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8/13/2016 c12 james.douglas.fraser
Love it
7/5/2006 c13 14Laifan
Hi! I love your writing and this story is one of my fav and you don't update it for ages. You big meanie. Just kidding :-) I know sometimes it's complicated to continue writing on a certain story but I just wanna make sure you don't forget there are avid fans waiting for the end. Keep up the good work!
2/13/2006 c13 5SonChan
aw, I'm really enjoying this so far! There are quite a few funny parts in here, and I love laughing at them. If you're planning to finish this, (which I hope,) please do so I can finish reading this great story!
12/4/2005 c1 ethereal nebula
I've read your story and I've loved it. When are you going to update. I wanna know what'll happen to Yuri.
9/26/2005 c13 28AnimeGirl622
O.O! Awesome story! I LOVE IT! OMG! UPDATE! Pretty please! ^_^

Oh and I love Locke ^_^! He's so cute the way he acts! OH! AND THANK YOU FOR PAIRING KEITH AND MARGARETE UP! Funny "Soreh" scene XD..
4/3/2005 c13 fireinu
I like the story. I hope you update soon.
11/18/2004 c13 1Cathy7
WOW! That was quite a story. I hope there's more in the future.
9/25/2004 c13 A Dreamers Death- Dead Account
Really good and well written story, write more please.
6/10/2004 c13 psychedelicaya too lazy to sign in
Oh... fox face. Nice story again, by the way. I read Shadow Souls (took me about 3 hours tops... woah) and I have to say I like all your stories! Hope you continue soon. Heheh. Evviil Fox Face. But then again, he's Yuri too. So you just gotta love him. ^_^
4/12/2004 c13 greyfriars or whatever my name is
I haven't reviewed this in a vigintillion years, mostly cuz I've been totally out of it for gods only know how long and I didn't trust myself to understand anything well enough to be reviewing it. And I canna sign in, on account of me being banned for having singfics in the songfic section. I am still bitter. And nobody cares, so shut up me.
NINA HAS COOTIES! NINA HAS COOTIES! Whatever a cootie is. It'll be like the typical boy disease. (Or, as was tastefully used in my younger days "Nae joy, you have crabs." Sweet kiddies, we were.) I think the point I was trying to make by all this was that you write kids so well.
And who needs alarm clocks when you have Margarete. I always thought it sounded like she was shouting SOYA!, and a lot of people think it's SODA! but soreh makes more sense. Not that I know what it means. Probably something in Japanese. Or absolutely nothing at all, but it's still more appropriate than soya.
As for the split, well I don't have the intelligence to say anything except O.O Wow.
4/4/2004 c10 5A Lifeless Beauty
Oh I love this I gotta read 11,12,and 13 now. I was crackin' up when Anne fought the fusion. It reminded me of Pokemon. lol! _
The li' boy is just too cute! But it is freaky seeing a 1/4 Japanese kid with blonde hair. Really, really odd. lol I'll read the rest later, lazy tendencies kickin in. Who the hell is Jean-Jauques (sp, I know) ^^; or whatever! He was so random! ^_^! lol
4/1/2004 c13 36MikoNoNyte
Followed quickly by "Where's the grenade?" Damn girl, first thing in the morning! I know how Keith feels.
Well, to Quote Tiger, "More Alice and Yuri lovin'" yeah! That scene makes Tiger purr; that scene makes ME purr. Nice scene, nice, nice scene.
Not much I can say whither/neither on this one, Aegis. Great little piece and about damn time stupid Locke woke up and smelled the cocoa!
As for that final scene: man or man, you are a sadist! (Said with a smile, please)
And she/he who relies on Word/computer to check spelling or grammar alone is ... well, you know.
Oh, btw, pick a name, Twin sister. I think the whole thing will start with the dinner. I packed Yuri off to Bella for a bit to shut him up. I'm sure he'll be back with a smile on his face!
3/9/2004 c12 11Lizardios
This is a class fanfic. It's great, super, cool, exciting... Forget anything? Anyay, great plot. Is Anne going to be a non-class type? That would explain a lot. Wonder whats going to happen with the new split... Alice'll freak, that's certain.
Ps: (Chants) Bring back the muse!
3/6/2004 c12 36MikoNoNyte
You don't own Shadow Hearts ... YES YOU DO! hahaheheheh!
...Yuri was not exactly looking forward to sleep... O, opportunity knocking and ... Alice goes to sleep! How typical!
...They hadn’t gotten to take a shot at him since Alice and him ... ouch, grammar! Alice and HE. You wouldn't say "shot at him since him" - you would say "shot at him since he". ;)
...Divide and conquer... I've got a bad feeling about this? :frowns, thinking: Those bloody masks are, whether we like it or not, upfront in their remarks. They lie, but they are always on the mark with their smart-ass comments.
...his heart was replaced with something else... Interesting. Whether real or symbolic, that's an interesting interpretation. Do these fusions have hearts, whether physical or spiritual? You just love opening cans of worms, don't you?
The partial fusing into Raging Tiger is fun, no? Let's see, we've seen a Chimera version with Shadow Souls and again the mixed up fusions with Souls; but now it's here. Pity he never had that in the game; but from the looks of the new SH2, he might. Or it's really bad Capturing!
...He was aware now he had done something wrong, and he needed to figure out just how badly he’d messed things up. ... What is it about our friendly Harmonixer? He makes a bigger mess than my cat, and Robin tries! Yuri never seems to be aware of what he's doing when he does it, is that us, interpreting his actions? Or is he really like that, I wonder. Either way, it makes for interesting angst ... (gee, do I even remember what that's like?)
Good chapter. Poor Yuri, Foxie may be right; and he may have damned both himself (all three of him) and his daughter Anne.
2/29/2004 c11 11account permanently out of use
Kit here, that was a great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens to Yuri and Anne and if Locke will accept Anne and Isaiah!
Keep up the great work!
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