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for Roses of the Death Goddess

1/10 c60 Gundam039
please continue! I must see how this plays out with pyrrha zaraki
1/10 c17 Gundam039
XD My god did keigo screw up. I mean you somehow managed to piss off the mom and the daughter. WELP SEE YA IN HELL ASSHOLE!
great chap by the way
1/2 c60 8sreshtiyer
Alright! So I finally caught up to everything! Well, what can I say! It's been a blast to read. Let's start with some minor negatives so that I can focus on the things that were really good later on so you feel better by the time you finish reading. Firstly, I guess this really is minor, but I did notice a lot of grammar issues throughout the fic, but it definitely got better towards the end. To me, its not really a problem because you are definitely improving with each chapter.

Some power scaling issues which I definitely noticed. Ichigo and Ruby are strong, and that's a really underwhelming way to put it. In the story, Ichigo is in his fully awakened state, meaning the state he was in cannon AFTER he unlocked dual zangetsus after the spirit king palace. At that level, he could go toe to toe with Juha Bach himself. And Ruby is no slouch herself being nearly at that level. Him having ANY trouble at ALL towards any character would look way too off. Maybe you might want to fix that for future chapters. I know you mentioned experience puts one above all, but such a sheer difference in power almost certainly nullifies such experience gaps. Because as one of the reviewers mentioned, he would not be able to defeat Byakuya in SS arc in that case. Honestly the bount arc should have just been finished in a second.

Aahaha so Ruby is a sadist eh? Not...something I thought I'd ever see in Ruby. She definitely did a complete 180 thanks to a certain cat.

The filler arcs. Its not a bad thing honestly. And it would be wrong of me to say it that way simply because I personally am kinda 'meh' on the filler arcs. But somehow, you did manage to make them relevant. I especially like that you're using them to give more development to team WBY and team JNR. But I really felt Ichigo and Ruby shouldve been absent or doing something else. Because their power is more than enough to take out all the bounts in less than a second.

Makes me wonder, your fic is already 60 chapters long, and we arent even at the arrancar arc yet. How long do you speculate your fic is gonna be?

And now with the good parts. So, I think you've kept everyone's characters spot on. Honestly, I admit this is a really difficult thing to do. Heck, even in my own fic, I have to run scenario over scenario in my head to make sure all characters are in character. And I've found out that its insanely hard.

Your fight scenes are well written. I could honestly use some lessons on those. But then again, my fic is not so much about flashy action so its hard to compare.

I like that throughout your story, this feels like a crossover. Now what I mean by that, is that you have the right mix of remnant characters and concepts while also having bleach concepts. Again, in my fic, that could be done a bit better since the focus on remnant is almost null since I planned to do it in two big parts, one with bleach and then one in remmant. But, I suppose that simply comes down to a writer's own preference in narrative styles.

I really loved the chapters where you had Ruby and Ren back in remmant. Their reactions were spot on.

I really loved the meeting between Salem and Aizen, hope to see that expanded upon in the future!

Also, I guess I might be imagining it, but I do see a flair of the Fate series in your storytelling. You wouldnt happen to be inspired by it now would you?

All in all, I can say that your fic has come a long way from the beginning. You've put in efforts to fix things that were left vague or questionable in the earliest chapters, not to mention the major improvements in your overall storytelling and grammar. Keep up the great work and I'll be looking forward to your endeavors. Also, thanks a lot for beta reading my fic as well!
1/1 c60 ranjira1988
uh oh... things just got potentially very awkward... Ruby never did get around to telling them ... then again neither did Ren...
12/31/2020 c60 Guest
Yes! Weiss, Blake, and Yang have seen Pyrrha again! I don't mind that you skipped a lot of the plot to reach this point; I don't know much about the Bount Arc anyway. What is with the Soul Society and it's past coming back to haunt it? I was hoping Team JNPR would reunite, but I'm glad the rest of WBY knows Pyrrha still exists. I look forward to seeing your version of the Volumes 7 and 8 at some point and stay safe from the coronavirus! P.S., Is Penny going to be a Soul Reaper? Also, Happy New Year!
12/31/2020 c60 5ethanthedragon
Oh yeah shit's about to go dooowwnn! Can't wait to see Pyrrha kick some serious ass!
12/31/2020 c60 Guest
really enjoying this story
12/30/2020 c60 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Niiice! Excellent chapter! So glad to finally get moving to the part where Ichinose is fought against! Of course, it seems Pyrrha is here instead of Kenpachi! At least for now maybe...

Thanks for the chapter. Glad you skipped all the other meaningless filler that wasn’t needed!
12/30/2020 c60 Hotshot6
With the Quincy, obviously their Loan Shark was taking a nap for a thousand years, him waking up motivated them to prepare to commit vengeance on the Soul Reapers. As for everyone else, most likely they didn't think it was possible to invade soul society, much less get to it while still alive with their memories. Then this orange haired schmuck proceeded to tan their hides because he ain't putting up with their crap. It's lucky for them that Rukia and Renji are friends of his, otherwise they would be boned.
12/27/2020 c59 1Dracoog101
Great to see ruby and ichigo again and sensei ren is neat. I can't wait until the next chapter and the eventual beat down of the bount leader and the next date between ruby and ichigo. The relationship between those two and the differences from cannon are why I like this so much. The two of them are some of my favorite protagonists. Your great writing just makes it extra enjoyable.
12/26/2020 c59 1Lucifer's assasin
...why could you not take the idea of Dracoog? i am gonna pretend the last scene didn't happen.
Every thing else *chefs kiss*
12/26/2020 c59 AnimeA55Kicker
Any bets on how long until Ruby breaks out the strap on? Ichigos ass is never going to be the same.
12/24/2020 c59 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Wow! This was awesome! I have to agree that Ren makes quite the teacher! Perhaps later on in your fanfic, he could become an actual teacher when older! Lol!
12/24/2020 c59 Guest
Interesting chapter you have here! I liked seeing Ren train Jaune and Nora. Also, I approve of the slow and steady method he used as opposed to Ruby's sadistic torture. While Ruby's way is good for comedic relief, I think that this method is more in character for Ren. I look forward to seeing team JNPR reunite eventually and stay safe from the coronavirus! P.S. Merry Christmas!
12/24/2020 c59 Guest
Wait I’m confused, does Weiss have the Baisen Zanpakto or Jaune? Both being candidates I understand, Weiss being trained and determined along with her glyphs makes her worthy; Jaune having a lot of aura as well as aura amplification makes him also worthy. The part that confuses me is who got the sword because in chapter 46 it said Weiss got the blank sword of Baisen while this chapter says Jaune has the sword of Baisen.
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