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for Roses of the Death Goddess

9/15 c15 gokubjrs
keep up the good work and keep typing
9/11 c63 IsseixAtalanta777
For the Sequel to this story can you have Issei become less perverted and help Koneko with her problem earlier and have her be the alpha of Issei harem and add Lint Latia Ingvild Roygun female Vali older Kunou Iryuka to Issei harem
8/24 c63 1lolrrr4
Sere onesto, paso tanto tiempo desde la ultima actualizaciĆ³n que no me acordaba de esta historia, pero me alegro que no este muerta leyendo este nuevo capitulo me acorde, por favor que esta historia no muera
8/17 c63 Guest
so excited for the next part
8/12 c63 Yun
Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/3 c17 KatLas1991
Kick his ass, Ruby!
6/6 c63 Narnax
Its been forever since I watched bleach so it's kind of fun to get all those memories dusted of and improved with a new layer of awesome. Can't wait to see how Weiss is going to fair against Koga.
5/23 c42 Jose4Andres7
Good chapter, I liked True Shikai and True Bankai even though they don't look like the Originals.

I found it curious that you make Ruby an Arrancar, I'll wait to see in the next chapters you address that topic.

By the way Ichigo's new technique is misspelled "Goddokira" is literally God Killer pronounced in Japanese, it is better that you base yourself on Gin's Bankai which is called Kamishini no Yari (God Killer Spear) to name the new technique as Getsuga Kamishini or Kamishini no Getsuga.
5/21 c63 ThelonewolfNT
5/21 c63 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
OMG! Absolutely amazing! Great work!
5/21 c63 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/21 c63 Guest
Wait, back when Blake first saw her zanpakuto in chapter 48, the first initials of the name were "Kur-" now it's "Inu-". Not complaining about the name, but it probably will cause confusion if the "Kur-" is not changed. Looking forward to the next chapter, keep going.
5/21 c63 Guest
It lives! At last! Seriously, good chapter! I liked seeing Blake unlock her Shikai! I look forward to seeing more of this great story! Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
5/21 c63 12catastrophiqu
Its been awhile my dude. hope you're doing OK.

chapter was NOICE
5/21 c63 Quffy
great work as always, plus the shikai was quite interesting. Can't wait for next chapter
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