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for The Blind Huntsman

5/2 c108 pyre101
Interesting chapter. I can't wait to see how the Flamingo Goddess reacts when she hears Kai has done the deed. Much joy there.

Good on you for signing up. I hope it is worthwhile to you and all goes well.
5/2 c108 7Masso 2010
Well this is a surprise, it's a shame we won't get chapters as much as we used to but who cares, your life, your call.

Best of luck mate. wish you the best.
4/25 c107 2Hiremsage00
Normally I would say not to lose hope. But getting laid is a consultation prize. Man or monster. Kai is an ahole.
4/23 c107 7Masso 2010
heyhey, nice. I was hoping for a neo ship and I get the whole not love type relationship. it makes sense, I hope they keep at it. keep up the great work mate.
4/23 c107 12ahsoei
Well, that escalated pretty quickly.
4/22 c107 5RadBman21
Oooohhh... shit. The Flamingo Goddess is NOT going to be happy one bit of she finds out about this.
4/11 c106 7Masso 2010
Good to have you and thus story back. I really liked seeing everyone again, can't wait for Kai to meet up with the others. can't imagine he'll be very forgiving. also really liked the kai/neo part. I hope you go with those two as a pairing, I've never really had a good neo story.
3/12 c8 1Cadmus8
This was a bit dumb. His life, and even the future of his son, was on the line. If I were Malekai, I would've said "FUCK YOU!" to morals and used blood-bending from the start.
3/12 c2 Cadmus8
Shame, I thought he was going to be a pure Earth-bender, I feel like making Kai an Avatar is just too OP for the world of RWBY. But this is just a personal thing, I'm the type to not really like stories whose mc has OP abilities.
3/12 c3 Cadmus8
Shame. I thought he was goin
2/25 c105 ReDestrobo
Good job with your characterization on Cardin. Everyone is forgiving him but I wonder how CFVY will fare...

He made mistakes but it is not too late to fix it. I honestly can't wait to see what Kai thinks of Cardin now!
2/24 c105 5RadBman21
It'd be a real cool moment if Kai suddenly turns on Aiden first and explained how he figured it out.

In the mean time, I'm awaiting Kai and Orchid's reunion cause I want those two to finally tie the knot.
2/24 c105 12ahsoei
The hell, so Aiden is enemy? -_-
2/15 c31 Guest
1/28 c103 2Hiremsage00
I still don't like the MC, but thankfully I hate Aiden even more. HOpefully the guy gets what he deserves. THere will always be idiot that can't be reasoned with. Good job showing it.
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