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10/1/2018 c1 h
Pretty fat
8/10/2018 c1 1KittyCoolCat16
Cool job. I got a request.

Can you do Finding Nemo in Annie. However it's going to be Andy instead due to having a male doing the lead role of Annie.

Nemo can be Andy
Bennie, a oyster pet, can be Sandy
Pearl can be Molly
Tad can be Peter (Male Version of Pepper)
Sheldon can be Tomson (Male Version of Tessie)
Kathy can be Kate
Squirt can be Dennis (Male Version of Duffy)
Maddi, an OC of mine, who is a yellow tang, can be Joey (Male Version of July)
Marlin as Daddy Warbucks
Dory as Grace Farrell
Hank as Punjab
Rachel, another OC, who is a grey nurse shark, as Miss Hannigan
Bruce as Rooster Hannigan
Betty, another OC, who is a tiger shark, as Lily St. Regis
Charlie as Franklin D Roosevelt
Jenny as Eleanor Roosevelt
Crush as Bert Healy (The one who sings 'Never Fully Dress Without A Smile')
Three Female Turtles can be the back singers for Bert
Bailey as the butler leader
Destiny as the maid leader
Mr Ray as Mr Bundles
Oscar, Max, Zachary and Chris, Another OC, who one is a tomato clownfish, one is a bluefish, one is a moonfish and finally one is a leafy sea dragon, are the bullies to Sandy, the dog
Gil as the cop
Bloat as the dog catcher
Rest of the school fishes are the orphans
Peach, Deb and the rest of the female fishes are maids or casual people outside the orphanage
The other tank gang members, Chum, aanchor and the rest of the male fishes are butlers, servants or casual people outside the orphanage

It's your choice but do the 1982 version please if your actually going to do it :)

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