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8/17/2020 c33 AwkwardLittleTurtle
These two chapters have been so heartbreaking. I was very interested to read what it would be like for them to tell the kids - and you've definitely done such a great job writing it out so far. I'm very impressed by how you captured so many really difficult emotions without making it melodramatic. I hope the quick updates continue (is that demanding?) because I really really cannot wait to see what happens next!
8/17/2020 c32 NYElizabeth
Omg yay another chapter! I wonder how the kids are going to take the affair omg so much drama .! Excited
8/16/2020 c31 14lil'mousie323
Gah! All of their chatter is valid...I just hope that the press is not going to make things worse, but that they can block it out. I wonder who the other girl is that Em wants to go back to rescue, who the reason her mother turned politician to her siblings instead of mom.
8/16/2020 c30 lil'mousie323
Thank goodness she came through the surgery okay! I can’t say I fully blame her for how she acted with Elizabeth, but it’s also heartbreaking at the same time. Cannot wait for more updates!
8/15/2020 c31 NYElizabeth
Wow I'm so more than excited your back ! Just read 30 &31 I've loved this story for so long ,I can't wait for more !
8/15/2020 c31 Kimesita
Thanks for this! Bring on more!
8/15/2020 c31 nancy.ramos
Short but great! Thanks for the update! I think Elizabeth is going to try and get Emma’s friend back with Isabel’s help. I just have a feeling as Elizabeth is racked with guilt.
8/15/2020 c31 AwkwardLittleTurtle
I'm so happy that you're back to updating this story! Yikes at Emma's reaction - but it does make sense for her to have a lot of issues. And all the issues Alison and Jason foresaw with the press and stress of their Mom being president. There are so many angles - how did the kids react to the news of their mom having had an affair; how they'll break that news to Emma; how Henry and Elizabeth will hold up. I'm so excited to read what's next.
8/14/2020 c30 nancy.ramos
Wow that was a nice comeback! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/14/2020 c30 Kimesita
Wow! Welcome back! Please give us more..this is stunning
8/14/2020 c30 Guest
Wow! This was excellent. I do hope you will finish this story. I’ve been waiting...
8/13/2020 c30 Hetwaszoietsals
Wow what a chapter!
6/21/2020 c13 nancy.ramos
I am rereading this! It’s even better the 2nd time! I hope everything ok and hope there is an update soon!
5/18/2020 c29 11TheElephantInThePrideParade
This is really good! and now im so anxious to see what happens. lol. thanks for this story xx
4/24/2020 c29 Guest
This is so good! I’d love to see how they handle the crazy happiness at Emma being back against the trauma of what she went through. I’m just very excited to see what’s next, and this is a shameless and hopeful plea for you to update.
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