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6/15/2023 c7 1SirCalamarus956
I like the general concept of this story, but I feel that there are some things that are a little annoying and that could be revised if you continue with this Fanfic or write a new version of it at some point in the future.

Ben seems too underpowered here. Seriously, all the fanfics with Ben in the world of OPM consider him weak, I think that the fact that Ben 10 is a cartoon for kids makes the impression, but if you take into account what some of Ben's transformations are capable of: Gravattack once accidentally created a black hole; Way Big can destroy moons with just his laser beams; Chromastone was able to absorb and redirect a multidimensional deity's energy blast; Upchuck ate something that could destroy the sun and casually lifted approximately 10 tons with his tongue - Honestly, Ben would be one of the most powerful beings in the OPM universe, surpassing almost every character, aside from Saitama himself whose strength is made to defy logic. Not to mention that Ben could collect the DNA of other life forms such as Boros, Groribas and Geryuganshoop to use their powers.

Obviously Ben is not invincible, he can still be arrogant, he doesn't always choose the right alien for the situation (usually thinking with his fists), and he wouldn't be comfortable with the idea of killing his opponents (at least at first).

I also share a little of the Guest's opinion (the comment just below that one). I think you should keep the story simple, it would be more fun to see Ben adapt to the world he is in, interact with the other characters and heroes, go on adventures and see him deal with the fact that he will never see his family and friends again; So letting Ben talk to Gwen so early in the story takes a lot of that weight out of his currently situation. Also, I don't know how I feel about this OC, it doesn't really match the story in my opinion...
3/27/2023 c7 Guest
the story is good but why bring kevin over?
why even the servantis part author?
i know this is coming late but it seems you are placing yourself in a writer’s block by introducing cross universe characters this early on in the story.
we the readers mainly came to see ben 10 and how he’d work in one punch mans universe.
that and tatsumaki and fabukis tits and a sS.
i’m gonna be honest the ersi part is actually for once sorta fine as most authors don’t know how to write a godlike being properly and make sections with them cringe and badly written.
i just wana see ben 10 and more of tatsumaki and fabuki if possible really don’t understand or care about servantis or kevin.
it is already hard enough reading the story when 60% of it is saitama and 40% about ben.
we don’t need another protagonist its legit bad writing.
almost as bad as those dead fics where the author has like 4-7 protagonists all running around at the same time that die after the 1st chapter after the author realizes how much of a terrible idea it was.
2/4/2023 c1 Guest
Man I hope this continues I really wanna see the end my guess was that saitama was gonna fight the alien x gladiator
11/3/2022 c2 El Espectador
although this is a fanfic and you dictate what happens, in a situation like this ben would have tried to save all those who died because of the giant using clockwork
10/11/2022 c7 Jhony Chombo
Me gusta la historia continuala porfa
7/26/2022 c4 Primus1661
While the story is interesting, I am getting tired of Ben losing every single fight.
2/6/2022 c2 3morijingod
Read up to chapter 2 and I don't really like how underpowered Ben is like seriously Way big would BODY big brother waybig can destroy planets with his beams and overpowered an incursion ray that destroyed pluto in seconds and ultimate waybig can hurt the Daigon which is btw living energy and what do you mean more agile waybig has been said to have super speed in that one episode of ultimate alien when he faced off against that trash monster so it's cannon while not as fast as fastrack he needs to build it up i think

Also again Ultimate Humongosaur would Body Vaccine man a normal Vaxasaurian at base height could lift waybig with mild effort(that's cannon) and when he goes full 60ft he is 6 times stronger in his fight with vilgax there fists collided and sent an earthquake AND a shockwave through the city now Ultimate Humongosaur(as Albedo) BODIED Ben in 3 hits but was and his fight against an army of vilgax's army took on over a thousabd of humongosaurs before being overpowered

Ultimate Echo Echo literally caught a planet busting Nuke at point blank range yeah almost killed Ultimate Kevin who had all the durability and powers of over 20 of ben's bests abd strongest aliens

Here is more feats that you should be aware of and you can watch from here /4h6pQR6uWDU

Overall great fanfic so far but again hate how underpowered Ben is he can basically solo the verse excluding Saitama and GOD but i hope ben gets a Boros transformation
12/28/2021 c7 greendani10
cuando continuaras la historia? o siquiera la continuaras
12/4/2021 c7 EDER
Buen capítulo bro, acabo de terminar de leer el capítulo 7 y Estoy ansioso por leer otro capítulo, realmente Ben 10 aquí está muy enfadado por ti, demonios incluso hicistes que la chica psíquica me cayera muy mal, realmente ben debe forjar el respeto en este nuevo mundo, ¿Pero cuándo vas a actualizar?, envía un mensaje bro...
11/21/2021 c7 naufalrakha0104
Nice. Need more of this
8/25/2021 c7 MegaloMania12345
Please update soon this is the best Ben 10 and One Punch Man Crossover i've seen
8/14/2021 c1 Guest
Guys, no one needs to volunteer to start changing these stories, just like you are with the original characters and their stories, because soon enough there will be fanfictions of fanfictions.
8/1/2021 c7 25NewMystery356
Binged this in a couple days, VERY interesting story, love the way that Ben encountered Saitama and had his worldview changed. I honestly thought Diamondhead could handle Saitama's "Normal Punch" and only get a LITTLE dinged, but to get a crater in his stomach... And for Beefcake to be something not even Way Big could contend with... Ben's going to have to get way more inventive with his Aliens if he wants to handle the Demons and Dragons.
He can AFFORD to half-ass it against Wolves and Tigers, circumstances providing, but against City or Multi-City-Busters, he's going to have to re-learn what it means to be a Hero. And that he's being punished for Playing God in that sense is very fitting, since the world of OPM is a lot darker than back home where things HAPPENED to go well for him. I'm eager to see how the "fight" between Tatsumaki & Saitama will go, and if Saitama will get bumped up to S-Class from C if Ben and/or Tatsumaki vouch for him.
OH! Since the Omnitrix turns Ben into the Prime Subject of each species, would he be AS-strong as Boros thanks to the Data Dump, or does the Omnitrix's version of Boros' species have the potential to be even STRONGER? Then again, there are a TON of powerful Aliens on the Dark Matter Thieves' ship, so Ben could go balls to the wall with his DNA Scanner. I'm curious how Boros' species would be able to handle the higher-ups in the Monster Association.
I also kinda wanna see Garou fight Ben as The Worst, and Garou completely exhausts himself against Ben's Atrocian form.
Anyway, great story, hope it isn't Dead. Looking forward to next time!
4/28/2021 c5 Guest
Since this is omniverse ben he's actually 16 in the series don't know how you lost that fact; since alien supposed to take place in a year as , but its an interesting story. Thought this would continue since there is hardly any or barely progressed stories. Half effort except that one story with garou.
3/12/2021 c7 Guest
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