho. Please clarify.
5/26/2003 c4 coconut-ice22
I have read things that have been about 4 times the length of this, and it still hasn't held me as captivated as this story does. Please keep on writting.
5/26/2003 c4 1rachellah
wow! that was great... more!
5/26/2003 c4 5rainbow-rider
Hey, this is good- keep writing! Especially write the rest of the match- you've got the atmosphere just right!GO GRYFFINDOR!
4/19/2003 c3 1Hell's Reaper
Hey keep it up this is a great fic with a great start.
4/16/2003 c2 Arifi
Amazing! You completely captured the essence of Ron and Hermione, although I do have a hard time picturing Harry in the role of quidich captin. Wouldn't it be more likely for one of the older, more experienced team members to assend the role of captain? Wish you had continued the story. I really enjoyed reading it.
4/15/2003 c2 39Mornings Light
Cool story! I really love it, I can't type as much as I want to as its too late, but this story is fabulous and very different, I really like it how Parvati is made part of the plot (and you can spell her name) and I like how well you can characterise people, not many authors can, this is a lovely fanfic and continuing it would be the best! I'm kind of surprised that there arn't many reviews for it, strange, as it surpasses many that have reviews! :)

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