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11/23 c1 James
Don’t insult my waifu
10/10 c6 12Strykor1977
Whoops, missed Hibiki when Izuku started the K-Touch.
9/16 c6 kamenrider50q
Hey can you make a MHA tokumei Sentai go busters story reaction that's the awesome story
4/13 c9 4Monster King
3/1 c9 zakthelion3333
Will this get updated soon
2/8 c8 5StarDracoFire
Hope you can do them react to Super Sentai.
2/1 c8 Guest
1/7 c8 zakthebeast3
Can you do chapter 10 as legacy of power dimo thunder
11/28/2021 c9 zakthebeast3
Can you do a kyoryuger chapter with izuku being kyoryu red
7/16/2021 c9 Grue
Let me add in, that even Phantom shows signs of biased by unintentionally forgetting to put All Might in the rest of the story after what happened. He actually left a author's note admitting that he forgot to put All Might be in the story more in one of his few chapters of that story.
7/16/2021 c9 Grue
Yeah, I can't stand the story they just watched due to how biased Phantom is (in that specific story) towards All Might by bashing him and stuff. You can obviously tell the way Izuku acted SO OOC with him hating and being bitter towards All Might.

Even Raizer must've ragged on Phantom for that when the audience wasn't watching them or before this watching fiction began.
4/21/2021 c9 1HyroTheGodOfFiction
This is a great story so far! I jut thought I should suggest some things to react to(with characters changed in some cases as you see fit):
Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode 4 legacy of power
Legend of the white dragon teaser (BatInTheSun)
SAO Abridged
Hellsing ultimate abridged
DBZ Abridged
Fairy Tail season 1 episode 1
Natsu vs Jellal (in the tower of heaven)
3/24/2021 c9 M
Would love to see a Dio like villain izuku with The world
3/13/2021 c9 Guest
Kamen rider amazon omega deku
2/25/2021 c6 pleezy
can you make a kamen rider kuuga vs daguva final fight scene where izuku fight daguva in a last fight please do it for me thank you.
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