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3/22 c1 RunMyOne
Bro PLEEEEASE finish fanfic i read it and got too attached. Ill give u a donation of 5 dollars so please PLEASE continue
12/24/2020 c1 nightcore2134
I really hope you didn't lose interest in this story. So far it's been pretty good. Actually It's been so great that I've been able to set aside my inner-grammer-nazi and just enjoy the storyline. Please update soon! You've been telling an awesome romance story and it'd be a damn shame too let it go to waste, However I can forgive you for not writing If you accidentally passed away and are no longer able to keep writing. Merry ChristmasHappy Holidays author
11/14/2020 c6 3Stalking Fan
mahahhahaha. Eclispa and Marco being smart together is always good.
6/2/2020 c6 Lenizu
I like this chapter an i would like to read some more
5/16/2020 c6 Andrrep
I hope you return to this story so, it is creative and well-written.
5/6/2020 c6 Adam
This fic is one of the more creative ones I ever seen, so it would be shame for it to die. Please continue it, it's really good
4/23/2020 c6 Dick pic 13
I could edit for you. I'm not sure if this is any good but here's some of my work: Ch 1

Irritation ratified Eclipsa's eyes when they found sunlight. She rolled on her side, pulling the velvet blanket, over her face. Eclipsa smiled, but the momentary upturn of her lips twisted to a frown.

"I can't be late for my study lessons." She muttered.

Eclipsa is well accustomed to her routine: get dressed, eat breakfast, then take her lessons.

Reluctant to separate herself from the comfort of her bed, Eclipsa pushed the warm blanket aside and opened the veil drapes. She slipped on a pair of bunny slippers while sitting up, and stretched her arms, releasing a deep yawn.

She made her way across the room, her smile returned at the thought of admiring her flower garden. Stopping at the window, The young princess leaned over the wimdow ceil as she breathed in deeply. A less aromatic scent hit her instantly.

She frowned stronger this time. Her sluggish mind, refocused on a wooden fence, along with several houses, each a different size with there own unique changes.

Looking at the unfamiliar back yard, Eclipsa wondered where she was for a moment? Yesterday's memories came one by one.

Recognition clicked back in place."Oh yeah," she chuckled dryly. "I live here... For now." She felt a void in her chest, deepen but not for long. Remembering the fun she had with Marco brought some comfort.

"I have a friend here, at least." Saying the words alone sent a rush through her.

Without any princess responsibilities to weigh her down, and a friend to keep her company in this new environment, Eclipsa felt vigourous. She closed the windows and walked back towards her bed, with a spring in her step, and right there leaning on the wall, is her wand. Grasping the parasol sent a pleasant shiver down her arms.

Angling her wand in the air, the purple orb on top glows, and from her wardrobe, clothes of her choice fly out. Not wishing to waste daylight, she quickly changed out of her sleeping robes into a long purple dress with a white collar, Flat shoes, black stalkings and white silk elbow-high gloves. Using simple telekinesis, Eclipsa floats the body mirror, before her to examining the outfit. She brushed through her long green strands and took a moment to look at her gloves.

She forgot to put them on yesterday because of the stress she was in that morning, but now, she wore them out of habit.

'Like a proper Princess, appearances are everything,' a snobbish tone answered in her head.

"I'm not in the castle anymore." A thrill ran down her spine, as she tossed the gloves aside. While the sleeves were no longer itchy due to months of practices, she prefers her hands to be able to breathe. Despite the brief satisfaction, the image in the mirror, isn't good enough in her eyes.

Inspiration struck.

She quickly elevated two accessories: a black ribbon and a long blue cloth. Setting her wand on the bed, Eclipsa pulled her hair back with the black ribbon, and wrapped the blue cloth around her waist, tying it into a bow on her back.

The dress was fitted against her curves. Eclipsa liked the puffed out skirt. Now satisfied she stepped out of her room, already noticing the noise from downstairs. "I hope I didn't oversleep."

Making her way downstairs, Eclipsa saw him. "Marco!"

Eclipsa took eager steps that match her tone. She passed by the kitchen, receiving a quick "hello" from his parents. Then sat herself next to Marco on the couch, who's just about shrugging off the surprise from the earlier greeting.

"Hey, Eclipsa," he waved casually, putting down the controller. He let the television become background nose. "Sorry for not waking you up early. My parents thought it'd be better for you to slept in on your first day."

"I don't mind," Eclipsa relaxed into the couch. Her eyes still on him. "Now I have energy for the entire day."

More importantly, she slid closer, getting him to look nervous. "I know we planned to go to the mall, but is it possible for me to get some magic practice before we do?" She whispered.

It only took a moment to smile in reassurance. "Sure, we can visit the mall any time." Eclipsa had a feeling he'd agree, but it felt nicer to hear him say it.

"After you're done with the practice, you can come back here and then we can go shopping."

Before he could finish, her lips already curved downwards, "Marco, what? You're staying here?"

His gaze drifted elsewhere as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I thought you likes to keep that stuff private? Y'know Without distractions."

"Marco, you're not a distraction." Eclipsa's eassuring tone was followed by a smile. "I'd like my friend to be with me. I promised to show you a new world, my world, and I'll keep that promise."
4/20/2020 c6 SonicMax
Not gonna lie I had this page open on my phone since it came out but I do like this story I hope you pick it up again soon.
3/30/2020 c1 yaitravka
Really cool story and well-written characters. Look forward to a new chapter with impatience :)
3/14/2020 c6 Isabelle
I love Eclipsa's growing relationship with Marco, it's sweet and not rushed or forced feeling at all, I'd love to hear more about Skywynne, Jushtin, and Solaria. Amazing writing job, I'd love an update. I would love to see more.
1/10/2020 c6 45Tziput13
Another chapter with a focus on Eclipsa and Marco having some fun together. To be honest I wasn’t expecting her to be diving into the dark arts this early and without any sense or tension that could be related to a ‘doing forbidden things’ situation, which I’d have guessed would’ve been the case. I might be forgetting something since it’s been a while since I read the previous parts, but I’ll take this is the case because Eclipsa feels more free to do what she wants in the new environment, where there is no judgement to be given apart from Glossaryck’s neutral wisdom and Marco’s fearful uncertainty. I’ll take it though, after all this makes for some original situations compared to the ones we saw in the show!

I appreciate that small reference to what happened to Eclipsa’s grandmother in the past. Even if small these little tidbits here and there help a lot with the worldbuilding and make it all the more fun to put the puzzle pieces together and understand what’s going on.

I'll be waiting for the next part!
12/21/2019 c6 biob1
Interesting so far
12/21/2019 c1 biob1
Nice start
12/20/2019 c6 The Book of Eli
Its a safer version of pet cemetery still gross. But i like how Marco can understand his fear of magic users as well as like being around them. Hopefully this doesn't become a stockholm situation in the future...
12/15/2019 c6 The Opinionator
Good chapter. It was a bit of a wait but I hope you have a little bit more of the story is fleshed out so that new chapters can be uploaded sooner.

No pressure though! I'm just excited about your Marco x Eclipsa story.

As a suggestion; try and ask some other fans or fanfiction writers for advice.
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