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2/18/2021 c9 Mad Cap
When are you going to do a non Karen Rider chapter?
2/10/2021 c9 11Phoenix Warehouse Productions
...can I send gifts like I do for other reaction fics?
2/2/2021 c9 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter
1/24/2021 c4 Skykitsune
Huzzah. Kobayashi.
1/23/2021 c8 ZirioAkatsuki
Yay! GoH! Its not Izuku but whatever! Denki's also cool!
1/21/2021 c8 1Sesshoru
Mira should be Tooru.
1/20/2021 c8 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
1/20/2021 c8 5Ainz oal gown
A chapter on Hokuto no Ken would be sweet if you know what it is
1/20/2021 c8 17duskrider
Nice I love GoD!
1/15/2021 c4 TeraelinII
yeah I know that yellow hair girl the horns redhead in the white haired daughter its Miss Kobayashis dragon maid Tohru Kobayashi and Kana
1/15/2021 c7 4Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter
1/15/2021 c7 Anime100
OMGosh; thank you for the update. Am excited and can't wait for the next chapter

This might be too late but Happy New Year

PS: Kaminari is definitely shown more than everyone else (minus Izuku). I'm not complaining; it's awesome

Ugh hope that pervert gets his just dessert (growls at mineta)
12/31/2020 c6 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update very soon

Will they all watch more of the Heisei Generation of Kamen Riders or will they move onto Super Sentai Heisei/Reiwa and Ultraman Heisei/Reiwa?

Please stay warm, safe and sound
11/30/2020 c1 TeraelinII
ayyeee 69 thousand words ayyeeee
11/23/2020 c6 Jose
I love kamen riders I can't wait for the next chapter
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