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for Night Lord of Old

11/17/2023 c5 Guest
Damn it’s already Gone.
12/1/2019 c5 10PervyPanda
No doubt you've heard of lot of this, but I'm sorry for your loss. Loving the story thus far, hope you continue and hope you're grandfather passed peacefully.
2/20/2019 c5 2tontattaman123
can't wait for chapter 6 and here's hoping the black armoured astartes are the legion of the damned i and a lot of people would want them to be the legion of the damned as they aren't seen in many fanfics i give chapter five a ten out of ten for story structure depth and plot
1/31/2019 c5 sonic
good chapter!
11/18/2018 c4 sonic
I liked the chapter!1234
8/14/2018 c3 sonic
I liked the chapter!1
8/14/2018 c2 sonic
I liked the chapter!
8/11/2018 c1 69MA7
This is every bit as awesome as the first time you showed me this. Honestly you write it better than the original :)
8/11/2018 c1 sonic
I liked the chapter!12345

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