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for What the Future Holds

6/17 c9 1Babyi.G
This whole this is just brilliant man, I’m excited for how it will end
3/29 c9 Analena
This chapter is both ridiculous and hilarious, the teams urging Len and Sara to "get it on". How weird is that! Thanks for this, especially as time-travel stories are notoriously difficult to keep on track.
3/28 c9 the little bookworm princess
Lmao everyone cheering them on is so funny
2/21 c8 3Love'sHeronstairs
I'm in tears.
Was so sad. Hope Leonard can save the day with his family.
1/23 c6 1estefaniasoto826
Please keep going
12/14/2020 c1 3Love'sHeronstairs
Omg the best captain canary's ff i've ever read.
I hope you don't left the story bc it's fantastic.
Til the nex update.

6/4/2020 c6 6quinlan myst
yes i luved this mann
5/22/2020 c1 Guest
5/5/2020 c6 GHLover3
I love this story! Please continue writing!
5/4/2020 c6 5Zuiri
️ I’m still reading! And am so happy you’ve updated! Definitely one of my favorite Snart Sara stories! Can’t wait for more!
5/4/2020 c6 Analena
I'm really enjoying this story, I just re-read it from the beginning to remind myself of what's been going on. Ralph, Cisco and Ray are so funny - especially Ray - always the romantic! But, never mind Raimy - you're torturing your readers here by keeping Leonard and Sara apart! Please update soon I for one am dying to find out what happens next!
5/3/2020 c6 1Babyi.G
I'm still reading, always gonna love it x
5/3/2020 c6 6to17
I love future kids and Captain Canary. This is such a creative story that I love to read. Can't wait to see where you take this.
5/3/2020 c6 1southernsyracuse
I've been reading and rereading all the Captain Canary I can find. its still my favorite ship to this day. Please keep writing. I'll always read and make more of an effort to review.
5/3/2020 c6 7RockinJ'RodeoRebel
Please continue writing this! I NEED to know what happens!
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