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8/18/2020 c37 Kimesita
8/18/2020 c37 AwkwardLittleTurtle
Oh, dear. That's horrifying. God, what an awful set of people! My money is on the woman being Linda Dalton!
8/18/2020 c37 Guest
Wow!Awesome twist. My mind is full of possibilities but I need more to flesh them !
8/18/2020 c36 AwkwardLittleTurtle
Awwww, this was so sweet (and still so painful)! I love the way you depicted Emma's and Elizabeth's bond- the way Emma was still looking for comfort from Elizabeth, even if she was so uncertain around her. I must have read this chapter three or four times now. I know you gave us a huge gift with all the updates yesterday, but I'm really, really hoping you update soon.
8/18/2020 c36 Kimesita
Very nice! Gosh I didn’t know how much I needed a light chapter! Keep them coming friend:) love this
8/18/2020 c34 AwkwardLittleTurtle
I thought this was extremely well-done! I thought it was really interesting that each of the children reacted so differently, but each reaction was very believable and justified, I feel - that was a problem with the show (and some other fics), where the kids are just brats. I loved that Stevie managed to be sympathetic to her mom though.
8/17/2020 c34 31lostinthewords
Okay. Stevie has me tearing up on this one. I know you don’t know me but it takes A LOT to make me tear up. (Not even death scenes do it)
8/17/2020 c36 NYElizabeth
Loved the quick updates today ! Stevie was very sweet ! I can't wait for more so good .
8/17/2020 c36 14lil'mousie323
Oh he nightmares! I’m so happy Elizabeth is there with her, to hold her and protect her and comfort her from the horrible nightmares.
I cannot wait to read more, more of the flashback and how the kids came around. How they treated Henry with him going along with the plan, how they act toward Conrad for everything.
I’ve never stopped wondering about this story and am so glad you’ve picked it back up!
8/17/2020 c34 lil'mousie323
I couldn’t even imagine having to have that conversation with the kids! I’m not surprised at Jason’s and Ali’s reactions, that’s them to a T. I’m very proud of Stevie for how she is handling it all. I can’t wait to read more and see how everything folds out.
8/17/2020 c35 Kimesita
A fourth one today! Edge of my seat...goodness
8/17/2020 c34 Kimesita
This is so well thought out. Stevie is handling it like a mature young adult, and the others as you would expect kids their age would. I’m glad they know...keep it coming! And thanks for three today..it’s like Christmas
8/17/2020 c33 Kimesita
8/17/2020 c32 Kimesita
Oh my god poor sweet Henry!
8/17/2020 c34 Guest
This is amazing! So happy you’re continuing. What a pleasure to get so many chapters today! Thank you.
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