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9/12/2019 c20 5Bgrangerweasley
Great story!
6/18/2019 c19 Guest
Really lovely idea for the ceremony, I adored it
6/18/2019 c20 Guest
That was too funny! Rita can really be a b****
6/11/2019 c19 2Beedle
I am both happy and sad at finishing this story, having read it in two halves over along period. Both halves were mightily enjoyable. I would like this and Healing to truly be what happens after the seventh book!
I look forward to reading Ever when you have time to write again! Thank you for your beautiful stories.
6/11/2019 c18 Beedle
Teehee. Fleur made me chuckle a lot. "'is socks? My dear, it will knock off everything he is wearing also." and "Did you think you will paste photos in an album tonight? If so, zen we shall have a little talk, shall we?" ...both very amusing. She is an excellent older sister for Ginny!
I really like all the Celtic links. There is something very magical about the Celts and the language fits perfectly into a wizarding wedding.
6/11/2019 c17 Beedle
Haha, excellent roasting! The poor guys!
"Harry could only hope it was mild Butterbeer or they were going to be comatose by noon" - brilliant :)
I love Hagrid's part in this too, once the silliness is over. Lovely ceremony.
6/11/2019 c16 Beedle
The house sounds awesome! Totally transformed. I love the idea of them living happily together here and finally using Harry's inheritance from Sirius for good instead of the place just mouldering away. I really feel that this would have happened if JKR had continued, there's no way that Harry would have just let it crumble away.
I also love that Neville fixed up the garden for them! :)
6/11/2019 c15 Beedle
Haha, I love this. "I will discuss the situation with my wife. I can't help that you are sitting nearby." The ensuing "secret" conversation was very funny, this was a great chapter!
And before that, Luna's wonderful. So very Luna, and her simple "Thank you for letting me be your friend" was touching, she is still so sweet and childlike, and grateful for their friendship.
6/11/2019 c14 Beedle
Oh, interesting developments, here. At first I smiled when I read about the secret plans the family were brewing - no quiet betrothal after all, but a big Weasley party and a enormous buffet cooked by Molly! But then not just a party...a hand-fasting...what a conundrum. They are right, traditions are cool, but it isn't right to foist them upon the kids and give them no say in it. I wonder how this will turn out...
On a side note, roasting sausages on the bonfire...Mmmm, excellent idea! :)
6/11/2019 c13 Beedle
I love how Ginny takes care of Luna when she has nothing. She'll be in the best hands!
3/26/2019 c12 Beedle
Everyone loves a squooshy couch! Haha, no seriously, I like Harry's plans for furnishings. I'm lad he is going simple, comfy and not fancy. I was starting to get worried he was going to go overboard with spending all his money on fancy stuff. Glad that he is being sensible about it.
3/26/2019 c11 Beedle
Ahaha. Love this too. Fleur is the perfect person to help them choose honeymoon clothes! I do like how you explore thing that could end up being sentimental and don't overdo it, so it is just sweet and humorous instead.

Really excited to see the five of them living in the newly done-up Grimmauld Place. It's going to be amazing when they are through. It'll be last able to do their own thing.

"Problem? Nah. We'll just get rid of the walls." chuckle... (BOOM) :)
3/26/2019 c10 Beedle
Aww, this was one of my favourite chapters so far. I'm so glad that asked Luna...that is four perfect sponsor choices, in my opinion!

I knew Ginny was going to have a mini-break down at some point...not about money (yet?) but it was just SO much for a 16-year-old. I'm so glad Harry instantly understood and also doesn't expect her to start having kids right away or anything. Lovely as Molly is, I can see Ginny wanting to have a career first.

Loved the whole bit about the pizza, that was funny and made me hungry too...I'm sure all the uninitiated witches and wizards would be in instant heaven, and it was so funny how Ron was converted back to liking mushrooms. I always love scenes where Muggle and magical worlds meet harmoniously!

I also suspect Seamus is going to blast that tapestry and Mrs Black's portrait off the wall rather spectacularly :)
3/26/2019 c9 Beedle
Poor, poor Luna. What a sad chapter. But I just loved seeing Molly doing what she absolutely does best. Tea with a soothing tonic, hot fresh pie and bread with extra butter while she comforts her...then a hot bath and soft bed! How could she not feel better? :)
3/26/2019 c8 Beedle
Ouch...feels like Harry is being pretty pushy with his money here, even with the best of intentions, he should really discuss things more tactfully first (e.g. the anonymous transfers to Arthur's account arranged at Gringotts in front of Ginny without asking her!). It's understandably overwhelming for Ginny and uncomfortable for Ron too, even if Harry is right about having plenty to repay. I can see Ginny having an argument about this at some point! Harry's totally good-hearted but he might not realise how it comes off to others...
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