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for In-Between Both Worlds

8/6/2018 c1 X3runner
Is jaune going to form friendships or bonds with the “bad” guys? If it eventually becomes a struggle to think of himself as just jaune or just marigold because an identity crisis seemes like something jaune could go through especially if he sees himself or herself as making more progress and being more respected with the as his female baddy persona. Jayne is at the bottom of the rungs in becon when it looks like he’s climbing and gaining respect in the underworld plus time with Neo is always a plus. I like the potential this story has and the setup especially with the whole what happens to the gear and the injury’s.
8/6/2018 c1 1Fyr RedNight
So this is where One Soul, Two Bodies got its inspiration huh?

Well it definitely shows. And in a way that that still set it apart from this story, might I add.

Speaking of which, this story picked my interest, I'm curious to know what you'll make and it.

Until next time!
8/6/2018 c1 Just another Nobody of Nowhere
This is good and I hope you continue it.

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