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for Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan (old)

1/12 c4 LOL
1/2 c1 Guest
I agree with the other guy quit writing. Your works are luck luster, great start but mediocre story execution. I get that is supposed to be a fanfic, but damn you suck at writing.
12/15/2019 c3 5Kian Xki
You Nerfed him a lot to keep up with the plot

(diot ballnerf)*109999

Someone who can break a planet should not be taken out so easily by a sneak attack, not when YOU JUST SAID that he can move faster than sound, easily catch who knows how many bullets and has an indestructible KI barrier

There was no need for a 'terminal' infection when knock out gas or simple paralisys poison (gas) would have worked

The fact that your terminal illness needs 10,000% to be deathly makes it worst, a vampire that is not harmed by sun, has no need for blood and lacks all of the perks and cool powers
11/3/2019 c6 8KidGokuSupremo
La razón de que tu historia no resultara es porque usas el personaje equivocado, debiste usar al Kid Goku Dragon Ball saga de la Red Ribbon que tiene mucho más carisma que Gohan y con un poder más adecuado para este mundo por lo que no tendrías que nerfearlo como lo hiciste con Gohan , porque sí, nerfeaste demasiado a Gohan quien en su forma base podía vencerlos a todos fácilmente, no entiendo porque la gente hace fanfics llevando a personajes ultrapoderosos para luego nerfearlos cuando pueden llevar personajes en el momento que tienen un nivel adecuado para la historia, porque sinceramente los personajes de Black Bullet no son tan fuertes como para siquiera enviar a alguien de DBZ, ese fue tu error, y pues es bueno que seas autocrítico. El fanfic es muy al estilo del autor APK Gratis.
9/28/2019 c6 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Gohan is so Nerfed here... Master Roshi in the very first dragon ball series broke the moon...

Gohan can rain down ki blasts at the level V Gastrea to oblivion.

He can CONTROL his Ki like throwing a ball of ki up in the air and have it extend like a Ki barrier or make it expload in the snap of a finger.

Gohan's Stamina is impossibly low... Seriously? Just using ki blasts with a power level of uhm.. 20 each tires his millions and millions of level of power?

Gohan instead of turning into a Gastrea he turns into a full blooded saiyan. Wait no. How about having him with a dragon tail and a bit of a scaly skin but still a saiyan because saiyan genes said.

Or make him grow feathers in various parts of his body, like his elbow?

Or just make him turn into a saiyan ape that has angel wings without furr?
9/19/2019 c3 4Hypnoyoukai
Doc is pedophile confirmed
9/12/2019 c4 27Don Orbit
Okay, your story is in general not a bad idea and I can see why you nerfed Gohan, but he's nerved to a degree that is just ridiculous. A normal super saiyan is already strong enough to fight toe to toe with Frieza in his strongest form, when his weakest form is already enough to destroy a planet almost casually.

Gohan would easily have killed that Stage V Gastrea when in the series the reason for using varanium is that it prevents the gastrea's regeneration abilities. The ladder of heaven is basically just shooting a projectile out of that metal like a rail gun. A kamehameha is literally nothing but pure energy. While it doesn't stop the regeneration, it'd simply disintegrates those cells to nothingness. One shot and Scorpio wouldn't have been able to regenerate when there is absolutely nothing left of it to regenerate from.

Also you don't have to say that you made up the sharktopus gastrea back there. Basically you could take any possible combination of limbs and body parts of actually existing animals and call the chimeric being a gastrea, because that's basically what they are.
7/8/2019 c5 4Hypnoyoukai
master roshi and piccolo destroyed the moon so gohan should easily destroy it too
3/17/2019 c6 Guest
Your story is great
3/14/2019 c4 Eugene DC Flores
Why gohan is so weak on this?
His speed massively Hypersonic x100 that to full powered super saiyan, dafuq you smoking at?
That shield can handle the ki infuse punch that can destroy planets
2/23/2019 c6 Guest
Is Gohan technically now a cursed child
1/8/2019 c6 Guest
Thank you so much
11/20/2018 c5 Guest
This story is good and I can already tell that it's going to get even better in future chapters and I want to see it until the end so please continue
11/16/2018 c5 1The D20 Gamer
This is great. This is just something of personal thoughts so take it with a grain of salt, Just why hasn't the Govt captured him in his sleep. They seem to be going really light on him. Other than that 10/10.
9/12/2018 c5 Seven Suns Coster Market
Interesting. Looking forward to your next chapter. In the meantime I'm going to make one of my own.
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