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for A Night To Remember

9/1/2018 c1 23ZadArchie
Just so you are aware, this story contains sexually explicit content, meaning it really should be rated MA. MA-rated content has not been allowed on this site since 2002, meaning it violates the Rules & Guidelines we all agreed to when we signed up for accounts. Not saying you can't write it, but saying this just isn't the place for it. There are plenty of other sites that would gladly take it, including, but not limited to, AO3 and AdultFanfiction. You could also write a watered-down version to stay kosher with site rules and post an unabridged version on another site. Take these suggestions into consideration, as they will help you avoid issues with the rules in the future. Please understand, I say what I say in the spirit of what this site is about: making good stories great, if not brilliant.

Critics United
8/27/2018 c1 Whore2
catspats31 likes 31. A slut. A whore. Kill her.
8/20/2018 c1 catspats31
While the writing quality of your story is good, please note this part of the Content Guidelines:

"Please note FanFiction does not accept explicit content, Fiction Rating: MA, and the rating is only presented for reference."

You have to remove all detailed descriptions of the physical interaction of sexual or violent nature in the story if you want it to remain at this site, or upload it to a site where "Fiction MA" content is permitted such as AdultFanfiction or Archive Of Our Own or WattPad.
8/12/2018 c1 Guest
Do more ZoNa oneshotss! Loved it
8/12/2018 c1 HADATY RGEA
8/12/2018 c1 CrazyGirlSama
Very cheesy! But I loved it!

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